Leylines of Silbury

Designed by local artist, Fiona Hughes showing the localised leys associated with several small stone circles and ancient sites.

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The Silbury Crone Goddess
A limited edition of post cards.

The unusual photograph of the Crone Goddess was captured by English Heritage in the 1960’s. J. Wakefield, author of ‘Legendary Landscapes’, claims that the mysterious image is a prehistoric effigy, created by artificial trenches and ditches that delineate the body of a goddess figure. Intriguingly, the Crone Goddess becomes alive only when the ditches are full of water during the winter months.

Possibly predating the Bronze Age White Horse of Uffington, the Silbury Goddess may be one of the oldest effigies in the British landscape – excluding the Stonehenge Animal.

David Fields, an archaeological expert on Silbury Hill, interprets the mysterious figure as ‘Celtic field systems’, totally dismissing the image as simply ‘a quirk of nature’. What do you think?

Goddess photograph – Crown Copyright.

Designed by local artist, Fiona Hughes, this delightful black and white postcard reveals the ancient sites within the Avebury landscape.

Postcards ONLY £1 each plus 60p p&p. Send a cheque in sterling to: THE AVEBURY EXPERIENCE 66 Cherry Orchard Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 4AF