If you would like to see or hear Maria speak on the fascinating subjects of sacred water, earth energies, geospirals, dragon lines and ley lines choose one of the links below.

Coast to coast AM
GIC with Bernard Alvarez
Red Ice radio
Capricorn radio
Just energy radio

Some of the people that Maria has worked with:

Maria has also appeared on Channel 4 Walking Through History with Tony Robinson. Maria got Tony to dowse a ley line on Adam’s Grave near Avebury and the dowsing rods crossed first time and Tony exclaimed ‘I didn’t do anything!’ – such was the power of the line it even made a sceptic like Tony thinks again!

At Stonehenge Maria showed Pat and the UFO Hunter’s how to detect a ley that coursed through the megalith stone temple. Pat was more than surprised that he could detect the ley with dowsing. They conducted several experiments to see if dowsing would work if a person was blindfolded or if hand contact influenced the dowsing reaction. Check out their findings and watch Pat dowse on the video on the home page!

Maria has led tours for authors such as Dolores Canon, James Tyberonn, Barbara Lamb– giving a feminine, intuitive interpretation of sacred sites as well as a scientific approach to prove the existence of earth energies and ley lines.

‘One of the highlights of going to Stonehenge was meeting Maria Wheatley and standing stones will never seem just like lumps of rock to me again. She is awesome’.

Hey, think of Boudicca who fought the Romans crossed with a sensitive psychic who read my cards, showed my private group a standing stone’s chakras, got us to feel a ley lines energy with our hands and then dowsing rods and you will get an idea of Maria’s energy – she’s like s Celtic warrior queen!

Our group loved her! We’re be back!

I will never forget going to Glastonbury Abbey with Maria as she took the first step walking along the Mary energy axis line there was an almighty clap of thunder – the paranormal follows her around for sure! It was such a memorable day and even though we got soaking went climbing the Tor Maria’s enthusiasm kept the group in high spirits. We had a lot of fun and her knowledge is incredible.

Maria is magical and a strong lady with a gentle heart – thanks for the tour it changed my life.


Below Dolores Canon of past life regression fame, Maria and Earthkeeper James Tyberonn in a crop circle and the delightful Barbara Lamb