Earth energy essences

Earth energy colour essences made at sacred sites

Earth energies, whether they are ley lines, earth currents like Mary and Michael, or geodetic energies such as aquastats or genesis leys, emit a dominate colour frequency. Imagine the energy line of the Mary current has all the earth colours but the dominate colour emitted is Madonna Blue. 

I explain how to understand the earth colours in my book Divining Ancient Sites – Insights into their creation. You can understand more about the land upon which you live by interpreting the colour and frequency of the leys and earth energies. Animals are especially sensitive to colour frequencies. 

Eleven of the earth colours are used to make the essences. Each essence is made with the power of love over an earth energy point that emits a high frequency and a healing colour ray. The essences are the energy signature of the vibrations of the Earth captured in water. Each essence comes in a 30 ml green glass bottle; green represents the colour of the Earth and the heart chakra.

Taking the remedies

Use your own intuition and guidance on how to take the remedies. Below are three easy ways that you can take the remedies all of which have proved effective. 

  • Taking the remedy orally. Place 4 drops into a glass of water (or simply dowse how many drops you need to take, or I can do this for you) 4 times a day (or dowse how many times a day and when would be the best time to take the essence. e.g. after dinner etc, or I can do this for you).
  • Alternatively, you can place 2 drops onto the pulse points just above your hands and rub the points together – like you would with perfume.
  • Some people like to place the remedies into the auric field. To do this take 2 drops (or the dowsed amount) and rub into the palms of the hands and then place the palms of the hands over the base chakra – a few inches away. Do this for all of the chakra points.

The Rejuvenation of our body water essence can be used differently to the other essences. As well as taking the essence in one of the above ways, you can also place 4 drops of this essence into your bathing water – when you bathe, wash your face, or hair. You can also add 4 drops of the essence to your facial cream and stir into the product, or add 4 drops to your shampoo etc. We need to cleanse our waters within our body as well as the outside of our bodies to feel amazingly rejuvenated and refreshed.

Using the vaporiser

Simply spray into your auric field over the chakra points 

Use to bring the energy of the site into your home by attuning to the site and simply visualize the site, ask permission of the site to enter your home and spray where you feel the energy needs to go. Alternatively, spray in the esoteric centre of your home.

The Avebury Colour Essences

The Sanctuary 
Courage essence Harmonic red ray made at The Sanctuary which is the Head of the Avebury Serpent Temple. This essence gives positive strength and courage. Allowing us to attune to the strong earth vibrations that give us a loving boldness and confidence to step forward and walk our path with head held beautifully high. 
Purification essence Ultraviolet ray made over the cleansing vortex at Avebury Henge. Prior to entering the Avebury complex one would stand over the cleansing vortex in Avebury’s avenue. This remedy clears and cleanses the auric field of unwanted influences. 
Healing Mother essence Green heart chakra ray made over the geospiral at Avebury. A loving, gentle remedy which soothes and helps to heal emotional issues. It can help children who have been bullied and blends perfectly with courage essence so that the sensitive child (or the child within) can let go of emotional pain and the combination essence gives a sense of renewed strength to step forward no matter what.
Rejuvenation of our body water essence This essence is made over the Earth’s deep yin water in the Avebury environs and it can cleanse and refresh our body water. It gives a feeling of rejuvenation. A wonderful essence.


The Stonehenge Colour Essences

Removing Blockages essence Infrared ray made at Stonehenge. An excellent remedy for removing blockages caused by fear, or even a past-life trauma. With the right light conditions one of the sarsen stones at Stonehenge is like looking into a mirror. Its reflective qualities allow you to see inside of yourself, what is blocking your process, whilst giving you an understanding of how to move forward. A powerful remedy which encourages you to go beyond fear with renewed faith, integrity and determination to succeed. 
Transformation essence Spiritual gold ray made over the prime meridian ley at Stonehenge. This is an alchemic remedy that helps to bring about transformation. If you wish to change the direction of your life, or transform your life, this remedy will prepare you for that journey. The timeless power of Stonehenge offers wisdom and earth magic second to none. 
Celestial Vision essence Blue ray made at the Druid astronomical earthen enclosure close to Stonehenge. Standing within this earthen ring on elevated ground is awe-inspiring. At night you feel so very close to the moon and stars, as if you can touch them! This remedy encourages a celestial vision so take it in the evening, at night or before you go to bed. Attune to higher celestial energies and you may receive a meaningful vision or dream. Whilst leaving this earthen circle, my French Connection watch just stopped and it has never worked since!
Seer’s essence Indigo ray made at Casterley Camp, City of the Druids, which represents the planet Jupiter on the Duke ley. On Casterley Camp, the Druids gathered to divine the year ahead. This remedy is magical if you want to really attune to tarot cards, astrology or any other divination system. It brings a sense of visual awareness whilst divining and can be used when developing psychic skills. 
Spiritual Expansion Indigo ray made over the Templar Vortex at St Mary’s church, Wiltshire. These extraordinary power points within churches and cathedrals were known to expand the aura and give spiritual insight. This essence appears to do exactly what the power point does. It increases intuition and deep spiritual understanding. This remedy is also healing.

Stanton Drew and Glastonbury Colour Essences

Chakra Balancing essence Glastonbury Abbey. Glastonbury Abbey is laid out on an earth energy chakra energy system. Seven pulsating energy points represent the chakras and cause the Mary earth energy current to split into two sections creating a diamond shape. Five chakra points are in a linear line and two points are offset. The European royal bloodline used these locations to clear, cleanse and encourage the chakras to open. Some medieval royal christenings would involve interacting with the seven major points. Today’s christenings involve the blessing of the Third Eye chakra with holy water which is ineffective if the other chakras are ignored. This remedy balances the chakra system.
Divine Feminine essence Violet ray made over the Venus energy vortex at Stanton Drew. It encourages the intuitive faculty to develop for the greater good of all. A loving essence from Gaia which puts you in touch with the Divine feminine within and without.

The Uffington White Horse Colour Essences

Psychic Protection essence Harmonic infra-white made over a triple primary spiral at Wayland’s Smithy long barrow which was once used as an initiation chamber. This powerful remedy protects you from unwanted influences. 
One legend tells that at Wayland’s Smithy the mighty sword Excalibur was forged. Many years ago during a past-life regression, it was revealed to me that at Wayland’s Smithy long barrow there was once an old wise blacksmith. Here under the instruction of a Druid Magician three swords were forged: Excalibur, of strong steel for the true King of England, and two other swords, one of silver and one of gold which preceded Excalibur. The Silver Sword was made for a Celtic Queen which represented feminine strength, lunar vision and a fair and just heart. The Gold Sword was the sword of True Wealth – wisdom, health and solar light. At one time the swords were united and stuck into the ground upon the long barrow. One stood upright and the other two were placed in the ground at a slight angle creating the Druid Yod, a symbol representing the three rays of divine light. On Beltane (May 1st) the Gold Sword was taken to London for Beltane fertility and wealth rites. This is where Mayfair got its name. The sword was ceremonially buried into the land of London and here it remains lying beneath the wealthiest part of London. 

This essence has the protective power of all three swords shielding you from harm as long as you are a true servant of Gaia, Great Spirit and humanity 

The White Horse
Watching over the landscape for thousands of years the White Horse has wonderful energy. Uplifting, and energetic this remedy is a great pick me up! It is also a remedy that inspires thus it can bring creativity into our lives.

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