April 12th –  FREE TALKS and discussions at the UFO Meeting at the Fox and Firkin
I will be talking at this event.
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April 28th –  Talk at the Malvern Dowsing Society on various forms of earth energies found at sacred sites

May 1st –  FREE WALK around the stones of Avebury with Maria after book signing some of her popular books at the Henge Shop.

May 7th – 8th – I will be speaking about sacred sites, goddess worship and unusual lunar alignments.

May 14th – 15th –  A wonderful Festival at Green Heart Space, Batcombe, Evercrech, Shepton Mallet BA4 6DD


June 24th – 26th –  Chariot of the Gods
Major conference in Blackpool with numerous speakers and I will be releasing new research about Stonehenge and the people that constructed it…


July  8th – 10th     Bases at Pewsey with Miles Johnston
I will be exploring sacred sites and their healing locations and zones and how the Moon can activate certain areas within a monument producing a triple spiral pattern that is all healing.


September 3rd – 4th – My first conference at Avebury Mysterious Universe
Speakers on day 1  and events at Avebury on the second includes walking around the stones with Avebury’s archdruid, and another outdoor workshop with sacred geometry expert Daniel Docherty and drumming in the evening with Peter Knight and Sue Wallace.


September 25th –  Gaia TVs weekend Ancient Civilisations conference


October 2nd –  Peter Knight’s conference at Pewsey


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