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March 9th – 10th – Mysterious Earth Conference hosted by Neil McDonald.
Grimsargh Village Hall, Grimsargh, Preston. PR2 5JS
I will be talking about the monuments of the long-skulled people in North of England and a major ley line that connects a northern site to Stonehenge. For further details contact.


April 14th – South Hereford Dowsers.  A New View of the Rollright Ring.
A talk on my latest book A New View of the Rollright Ring. During this one-hour PowerPoint presentation, I will explore the mysteries of a stone circle, how the stones emit energy that can generate a ley triangulation, form energy and how the stones react to earth voltages. Maria will also explore the geodetic system of earth energies such as healing aquastats. Contact for details.

April 17th – 27th – Egypt with Project Camelot-Kerry Cassidy.


May 2nd –  Dorset Earth Mystery Group. Egyptian Dowsing.
Maria was shown how to interact and use the Egyptian pendulums during her PowerPoint presentation. During her visits to ancient Egypt Maria has documented the Egyptian dowsing device to particular places and temples. Maria has also studied the history of this fascinating subject and will demonstrate how to use the pendulum devices for clearing the aura and chakras. Maria will also talk about High Frequency Colour dowsing which is an essential aspect of Egyptian dowsing and how the Sun God Ra (light energy) and the inner light of Gaia combine to produce intense and powerful earth radiations.


May  11th – 12th – Megalithicomania Conference 2019.
Maria will be talking about her latest book A New View of the Rollright Ring and explain the powerful aspects of this fascinating complex. From Earth Voltages to massive Ley Triangulations, Maria will unearth some of the complexes enduring mysteries.


May 13th Megalithicomania Ancient Site Tour.
Maria will be co-hosting a tour of the Rollright complex and the Devil’s Quoit stone circle with Hugh Newman.


June 21st –  The Summer Solstice Dowsing Workshop.
Healing megaliths and long barrows to Uley long barrow, Nymphsfield long barrow and the healing Long Stone of Minchinhampton. Contact


July 16th at Marlborough College Summer School Lecture on the White Horses, earth energies and dowsing. This will be followed later in the week by the re-cutting of the Marlborough White Horse.

Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd July 2021 – Awake and Aware Conference with Kerry Cassidy

I am speaking on the Friday about Ancient Egypt and Earth Energies. High Elms, Watford at the UFO Academy.

Speaker lineup:

Speaker 1 – Arfon Jones
Speaker 2 – Darren Brown
Speaker 3 – Kerry Cassidy
Speaker 4 -Simon Parkes

Speaker 1 – Ben Emlyn-Jones
Speaker 2 – Miles Johnston
Speaker 3 – Colin Wollford
Speaker 4 – Maria Wheatley

August 1st 2021 – Book Signing at the Henge Shop and FREE TALK and walking tour of Avebury

I will be book-signing all day at the Henge Shop and I am offering a free tour will be at 3 pm. Come along and we will explore some of Avebury’s powerful stones, such as the Healing Vortex Stone and the long lost feature of a stone floor that was set above healing earth energies at the heart of Avebury, as well as discovering some of the elongated skulled people of Avebury and their long lost legacy. 



October 6th -12th –  New England Tour of some of the USA’s most powerful sacred sites. Further details to be announced.



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