The Secret History of Stonehenge

Ancestral Mysteries and Lost Civilisations

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New book by Maria Wheatley – Many topics are covered in the book and here are a few…

From Stonehenge to Egypt, Maria takes you on a worldwide megalithic odyssey. With 390 pages and 280 illustrations, Maria brings lost civilisations to life. She reveals the two types of Neolithic longskulled people and how their burial practices mirrored ancient Egypt. Her chapter on longheaded trepanning and their ‘trepanning’ monuments is ground-breaking.

Stonehenge – but not quite as you know it – She examines Stonehenge Phase 1 and reveals it was a temple dedicated to a goddess of reincarnation as a celestial alignment verifies. Phase 2 was not like the ionic image we know as stone settings were buried, removed or stolen (some by royal decree). The giant trilithons were a healing temple including a stone that you could sit in, one that produced water and another emitted heat. Dowsing shows there were more than just one avenue… This version of Stonehenge stood intact until the tall and robust (so-called giant ones) conquered the lands. They took over Stonehenge, buried the healing timber temples that once stood within the monument and changed the way in which it was used. These tall and powerful people practised cranial deformation and closed down all of the longheaded monuments.

Megalithic Technology and the Shamans of Stonehenge – Maria shows how a standing stone was programmed to hold sound and even a fleeting ‘corner of the eye’ image that made Stonehenge an Oracle Temple of the Gods and a Temple of Manifestation. The evidence she presents, some from a missing archaeologist, is compelling. Maria also tracked down the shamanic priesthood of Stonehenge, the British Isles and France. They carried a standardised crystal kit, herbs and magical items as artefacts attest.

Earth energies – Maria demonstrates/proves how earth energies were employed in seed enhancement and the planting of crops to boost yields. Earth energies that have never before been published are shown for the first time such as the Multiple Geospiral, Alpha and Omega earth currents and geodetic Magic Planetary Squares – the strongest form of earth energy produced by the Earth – that the ancient Chinese used in the Art of Placement (Feng Shui).

The Music of the Earth – Maria was taught mathematical harmonics by the late Richard Cardew and we show you how Stonehenge, the pyramids and the Sphinx Temple incorporated musical and mathematical harmonics. If you know where to stand within Stonehenge you will experience specific harmonics that influence your emotions and consciousness. Maria also discovered that certain geodetic energies equate to musical harmonics – the Music of Gaia, the harmonic Song of the Earth.

Why did the megalithic culture end? – Looking towards the heavens, Maria discovered a rare astronomical event that bought the ultimate end to the megalithic culture. It coincided with a cataclysmic aftermath and the people left the stone monuments and a new way of life emerged from the ashes… The Druids were born…

This journey began in 2015 when I discovered the longheaded High Queen of Stonehenge. Ever since, she has guided me to be a voice for her forgotten people that constructed Stonehenge, as well as many other sacred sites, and also the untold history of the Tall Ones (‘giants’) and their eventual karmic fate…

I tell you what the archaeologists won’t.

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