Fold-Out Posters

2012 edition

Illustrated posters (A5 size which fold out to an A3 size) ONLY £3.49 each UK and £6.00 USA.

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The ley lines and earth energies of Avebury Henge
This illustrated guide reveals the earth and ley energies of Avebury, West Kennet long barrow, Silbury Hill, the Sanctuary and clearly defines ley lines and shows various places to interact and dowse the invisible forces of the Earth

Secrets of the White Horses
What did the first known drawing of the prehistoric Uffington white horse look like? It appears more feline than horse-like. Was there once a bull depicting the Age of Taurus where the Westbury White Horse is? This informative poster reveals the age and dates of the White Horses that grace the Wiltshire downs.

Ley lines and earth energies of Glastonbury
Shows the original circular church of Glastonbury, the earth energies, sacred yin water patterns and much more.

Earth Mysteries of Stonehenge
A packed guide full of illustrations of ley lines and earth energies at Stonehenge and the Rollright Ring.