Divining Ancient Sites – Insights into their creation

The foremost book on leys and earth energies. 

Past civilizations recognized that the Earth emits harmonic energy and ancient sites mark these special locations. Millennia ago, earth energies and leys were skilfully integrated into stone circles, pyramids, ancient walled cities, Druid and Native American ceremonial enclosures, and this form of spiritual architecture, known to the Templars and the Masonic Brotherhood can be traced back to Atlantis. 


  • How to identify earth energies
  • The geodetic system of earth energies
  • Earth’s healing waters
  • The colour and frequency of energies
  • How to spiritualize your home and workplace
  • Scientific evidence for earth energies
  • Ways to connect to the Earth and meditations


  • Sacred sites and their energies
  • The Stonehenge planetary ley system
  • Genesis lines
  • Healing energies
  • New ways to dowse
  • Ancient design canons

Ancient sites worldwide connect terrestrial energies to celestial influences, creating a bridge between Heaven and Earth, man and cosmos. Rediscover the wisdom of our ancestors who created the megalithic wonders of the ancient world.

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