Stanton Drew and Stoney Littleton long barrow

Stone Temple of the Goddess and the Elongated skulled people.

Maria is happy to discuss transportation options with you. The tour does not include lunch. Throughout the tour, you will be shown how to dowse and locate hidden energies. 

Private Tours start from £150. Please email Maria at for more details or telephone 44 (0)1672 511427 to discuss your requirements.

The North East circle of Stanton Drew – Tempe of Venus

Stanton Drew is the second largest stone circle in the world. Pink hued stones add a feminine colour to this goddess stone temple. The north east circle contains eight standing stones which is really a Venus circle with the eight stones marking the eight years and 99 Full Moons of the Venus Pentagram.

Interestingly, if the Great Stone circle, which has a diameter of 370 feet (113 metres), which still contains 27 out of the 30 or so stones is seen as the Earth, and the North East circle, which has a diameter of 98 feet (30 metres) is the size of the Moon. The South West circle is also a Moon Circle because if a line is drawn from it to the northeast circle it aligns to the major southern moonset. Here we have the feminine planets of the solar system; Moon, Venus and Earth united in stone.

In the appropriately named Druid Arms Inn, close to the stone circles stands a ‘Cove feature’ that predates the stone circle-building phase.

The Cove Stones

After lunch in the Druids arms, we will travel to a Neolithic long barrow called Stoney Littleton. Inside some incredible long skulled people were found and their story links them to the Crimea. Inside this deep womb like space can be transformative. Maria will show you the associated healing earth energies and their life enhancing properties.

Optional extras:

A one-hour talk with Busty Taylor on crop circles.

Busty was the first crop circle pilot to take photographs of the crop circles. Whilst he states that there are numerous hoaxes in the fields today, his own journey discovered that some crop circles were genuine. In 1987 he was amazed to find long rapeseed stalks within a crop circle had been bent by 90 degrees forming a right angle and the stalks still remain like that today. Rapeseed stalks outside of the crop circle remained straight and ‘normal’. He will permit you to view the stalks and discuss the implications of this incredible find. Some crop circles include certain earth energies that dictated their position. These crop circles held an ‘energetic numerical space’ that acts like a portal, which the ancient Chinese geomants described as a numerical grid will fascinate you.

Readings with Maria Wheatley

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Maria has been practising past life therapy and regression since 1996. She has regressed numerous people and explored their past lives in detail, received soul messages and healed age-old wounds.