Belas Knap and the elongated skulled people and the Rollright Megalithic Complex

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Belas Knap is a horned Neolithic long barrow with a ‘false’ entrance that is outstanding in energy and location. The magnificent long barrow is connected to Avebury Henge and Stonehenge by a planetary ley system that links the planets of the solar system to sacred sites below. Belas Knap is associated with the planet Uranus and the line courses down the barrow.

I discovered the planetary ley system links Belas Knap to Stonehenge

Extending the ley line, which is shown above, and using the astronomical units of the ancestors who laid out the sacred sites on this line, which I call the Duke Line, Belas Knap equates with Uranus which is the modern day planetary ruler of Aquarius.

We will locate the ley and work with its energies as well as dowsing for geodetic earth energies that imbue the barrow with unseen energy. The long skulled – elongated skulled – people constructed this barrow and we will explore their long lost legacy and what they looked like.

One of the side chambers at Belas Knap

The Rollright Ring in Oxfordshire
Aerial Energy

At Rollright Ring, we will explore how the energy bands of the stones focus on the outlying King Stone creating a triangulation of ley-like energy. We will explore how the stones act like a compass; this phenomenon was discovered by my late father and is a strong form of megalith aerial energy.

Rollright produces the strongest form of directional flow energy that you can feel with your hands, feet or body. The directional flow is called cyclotronic energy that the ancestors created by the careful placement of standing stones.

We will visit the King Stone and dowse for ley lines and also the Elen and Belinus earth currents discovered by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare. We will visit The Whispering Knights – the remains of an ancient chamber – said to make a clicking noise and they are located on powerful energies which we will locate.

There are magnetic and radiation hot spots close to the site that dowsing can detect, all of which combine to produce an incredible surface energy that fuses with water and earth energy.

Form Energy

We will experience powerful Form Energy and how it can aid manifestation which was used by the ancient ancestors and occultists alike.

I have a new book out on the Rollright Ring which explores in details the unseen energies of the megalithic complex

Optional extras:
A one-hour talk with Busty Taylor on crop circles.

Busty was the first crop circle pilot to take photographs of the crop circles. Whilst he states that there are numerous hoaxes in the fields today, his own journey discovered that some crop circles were genuine. In 1987 he was amazed to find long rapeseed stalks within a crop circle had been bent by 90 degrees forming a right angle and the stalks still remain like that today. Rapeseed stalks outside of the crop circle remained straight and ‘normal’. He will permit you to view the stalks and discuss the implications of this incredible find. Some crop circles include certain earth energies that dictated their position. These crop circles held an ‘energetic numerical space’ that acts like a portal, which the ancient Chinese geomants described as a numerical grid will fascinate you.

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