Avebury’s Ceremonial Landscape

Private tours of Avebury

1-2-1 or small groups. Full Day tour.

Maria is happy to discuss transportation options with you. The tour does not include lunch. Throughout the tour, you will be shown how to dowse and locate hidden energies. 

Private Tours start from £150. Please email Maria at mariawheatley@aol.com for more details or telephone 44 (0)1672 511427 to discuss your requirements.

Explore Avebury’s ancient landscape with Maria Wheatley. Together we will explore the vast Avebury stone temple and visit the West Kennet long barrow. You will discover the archaeology, history and experience, firsthand, the many diverse earth energies which were skilfully integrated into the megalithic architecture. Maria will show you how to dowse the famous and well-documented Mary and Michael earth currents that entwine the St. Michael ley and how they were incorporated into the stone settings, but more than that you will also be shown the incredible Duke Ley line and its planetary associations.

Mary and Michael currents at Avebury

The Duke Planetary Ley line

In 1846 the Rev Edward Duke published a book entitled: ‘The Druid Temples of the County of Wilts’. He noted that certain ancient sites in the Avebury-Stonehenge landscape were in topographical alignment and they represented a geocentric planetary framework of the solar system as shown in the illustration. These ancient sites link the site to a planet above.

Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe, represents the mystic centre and Earth, with the planets known to ancient man in an apparent orbit around it, along a ley-line which is at 275 degrees (5 degrees Capricorn), where 0 degrees is West (0 degrees Aries).

Sophisticated Mathematics

More than that using the same sophisticated mathematics that the ancients applied, which uses the mean distance of a planet from Earth in an imagined circular orbit, Laurence Upton and I noted that the outer planets of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, that Duke did not use, also were connected to a sacred site. This ley line is a mathematical and astronomical genius.


Discovering the geodetic system of earth energies

Maria’s work with the Earth’s deep aquifers that manifest as a geospiral energy pattern is well known and you will experience the healing energy field emitted by the spiral and discover how through the ages sacred water has been with the manifestation of a female figure, such as the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We will visit the West Kennet long barrow and explore Maria’s ground breaking research on the long skulled (elongated skulls) people of the Neolithic bringing us ever closer to our long forgotten ancestors. Maria will show you photographs and pictures of their long skulls. Inside of the mound, we will dowse and interact with a vortex as well as leys and earth currents that imbue the site with energy.

Silbury Hill is a huge mound and as I mentioned earlier, represents Mother Earth in the Duke ley line planetary system. Containing layers of organic and inorganic material, Silbury Hill can be likened to an orgone generator. Certainly, our experiments into the electro static field of Silbury supports this theory.

You will have personal dowsing tuition and Maria will show you how the stone’s emit energy and her now famous work regarding the energy bands of the stones.


A one-hour talk with Busty Taylor on crop circles.

Busty was the first crop circle pilot to take photographs of the crop circles. Whilst he states that there are numerous hoaxes in the fields today, his own journey discovered that some crop circles were genuine. In 1987 he was amazed to find long rapeseed stalks within a crop circle had been bent by 90 degrees forming a right angle and the stalks still remain like that today. Rapeseed stalks outside of the crop circle remained straight and ‘normal’. He will permit you to view the stalks and discuss the implications of this incredible find. Some crop circles include certain earth energies that dictated their position. These crop circles held an ‘energetic numerical space’ that acts like a portal, which the ancient Chinese geomants described as a numerical grid will fascinate you.


Readings with Maria Wheatley

Past life Astrological reading. Feel connected to the landscape? Feel that you lived a life before this one? Maria’s book Druidic Soul Star Astrology was published by the late and great Dolores Cannon’s publishing company. Maria’s branch of astrology transforms your astrological birth chart into the sign of the Heart Chakra and planets therein represent and describe in detail your most significant past lives. People from all over the world are amazed by the readings and begin to understand their lives more as they resonate with the chart.

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Maria has been practising past life therapy and regression since 1996. She has regressed numerous people and explored their past lives in detail, received soul messages and healed age-old wounds.