Beltany Tour of Ireland

… with Thomas Sheridan and Maria Wheatley

Join Thomas and Maria to explore megalithic Ireland, visit prehistoric stone temples, cairns, stone circles and sacred enclosures. Together we will investigate the remnants and clues that our ancestors left behind to uncover the legacy of a long-gone civilisation. Why did our ancestors construct megalithic sites, what were they used for and how old are they? Are three fundamental questions that archaeologists and academics have never fully answered? Thomas and Maria will address such questions from their different perspectives and experiences to reveal the purpose and complexities of Ireland’s megalithic past and to experience Neolithic, Bronze Age and Druidic Iron Age sites spanning 6000 years of history. 

Earth energies 

Maria will share her extensive research into the geodetic system of earth energies, ley and grid lines. She will demonstrate how earth energies set the foundation plan of numerous monuments worldwide and reveal evidence of how megaliths can absorb and transmit earth and ley energy. 

Maria will also offer her geomantic expertise to show you how to locate and interpret the invisible network of earth and water energies at each ancient site. At each site, you will have the opportunity to dowse, feel and interact with much diverse energies which will be an experience that you will not forget! Maria discovered the elongated skulled people of Stonehenge and at certain sites, she will explain a how this long lost race created some of the most elaborate and sophisticated sites on Earth. 

WHOLE TOUR. £2165 


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Join Thomas and Maria for a day. You must have your own transport and pay for your own accommodation, meals and drinks. We will cover the entrance fees and give you the times of where and when to meet when you have registered with us. 

Day 1 – Tuesday May 1st 2018

Airport pick up at Dublin International Airport 

We will meet at an allocated point at Dublin International Airport at 3 pm then we will travel to Newgrange Lodge to check in. 

Travel time to lodge 30 minutes. 

After unpacking and resting we will meet at 5 pm and travel to all dine together and get to know one another. Welcome talk over dinner with Thomas and Maria. 


We will be staying at Newgrange Lodge Donore Co Meath 


Dining at The Lime Kiln Gastropub in Julianstown 15 minutes away. 


Day 2 – Wednesday May 2nd 2018

Newgrange and Knowth 

After Breakfast, we will visit the amazing Megalithic site of Newgrange. Constructed over 5000 years ago, Newgrange pre-dates the Pyramids and Stonehenge. For centuries, Newgrange was at the heart of an advanced Neolithic Age civilization inhabiting the Valley of the Boyne.

Creating a celestial link to the heavens, Newgrange was alignment to face the rising sun at the Winter Solstice and it is intimately associated with the star Sirius.

Deemed a megalithic burial mound by archaeologists, Newgrange is far more than simply a tomb. Many researchers suggest the monument was once used as an initiation chamber which will be explored in detail.

Large round structures are located within the heart of the so-called burial chambers. What were they used for? We will explore the energies and the esoteric meaning of this wonderful sacred site.


We will visit Knowth via shuttle bus from the New Grange visitor Centre.

The Great Mound at Knowth is similar in size to Newgrange and is surrounded by 18 smaller satellite mounds creating a spectacular prehistoric precinct.

The Great Mound has two passages with entrances on opposite sides, the western passage is 34 meters long and the eastern passage is 40 meters long, ending with an impressive cruciform chamber. The megalithic artwork is stunning adding to the splendour of Ireland’s Neolithic past.

Late afternoon or early evening Private Access to Four Knocks Cairn

Whilst Newgrange and Knowth are truly inspiring, they are tourist attractions and Thomas and Maria want you to experience and sense the mystery and magic of a cairn away from the maddening crowd. We hope to arrange private access to Four Knocks which we know you will find extraordinary.

We will be staying at Newgrange Lodge Donore Co Meath.


Day 3 – Thursday May 3rd 2018

Hill of Tara, Loughcrew Cairns and the Hags Chair

The Hill of Tara and the Stone of Destiny.

From the Neolithic period to the 12th century The Hill of Tara has been regarded as a sacred location.

The 11th century Book of Invasions documents that Tara was the seat of the High Kings of Ireland in the times of the Fir Bolg and the Tuatha De Danann.

Within the protective earthen enclosure of Tara is the Mound of Hostages, which is an ancient passage tomb. Constructed more than 5000 years ago, the short inner passageway is aligned to the sunrise of Imbolc on February 1st and November 1st, which are sacred Fire Festival Days. On these days, the veil between this world and the Otherworld grows thin when we can commune with the ancestors and Spirit World.

Tara was a place which gave guidance to the Irish Kings and Druid leaders and is still inspiring today. We will walk around and within the earthen enclosure and the touch the Stone of Destiny.

Interacting with the sacred energies of Tara We will attune to the esoteric heart of Ireland and explore the energies of Mother Earth which imbue this site with power.

We will locate a large circular earth energy pattern that embraces the site that set the location and its size. We will also discover a major ley line that courses through the site and make a personal connection to the mystical land of Ireland.

Loughcrew and the Hags Chair

After lunch, we will visit Loughcrew and the Hags Chair

Surrounding the Slieve na Caillaigh hills are the megalithic cairns of Loughcrew.

Aligned to face the equinox sunrise the back stone is illuminated twice a year bringing solar power and illumination to the inner cairn.

“The tombs are located on three different hills and Cairn T, one of the largest tombs in the complex, is situated on Cairnbane East. Inside this tomb lies a cruciform chamber, a corbelled roof and some of the most beautiful examples of Neolithic art in Ireland.”

Loughcrew’s corbelled roof will provide us with another opportunity to interact with the earth energies and the Spirit of Place.

The rich artwork adds beauty to this mystical temple space.

Close by is the Hags Chair which is like a megalithic throne that many say is a wishing chair!

There are many forms of underground water and at this sacred site, we will explore an array of underground serpentine streams and earth flows.

A grid line crossing at the Hags Chair can open a communication with Higher Energies which we will experience. Or, the grid energy can simply unblock and open the throat chakra helping us to communicate and speak with gentle power. Outstanding views make this location an Irish gem.

We will be staying at Newgrange Lodge Donore Co Meath

Day 4 – Friday May 4th 2018 – Carrowkeel Cairns and Sligo

Today we will travel across Ireland heading west to the Sligo area. Thomas is more than aquatinted with this part of Ireland! The Travel time from Newgrange Lodge to Sligo is 2 hours and 44 minutes.

After lunch, we will head for one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets – the Carrowkeel cairns.

Carrowkeel Mountains. As Above, So Below.

In old Celtic Myth, the Goddess Don which is the British equivalent of the Irish Goddess Dana appears in the northern sky as Llys Don, Cassiopeia. She is the mother of Andromeda and her Greek name Kassiope means ‘she whose words excel’. Her Irish equivalent Dana, Danu, Ana and Anu is also the Mother of the dynasty of Gods of the Tuatha De Dannan (Tribe of Dana).

Author E. A. James Swagger discovered that during Midwinter the setting stars of Cassiopeia, the celestial Goddess, aligns with the Carrowkeel barrows.

The mountain range containing Carrowkeel is called the Bricklieve Mountains, meaning the speckled mountains in Irish, a possible reference to the appearance of the quartz covered cairns causing them to sparkle in the sun and moonlight.

Three sacred passage ‘tombs’ are accessible and some can be entered by crawling through a narrow passageway. But what is really special about these cairns, which we know that you will find truly incredible is that they are constructed of pure white quartz. With outstanding views, this ancestral landscape is truly unforgettable.

Crystal chambers

The cairn chambers take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. As you enter the quartz inner chambers you find yourself being surrounded and embraced by crystal.

Touch the white quartz walls and feel its splendour. You are inside a megalithic quartz white chamber! Words cannot express the energy of this sacred temple space. The quartz gives sound energy work extra potency and even quite contemplation brings blissful contentment, as few people venture here, the choice of what you do here will be yours.

On the outside, the cairns are equally stunning and were likewise finished off with white quartz, perhaps representing the white bright stars of Cassiopeia. Blending astronomical precision with captivating beauty, the stars last light aligned perfectly with the cairns just before their midwinter setting. The exactitude of this alignment to within 1 degree of accuracy is proof that the megalithic builders were Master mathematicians, engineers, and astronomers. Looking out of the cairn and seeing the star set must have held a deep and profound meaning.

The energy within the quartz cairn is incredible and we will interact with various energies including vortex energy, spirals and energy currents.

Cairn G is unique as it has a light box like Newgrange which captures the sun in one recess and also the moonset every 19 years. The slit in the stone diffuses the light entering the chamber creating an extraordinary Spirit of Place.

There is also a spectacular Summer Solstice sunset alignment at Cairn G.

We will be staying at Clarion Hotel Ballytrivnan Sligo

Day 5 – Saturday May 5th 2018 – Carrowmore and Creevykeel

In the morning we will visit the stunning Carrowmore complex

Carrowmore Tombs

Carrowmore megalithic complex contains some of the oldest monuments in Britain as some date back to 4600 BC making them over 6,600 years old! Originally, over 100 ancient monuments were constructed on this extensive site and 65 sites still remain. Due to their position on Ireland’s west coast, and their antiquity, many researchers claim that the quartz monuments of Carrowkeel and Carrowmore were created by the survivors of Atlantis.

Several of the dolmens are surrounded by a stone kerb constructed with the large rounded sections of granite that generates natural radiation that can alter consciousness.

After lunch, we will visit Creevykeel Court Tomb

About 25k north of Sligo Town, there is a massive passage tomb dating about 6000 years old called Creevykeel. Waiting to greet you is a clootie tree, or wish tree, so bring a ribbon or rag to tie to the tree, and as the piece disintegrates, your wish is released into the world.

Creevykeel Court Tomb releases feminine earth energy as its axis is crossed by a yin dragon line. It consists of several ‘courtyards’ and passages and the passages are flanked by tall standing stones called orthostats.

This is one of the finest examples of a court tomb in the area and as you walk around the site embracing its design features and astronomical alignments, you will begin to appreciate this long gone culture’s high sophistication.

We will be staying at Clarion Hotel Ballytrivnan Sligo

Day 6 – Sunday May 6th 2018 – Beltany stone circle and Grianan of Aileach

Beltany Stone Circle

This impressive and inviting stone circle features a number of truly monumental stones. One of which has a number of cupmarks and the circle is filled with many large stones along with earth. According to geomantic lore, this site radiates ‘form energy’ which are concentric circle of power within and without of the circle. We will explore how this energy has been used by Magicians and witches to manifest – give form- to their will.

The name Beltany is derived from the spring festival of Beltane which is associated with the lighting of hilltop fires in a rekindling of the sun. A carved stone head was found here that probably dates from the Iron Age which suggesting that this site was in use for many centuries after it was built. A powerful topographical ley was orientated to the Beltane sunrise that connected the stone circle on Beltany Hill to a barrow on a hill summit several miles away.

After lunch we will visit Grianan of Aileach, a Bronze Age and Druidic Site.

The Grianan of Aileach is one of the royal sites of Gaelic Ireland and is truly magical with a Spirit of Place that is inspiring and unforgettable.

The ancient architects created a round construction that allows the earth energy of the site rise out of the ground and fill the inner area. Described as a hill fort, this megalithic temple crowns the 244 metres (801 ft) high Greenan Mountain at Inishowen in County Donegal, Ireland.

The main structure is a stone ring thought to have been built by the Northern Uí Néill, in the sixth or seventh century AD. However, there is evidence that the site had been in use long before the fort was built. It has been identified as the seat of the Kingdom of Ailech and one of the royal sites of Gaelic Ireland. The wall is about 4.5 metres (15 ft) thick and 5 metres (16 ft) high.

Once you are inside there are three terraces, which are linked by steps, and two long passages within it. Three is a sacred number of the Druids, we shall see how they liken the chakras of Hindu lore to Cauldrons, and Maria will lead a meditation to open and activate the chakra-cauldrons.

Between the two outer banks on the south side of the hill, is the formerly covered spring well which is dedicated to St. Patrick. The earth energies here set certain features filling the inner circle with energy that you can feel, it is powerful and empowering. For those that are interested, Maria will give a guided Celtic Meditation on activating the inner cauldron chakras.

We will be staying at Clarion Hotel Ballytrivnan Sligo

Day 7

After breakfast we will travel to Dublin at 9.30 am. The travel time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. We will arrive at Dublin International Airport for approximately 12.30 latest; so please book your flights accordingly.




The tour includes bed and breakfast for the dates outlined above, transportation fees for the duration of the tour, an allocated pick up and drop off time at Dublin International Airport and the entrance fees to all of the ancient sites. The tour excludes all meals, drinks and international flights to and from Dublin. Overseas guests must have personal travel insurance. Hotels and timings of events may be subject to change upon booking.


We will need a £550 deposit from each guest and the remainder must be paid 2 months prior to the tour date.

BOOKING FLIGHTS – important information

We need the minimum of eight guests for the tour. Please do not book your flight until you have received confirmation from Thomas Sheridan and Maria Wheatley. Once you have confirmation that the tour is running, you can book your flight.