Ancient America: Dowsing America’s Stonehenge

September 19th-20th 2020 – Ancient America: Dowsing America’s Stonehenge. The Earth Energy Perspective

Incorporating a two-day Dowsing Professionally workshop on earth energies, ley lines megalithic energy, and more. £275 (At the current rate which is constantly lowering due to politics the dollar equates to £1.24 thus the conversion rate is $340 per person which is only $120 per day) for the weekend guided sacred site tour and dowsing workshop.

September 19th we will dowse and interact with the unique earth energies of America’s Stonehenge on Mystery Hill. My late father decoded some of the chambers and I have made several remarkable discoveries.

September 20th we will dowse the Gungywamp megalithic complex and witness and experience a solar alignment that fills a chamber with targeted sun light that activates a ley line.

Please click here for details on the professional dowsing course, which is included in the price of the weekend workshop. This professional dowsing course can be taken to certificate level and comes with an extensive PDF manual that will be emailed to you covering every aspect of the dowsing course and more besides!

From ‘America’s Stonehenge’ to the amazing Gungywamp megalithic complex, America has some extraordinary megalithic power places. Connected by a long lost geomantic heritage and earth energy design traditions, American sacred sites have similar earth energy design canons to those found on the British Isles. Also, like Stonehenge in the UK, which is surrounded by military establishments, Gungywamp megalithic site is located under a mile away from to a USA naval submarine base New London in Groton. Power places and the military go hand in hand…

At the ancient sites, you will be shown how to dowse for a variety of different earth energies, ley and grid energies such as:

  • Deep yin water that emits healing energy of a geospiral pattern.
  • Megalithic energy
  • Ley lines and the male and female earth currents that entwine them
  • Circular earth energies
  • Earth voltages and how they influence standing stones
  • Fissure systems
  • The Hartmann Grid
  • The Curry Net
  • The Benker Grid
  • Geopathic Stress Zones (toxic earth energy)

Decoding the stones

This is said to be a sacrificial stone, yet it is almost identical to a miraculous healing stone found in the British Isles. I think this stone is misunderstood. By understanding ancient design canons, why they carved stones and placed them upon certain earth energies allows us to fully understand a sacred site.

Together, we will explore America’s long forgotten spiritual heritage embodied in the stone chambers and sacred sites that adorn the landscape.

Ley Systems

There is far more to a ley than just a topographical alignment – meaning ancient sites that were sited on a straight line. Over 30 years of research has led to a breakthrough in understanding ley lines.

At Avebury Henge’s Megalithic stone circles, there is a ley line that course through the centre of the southern inner circle called the St Michael ley line which has a yin and yang earth current entwining it – like a caduceus. At America’s Stonehenge, there are more than two earth currents associated with the site, which is laid out similar to a stone circle in southern England, is truly remarkable. We will explore ley systems and the male and female energies that entwine it. Maria has discovered a ley system in the UK. One major ley line linking Stonehenge to the world’s largest stone circle at Avebury Henge has two currents associated with it. 

The metaphysical properties of stones

We will look at the metaphysical properties of the standing stones and learn how they emit various Hertz frequencies that interact and influence our own bodies and consciousness. Cosmological activity also influences the inner lattice of a standing stone that Maria will describe in detail. The group will also visit America’s Stonehenge museum.

Gungywamp ‘Calendar Chamber’ Here we will experience a remarkable event-the charging up of a ley line by the light of the Equinox Sun.

At the back of the Calendar Chamber, there is a vent that allows the mid-afternoon and early evening sun to shine into the chamber around the time of the equinoxes. The light from the afternoon sun slowly illuminates the right wall of the chamber and eventually shines on the light coloured stone at the entrance. That is what is happening on physical level.

The Metaphysical properties of Gungywamp ‘Calendar Chamber’

On a metaphysical level, the sunrays contain electromagnetic radiation. Light consist of photons which are produced when an object’s atoms heat up. Thus, the standing stone is being charged with solar energy as is the ley line that courses though the stone, which becomes a channel for the solar energy – which can be felt and dowsed is a wonder. The tall rectangular stone chamber, I also set close to by a 3.5 coiled geospiral that represents the base chakra. The geospiral is the harmonic surface pattern of deep underground ‘yin’ water. At this time of the year, with the divine blend of Sun and earth energy, we can cleanse the base chakra, and other chakras too. I noted that other chambers at Gungywamp are associated with spiral energy that links it to a certain chakra will be explained and experienced.

Healing Our Homes

During our Ancient America tour, on the professional dowsing course you will learn how to dowse the healing Earth Energies emitted by Gaia; and also the toxic grid zones (known as geopathic stress zones) that release harmful earth rays that are injurious to our health and how to negate them.

Living in harmony with Gaia

Geopathic stress zones have been deeply researched over the past fifty years. Leading pioneers were K. Bachler, Dr Manfred Curry and Dr Ernst Hartmann. Funded by the Salzberg education authority, K. Bachler researched the link between geopathic stress zones and disease. In a Herculean task, she documented 11,200 case histories from 3,000 homes in 14 countries. She referred to houses located over geopathic stress zones as ‘cancer houses’ due to the abnormally high incidence of the disease-inducing influences in these homes over several generations of families. You will be shown how to negate geopathic stress in your home to ensure that you and your family live in harmony with the Earth.

Earth Energy Transference

Gaia’s powerful earth energies can assist healing and Maria will show you how to work with the harmonic energies to heal one another.

Certificate level

This course can be taken to certificate level if you complete the assignment which Maria will discuss on the day. This Professional Dowsing course comes with an extensive PDF manual that will be emailed to you. So no need to take notes.

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