Conference Programme Saturday, 3rd of  September 2022

To be held at Avebury Sports and Social Club, Avebury, Wiltshire. SN8 1RD

09.15        DOORS OPEN – Registration

Henk Vis, Archdruid of Avebury, accompanied by Ted Walker on Gong – together we will set the resonance for the weekend!

10.00        HENK VIS
Avebury and the Druids
Henk, who took over the role of Archdruid from Terry Dobney and is now well established in Avebury where he lives and worships, will tell us about his life as a Druid. He explores Druidry and Avebury in the context of his interpretation of the stones, the Sun, Moon and the stars.

10.30        PETER KNIGHT
West Kennet Long Barrow – Landscape, Shamans & the Cosmos
Peter’s presentation on West Kennet and its surrounding environs, having spent much time up at the barrow, looks at all aspects of this Neolithic wonder: from sacred sound and acoustics to the psychic and paranormal; landscape alignments and astronomical observations to earth energies and dowsing. In its dark chambers, he and his partner Sue have tested the acoustics through shamanic drumming and chanting, as well as meditating to connect with the ancestors. Peter will consider a reappraisal of archaeological excavations and demonstrate how the sun rises over nearby sites at the fire festivals, its rays penetrating some of the chambers today, and illustrate how Orion, Sirius and other stars were once aligned with the barrow.

11.10        COFFEE BREAK

11.30        DANIEL DOCHERTY
Sacred Geometry & Order in Space Reflections of the Turning Compasses
Daniel, a practicing geometer at Emerson College, looks to the movement of the planets, plant formation, arrangements of ancient stones, and even patterns at the miniscule level generally hidden to the human eye, where we find reoccurring principles of order and harmony. He will explore sacred pattern, diving deeply into geometry – but with a difference – as he believes that an awareness and understanding of these sacred principles can be a healing soul balm, also a strong counter force to the general dis-order of inner and outer space; an unease with the status quo and a realisation that beauty, quite literally, is in the eye of the beholder: ‘Never did eye see the Sun unless first itself becoming Sun-like’ [Plotinus]. A must listen to talk in these strange times.

12.30        LUNCH – Bring packed lunch or sandwiches and light snacks available from The National Trust café. Alternatively, booking essential at The Red Lion Inn or The Waggon & Horses at Beckhampton (5 mins drive away).

14.00        CHRIS O’KANE
The Pharaoh, the Stars, and the Red Planet Mars
Chris will focus on ancient Egypt, a civilisation that lasted over 3,000 years. It is now clear that astronomy played a large part in kingship and religious beliefs. Who were their Gods? What was a Pharaoh? With focus on the Sun as the most important god in ancient Egypt, analysis of astronomical observations reveals there is a lot more to it than just the apparent movements of the Sun. It seems that the god of kingship had a planetary aspect and that this god, Horakhti, is in fact the red planet Mars. Chris will look at the role of the planet Mars in temple ritual and its importance in religious and mythological beliefs. He will also discuss the relevance of Mars today and the implications for our current beliefs. New discoveries about Mars lead us to think that there is more of a connection between Mars and ancient Egypt than we may have thought.

15.00        TEA BREAK

15.20        DAWN HENDERSON
The Crystal Skulls – Journey into Another World
Dawn will share with us some of her experiences since the crystal skulls came into her life in the summer of 2011 during a series of meditation sessions, setting her on a completely new path. She will explore the myths and legends surrounding these mysterious objects, and offers her thoughts on the modern crystal skull phenomenon: What are they? Why are they here? She considers why they are so prominent at this time and what that might mean for our future.

16.20        COMFORT BREAK

A new Science of Heaven
New knowledge from the most recent advances in a little-known area of science matches many of the accounts surviving down the ages from mystics, meditators, people who have survived near-death experiences, inspired sages and shamans, and experiences from dreams and trance states. Such accounts have until now been dismissed by people inclined to hold ‘materialistic’ views of the world. In his presentation, based on his recently published book A New Science of Heaven, Robert Temple takes the view that it is reasonable to be sceptical, but can understand how these altered states may have been used in the past to access awareness of the elusive and apparently immaterial ‘Other World’ by shamans and seers over the millennia. We may discover that many of their accounts and experiences have remarkable validity. Scientific progress is now sufficiently advanced to enable a world of the spirit to be described and explained in a rigorous fashion for the first time. The advances made in the physics of complex plasmas in recent years provides a mathematical and physical basis to describe the soul, or spirit. These advances make it possible to understand ghosts, for complex plasmas can pass through walls and emerge the same on the other side. (Indeed, they can pass through each other and survive intact as well.) The ‘Other World’ is material, but it is a different kind of matter.

17.30        PLENARY SESSION – Questions to Speakers

Join Henk, Ted and Maria, to give thanks for the day.

Tours Sunday, 4th of September 2022

A day of gatherings among the stones at Avebury and West Kennet.

10.00                  Meet outside The Red Lion Inn.

10.15 – 12.00    HENK VIS & MARIA WHEATLEY
The Avebury Stones and Ways of Working with Them
Short opening ceremony followed by experiential Workshop with Archdruid Henk and Maria. Join them both to explore Avebury’s stone settings and discover some of the secrets of this magical landscape. While both guides have differing approaches and opinions, they delve deeply and offer insights into various aspects of this Megalithic temple.

12.00 – 14.00    LUNCH – bring picnic or food available at The Red Lion Inn
(book in advance).

14.00 – 15.00    DANIEL DOCHERTY & MARIA
Sacred Geometry Walk Around the Avebury Stones
Join Daniel and Maria for a fascinating walk around the stones, learning from Daniel about sacred geometry within the temple and its healing benefits. He may astound us by exploring planetary patterns in the context of the stone circle.

16.00 – 17.00    PETER KNIGHT & SUE WALLACE
Drumming at West Kennet Long Barrow
Peter and Sue are well-known in the Avebury area and for their full moon drumming sessions at West Kennet. After a brief introduction to the archaeology, symbolism and astronomy of this 5,500-year-old Neolithic barrow, followed by an opportunity to dowse the energies, they will lead an experiential gathering inside the chamber taking participants on a shamanic journey through drumming, chanting, and moments of silence. They will also offer Earth healing at this special, ancient place. This site was never just a tomb and is very much ‘open for business’ today!

Mysterious Universe Speakers

We are proud to have as a speaker the Archdruid of Avebury Henk Vis who will be speaking about Avebury and Druidry on Saturday as well as hosting with Maria Wheatley a tour/workshop on Sunday.

PROFESSOR ROBERT TEMPLE is an independent scholar and author of a dozen challenging and provocative books, commencing with the international best-seller, The Sirius Mystery. He has done archaeometric dating work and intensive exploration of closed sites in Egypt with the permission of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. His research into historical accounts of the Sphinx is the first comprehensive survey ever undertaken. His books have been translated into a total of 44 foreign languages. He combines solid academic scholarship with an ability to communicate with the mass public.

Temple was a colleague of the late Dr Joseph Needham of Cambridge, in association with whom he wrote The Genius of China. He is Visiting Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and previously held a similar position at an American university. For many years he was a science writer for the Sunday Times, the Guardian, and a science reporter for Time-Life, as well as a frequent reviewer for Nature and profile writer for The New Scientist. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and has been a member of the Egypt Exploration Society since the 1970s, as well as a member of numerous other academic societies. In 1993, his translation of the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh was performed at the Royal National Theatre in London. With his wife, Olivia, he is co-author and translator of the first complete English version of Aesop’s Fables.

PETER KNIGHT is an international speaker, dowser, sacred site tour guide and workshop facilitator, who runs Stone Seeker Tours and Publishing with his partner SUE WALLACE. Well-known in the South of England for his entertaining and enthusiastic lectures presented at various conferences, inspirational workshops and field trips, Peter weaves his visionary wisdom of our ancient landscape into many of his thirteen books. Co-founder of Dorset Earth Mysteries Group, an honorary member of the Dorset Dowsers, Antiquarian Society and the Wessex Dowsers, as well as sitting on the committees of the Wyvern Dowsers and the Society of Ley Hunters, Peter is a busy man! He is also a freelance magazine writer and an Adult Education Tutor on archaeology and earth mysteries, holding seminars at Bournemouth University. Peter instigated the first ever Convention of Alternative Archaeology and Earth Mysteries which is now a greatly appreciated annual event at Pewsey, Wiltshire, a must on your October calendar.

Sue brings a lifetime of experiences of self-searching, dowsing, drumming and chanting. She has a deep relationship with the Earth and its sacred places, often connecting intuitively through her profound connection with Nature to trees and elementals, frequently through chant and song. Sue is the co-author with Peter of their new book, Albion Dreamtime – Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons. She has also led dowsing workshops, is a proof-reader, creates high-quality drum bags, and is an experienced and qualified Shiatsu, Reiki and Acupressure therapist, with a keen interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyle, growing a good deal of their food organically at their home near Avebury.

DANIEL DOCHERTY has been practising sacred geometry since studying with Keith Critchlow in the early 2000s. In 2015 he co-founded Sacred Art of Geometry (SAOG Studios) at Emerson College, East Sussex, where he leads and hosts numerous short courses focussed on the practice and philosophy of sacred geometry and the arts of the Quadrivium. Like a geometric pattern unfolding in space and time – from point, line and plane through sub-grid to completed pattern – so too have the lines and lives of artists and educators Kira Orsak and Daniel Docherty crossed and interwoven to form the pattern that is today

A shared love of Wendell Berry and working with alternative and healing agricultural practices (a further layer of the pattern revealed); a love of the Perennial Philosophy; Wonderment; the Temenos Academy and the ‘Ten Basic Principles’ that inspire its work – all embrace and truly nourish the soul. Of course, the hands and heart play their part too.

Kira was part of the next metamorphosis: The Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts department of RCA to the Prince’s Foundation (VITA) became The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (PSTA) – Plato’s Academy based on the Principles of Truth, Beauty and Goodness – thriving in London’s East End, a veritable hub of soul science, of alchemical and geometric wizardry!

Now is the time for renewed impetus … to realign the Arts and Soul Sciences and our connection with them to the Sacred; we invite you to join us at our beautiful SAOG Studios, set in the heart of the idyllic Emerson College campus (adjoining Tablehurst Farm – our initial ‘home’) and a mere stone’s throw from London, Brighton and Gatwick Airport, to experience how Geometry, the language of the ‘ever-true, the eternally existent’, can be a powerful means to this end.

CHRIS O’KANE is an amateur astronomer who has studied Egyptian astronomy for the past 25 years and has contributed to several books and papers on ancient astronomy. He has an impressive background having travelled to Egypt on two occasions with Robert Bauval and produced research for authors Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval concerning the astronomy, kingship and religion of ancient Egypt.

He is a Trustee, Past-President and Vice-President of the Astronomical Society of Glasgow, and lectures widely on astronomical subjects. Chris is also a member of the Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR) looking for evidence of ET artefacts in the solar system and led a student project to research the anomalies of the Cydonia region on Mars, resulting in the discovery of a pyramidal hill now named after North Kelvinside High School in Glasgow. His first book, Journey to Cydonia: The First Small Step was published in 2017.

DAWN (D. K.) HENDERSON was guided to write a series of novels based on information she had received soon after the crystal skulls burst into her life in the summer of 2011.  The author of The Skull Chronicles series of novels, Lost Legacy was her first book in this series. More books followed, the latest of which, Book VI, was published in late Spring this year (2022). In addition, she has written two short Starspeak volumes of messages for the people of Earth, Forgotten Wings and Heel Lead, channelled from both the crystal skulls and the star races.

Dawn has a long-held deep fascination for ancient mysteries, coupled with a strong conviction that there is much more to the long-ago history of the world than we allow ourselves to believe, and is powerfully drawn to the mystery and atmosphere of ancient sites and unexplained monuments and artefacts.

Hosted by Maria Wheatley