Mysterious Universe UK

21st and 22nd September 2024

Ceres Hall, Devizes Corn Exchange, Devizes, Wiltshire

‘Secrets in Stone’

Welcome to our third annual weekend gathering of like-minded people who want to learn from one another about our Mysterious Universe. Our venue is in the market town of Devizes, where on the Saturday we are excited to announce presentations from some great speakers who will be discussing the mysteries of Stone, including Jeremy Harte, legendary folklorist, Kelly Peacey on the properties of crystals, John Dalton who will explore the more esoteric aspects, and Maria Wheatley on the healing and oracular properties of standing stones. Her new book ‘The Secret History of Stonehenge’ will be available.

Your host Maria Wheatley

Roma Harding will be looking after book tables where you will have the opportunity to chat to our speakers, purchase books and CDs. And this year we also have John Dalton, serenading us on his harp during breaks.

We look forward to welcoming you!

On the Sunday we are offering a Tour to the Rollright Stones and Belas Knap long barrow with Maria and Jeremy, who will share some magical tales as we walk around The King’s Men stone circle, the King Stone and the Whispering Knights.

An optional coach will be available. Seats are limited so please book early!

Please note that you can only book to come on the Tour if you are attending the Conference.


Parking: The venue does not have parking. 24-hour parking at Station Road, Devizes, SN10 1BZ. Alternatively, you can view a map with parking options here:

SATURDAY – 21st September – Conference – 9.30 am – 6 pm

Tea breaks: Tea and coffee will be served at the venue.

Lunch: Devizes has numerous cafés, pubs and restaurants, a wholefood shop and even a castle! You may also bring a packed lunch or purchase snacks locally and eat at the venue.


JEREMY HARTE: Stones with Minds of their Own

Folklorist and storyteller, Jeremy Harte tells us that local people were once keen to share strange tales about their district. Stones dance, stones walk, stones drop in on one other at night and go out for a drink: that’s what the traditions of British folklore tell us. Stones return to the place they came from, even if carried away long distances, and take their revenge on people who injure them. They don’t like people looking at them in a calculating way and are unforgiving to those who try and rifle their hidden treasures. If you thought they were just big lifeless lumps of rock, think again; according to the voice of legend, stones have agency, and we should respect them. Although many of the tales Jeremy records date from the 17th century or later, he guides us through a worldview where life and purposefulness can be found in the most solid of material monuments that still speak to us today.

After graduating from Cambridge University, Jeremy worked in the archaeological section of Dorset County Museum, Dorchester before training as a curator. At present he runs the Bourne Hall Museum at Ewell in Surrey. Jeremy Harte has written widely on folklore, industrial archaeology and local history. He is the author of ‘Cloven Country: The Devil and the English Landscape’ (2023), ‘Travellers Through Time: A Gypsy History’ (2023), ‘Epson & Ewell Through Time’ (2012), ‘English Holy Wells: A Sourcebook: Volume One plus CD of Volumes Two and Three’ (2008), ‘The Green Man’ (Pitkin Guide, 2001), and various other titles.

KELLY PEACEY: The Properties and Use of Crystals, past and present

Kelly will explore our attraction to crystals and stones, whether this is based purely on their appearance and superficial belief that they are something magical with prescriptive-like properties that help in the healing of disease. Does their differing chemical composition, crystalline structure and process of formation hold any significance to their potential healing powers? Perhaps they are alive and house higher intelligence as record keepers or wisdom teachers for us to learn from? Or are they portals through which our con¬sciousness can bridge Heaven and Earth and we have simply forgotten how to connect and communicate with them? Kelly aims to open our minds as she asks questions and discusses how crystals may have been used over the millennia by different cultures for magical means and practical purposes, and how humanity is both consciously and unconsciously dependent upon them.

Kelly Peacey has been a practising Crystal Healing Therapist for 24 years and a teacher of Crystal Healing Therapy for 13 years. She has written many nationally accredited courses and workshops in the field of holistic health, energy awareness and healing. She is founder of The Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing and Awareness, a member and Secretary of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing, and teaches a two year professional practitioner Diploma in Crystal Healing Therapy. Kelly is also a keen dowser and enjoys sharing her love of metaphysics, visiting sacred sites and being out in nature.

JOHN DALTON: Stone, the Elements and Octaves

John will look at some of the more esoteric aspects of stone, both as supporter of our physical existence and in terms of the mysterious reflection of the properties of creative beings − a divine thought in which we can see that life originally present has abandoned the stone and allowed it to harden and crumble. Where has that life or consciousness gone? Has it moved up through the plant and animal kingdoms into the human and even planetary and angelic realms? Does the human skeleton and organic forms tell us something about earth, water, air, and fire? How do the relationships between stone and the elements differ? Are the laws of physics immutable? We can see evidence that stone was once more flexible and workable than it is now. Amazon explorer Colonel Fawcett heard long ago of a paste that could soften stone; Grace Cooke had visions in England of when mass chanting could make stone become light in both senses. With harp accompaniment!

Musician and harper John Dalton is a former journalist, founder and editor of the New View anthroposophical magazine, and former manager of Rudolf Steiner Press. He believes that we live very much amidst ‘The Mysteries’, and has hitherto given talks on various subjects musical, spiritual and about the harp itself, the instrument of the angels. His CDs: Celtic Stream and Arpa Latina, will be available.

MARIA WHEATLEY: The Healing Properties of Stone Circles and Megaliths

Maria will explore how standing stones can be encoded with a ‘bionic’ charge and have a distinct ‘polarity’. Decades of research show that certain standing stones behave in particular ways; for example, some can act as oracle stones and others are found to be healing. In the distant past, stone masons encoded the stones at major sites to produce unusual sound and sight phenomena – music in the stones, even a spectacular light show!

Stonehenge’s original lintelled ring and concentric circles created a flawless temple that was activated at the winter solstice, the grand finale occurring every 18.61 years reflecting on the chalk centre of the circle. Other ancient sites such as Hagar Qim in Malta and Newgrange in Ireland were likewise encrypted. The angles of certain standing stones, such as those at the Ring of Brodgar and the Stones of Stenness, Orkney, also at Avebury, hold vital clues to the alchemy of such places. Maria reveals, for the first time, the secret properties of standing stones that permit us to see stone circles and temples that were set above particular earth energies in a glorious new light.

Maria Wheatley is an international speaker, author of numerous books, geo­mancer and master dowser. In 2015 she discovered the longheaded civilisation including a Neolithic ‘Queen’, and feels that she speaks on behalf of these ancient people who are largely ignored by academia. Signed copies of her new book, ‘The Secret History of Stonehenge’, will be available.


SUNDAY – 22nd September – Tour – 9.30 am – 6 pm

Coach departs Devizes 9 am   

Coach return Devizes 5.30 – 6 pm


It is permissible to follow by car only if not practical to travel home via Devizes. Coach tickets can be booked separately. Please car share where possible as there is limited parking at Belas Knap.

Lunch: bring own picnic or food available locally.

Join Jeremy Harte and Maria Wheatley to explore lost wisdom amidst the Rollright stone circles, where Jeremy will share some of the magical and legendary stories associated with the stones. In the afternoon Maria will discuss the powerful energies of Belas Knap long barrow and its alignments.

Maria dowsing at the Rollright Stones

Belas Knap long barrow