Sentient water, ancient sites and Atlantean wisdom

For the first time, Maria Wheatley will explain the energetic patterns that the Earth’s Inner Water’s emit. She has studied with Master Dowsers and Chinese Geomants for many years and inherited all the unpublished earth energy surveys and writings of the Master Dowser Guy Underwood. Over the past twenty years, Maria has made considerable breakthroughs in our understanding of the esoteric properties of water. 

This article explores the ancient wisdom of our forefathers preserved in the energy patterns that were integrated into sacred sites and intimately associated with underground water.

Our planet is not solid. Earth’s oceans cover about 75% of the planet and the inner bodies of underground water are vast making Earth fluidic. Likewise, we too are fluid beings containing over 75% water. Water is a fundamental requirement to most living organisms and is one of the four sacred elements of occult wisdom. 

To the ancient designers of megalithic temples, surface water and underground water were essential physical and metaphysical concerns. For instance, the processional avenue of Stonehenge led to the River Avon about 1.5 miles away, without doubt water was a vital requirement. Stanton Drew stone circle in Somerset, England, which contains the second largest stone circle in the world, had a megalithic avenue that led to the River Chew. Water is the element of life. However, it was equally important to locate a sacred site above an underground water source, which as we shall see, imbues the site with unseen living energy. 

Stonehenge and the northeast stone circle at Stanton Drew – their avenues led to rivers. 

Underground water
As a second-generation British dowser and water diviner, I was taught that there are two types of water. Primary water that is chemically formed deep within the womb of Gaia which is independent of rainfall–I prefer the term yin water–and water that falls as rain from the sky (yang water, if you will permit me to use that phase). I am sure that many dowsers are aware of this concept. The latter, as it flows through the Earth in underground streams emits geopathic stress and dowsers are employed to negate and harmonize the energy which is injurious to health. 

Traditionally, this type of underground water can be recognised by its surface pattern. The flowing water is often called a stream band; either side of the underground stream is a mirror image which is called a parallel that can be likened to a force field. An old water divining lore, called the Bishop’s Rule, states that the distance from the stream band to the parallel is the approximate depth of the stream. 

Yang water– traditional; surface pattern

Geopathic stress – proof
During 1988 to 1995, a German medical team conducted a seven-year study of geopathic stress, which involved 8,200 patients; they measured the ability of patients to recover from chronic illness, regardless of the type of conventional or holistic therapy they received. Part of the study consisted of exposing 34% of patients to significant levels of geopathic stress. 

The study showed, categorically, that when a person was taken away from the geopathic stress zone their capacity to heal was greatly improved. It was also determined that thirty percent of all chronic medical conditions are derived from geopathic stress zones such as underground water, Benker lines, Curry Grid crossing points and other negative earth emissions. Sleeping over a geopathic stress zone reduces the capacity for the body to heal is statistically certain. 

Geodetic energies
Interestingly, not all underground water is detrimental to health. As we shall soon see, yin water emits a harmonic energy field that extends over a vast distance. My late father was given all the unpublished material of the Master Dowser Guy Underwood. After Underwood’s death, his book the Pattern of the Past was published but this was clearly not the book he desired to be the final print, as it was full of mistakes. His other manuscript and detailed surveys are far more accurate and progressive and it was this manuscript that he wanted the world to read.

Underwood rediscovered the Geodetic System of Earth Energies and many of the geodetic energy lines and all of the geomantic patterns are intimately associated with underground yin water. After studying the manuscript collection for more than 20 years, I have made further discoveries regarding geodetic earth energies. This article explores some of my early finds which I have published in full in my latest book Divining Ancient Sites – Insights into their creation that contains the correct information imparted by Underwood and our personal research into geodetic energies. 

Sentient Water
Gaia’s primary yin water emits a distinctive three-fold energy pattern that was recognised by the ancients. Pyramids, stone circles and temples marked these special locations creating a striking beauty and terrestrial harmony. Yin water is perpetually being generated and so we will never run short of water. 

Large volumes of underground water emit this surface pattern

In antiquity, dowsing may have been used to locate the mystical pattern, or heighten sensitivity and watching how animals behave would have given signs and vital clues to the electromagnetic emissions. Undoubtedly, the electromagnetic force field was harnessed by past civilizations using a long lost technology. 

The central feature – the Geospiral 

The Geospiral pattern, which I have described previously, lies at the centre of the three-fold pattern. To ancient peoples, the esoteric centre or ‘navel’ of the land was a powerful concept. The centre of the land was the focal point of its sacred energy, the place where the soul or genii of the locale resided. 

In ancient China, Peking was placed at the centre of the Imperial landscape in the same way that an English manor house, or stately home, stands at the centre of its landscape. Finding the centre of a landscape, or your home, symbolises its divine power both physically and metaphysically. 

Throughout the ancient world, the geospiral pattern marked the esoteric centre of a temple, stone circle or pyramid. Constantly emitting harmonious energy it imbues the site or building with life-enhancing energy creating a receptive place where communication with the ancestors, the gods or goddesses-within and without-is possible. A geospiral is a geometrically perfect spiral with coils in multiples of (3½), 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 and 49. Geospirals can be likened to earth chakra points, or Earthgates, the 3½-coiled geospiral represents the base chakra as depicted by Asian adepts and the 7-coiled geospiral represents the heart chakra. Two energy flows called a ‘necklace’ are located a short distance from the coils. They have several gaps which allow energy lines, such as ley lines or earth currents, to free-flow through it. 

David Webb, a retired British engineer and I have measured the emitted frequencies of this energy pattern which tends to emit a gentle 7–10 Hz which can be conducive to good health. Also, the energy pattern is associated with increased levels of negative ions, which like the Hertz frequency, is beneficial. Evidently, this is why our ancestors located their holy places above this energy pattern associating the site to a chakra and a negative ion field. 

Living water
To our forebears, everything was living not just humans, animals, trees and flora, but water, hills, streams, springs and rocks. In fact everything on the Earth was considered to be living and conscious. When we are within the realms of the three-fold pattern, and especially its energetic centre, we are interacting with the deep water’s sentient energy and memory. To illustrate how a geospiral is aware of its environment, the smaller ‘S’ shape spiral orientates itself on the most powerful energy line in the vicinity. This fact has been recognised by geodetic dowsers for many years. The living waters born within the womb of Gaia, and its energy pattern, are sentient-fully conscious and responsive to the environment cannot be denied. 

All healing 
Animals are instinctively attracted to the geospiral pattern. Farmers have noted that animals kept in enclosed spaces frequently attempted to break out when they are about to give birth. Underwood dowsed numerous birthing locations and found they were sited upon, or in close proximity to a geospiral. Animals would not behave in this manner unless it was of advantage to them. 

Further observations revealed that the geospiral appeared to ease labour and produced healthier offspring. After several years of research, it was concluded that the geospiral had health-giving and restorative properties which are instinctively recognized by animals. Cows, sheep and horses often stand or sleep above a geospiral pattern. 

Additional supporting evidence for the geospiral’s healing properties comes from anecdotal reports from World War II veterans. Whilst on manoeuvres and sleeping rough soldiers noted that if they slept where a cow had previously lain they would wake up feeling healthier and with no rheumatic discomfort. The notion that some auspicious quality attaches to a place where a cow lies down to rest is of great antiquity. Thebes was founded by Cadmus where a sacred cow came to rest. The site of Troy was similarly selected by Ilius and legends say Antioch was built over the place where Io died after she had been transformed into a white cow by the god Zeus. Mythological memory preserves esoteric history, but is there any solid proof that the two types of water exist? I think there is. 

H20 and H302
Scientific evidence supports the concept of yin water’s therapeutic properties. Dr. Gerald Pollack is one of the leading research scientists in the world when it comes to understanding the physics of water and what it means to your health. He is a professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington and the founder and editor of a scientific journal called Water. His seminal book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, challenges the way we think about water. 

Gilbert Ling is also a pioneer in this field. He discovered that water in human cells is not ordinary water (H2O) but something far more structured, which is called the ‘fourth phase of water’, also known as ‘exclusion zone water’ or ‘EZ’ water. EZ water appears in great abundance within your body including inside most of your cells. Other inherent differences between regular water and EZ water include its structure. For instance, tap water is H2O but this fourth phase water is not H2O; it’s actually H3O2. It’s also more viscous, more ordered and more alkaline than regular water, and its optical properties are different. 

Dr Pollack informs us that: EZ water is alkaline and carries a negative charge. Maintaining this state of alkalinity and negative charge appears to be important for optimal health. A natural source of EZ water for drinking is glacial melt. Another good source is water from deep sources such as deep spring water. The deeper the better, as EZ water is created under pressure. 

Yin water comes from a deep source, is created under pressure and is therefore an excellent source of EZ water. It is easily identifiable by its threefold pattern. I suggest deep yin water is H3O2 water and this is why throughout history certain springs and holy wells have been regarded as medicinal. I also suggest that the electromagnetic energy field the EZ water emits is healing. 


The Fifth Phase of Water
I suggest there is a fifth phase of water which is the energetic pattern it emits – the geospiral and its haloes. For instance, powerful sources of underground yin water also produce haloes. Standing stones were invariably sited on the circular ring of energy known as a primary halo that surrounds the geospiral and this is why numerous monuments are circular in design. 

Consisting of three rings of strong magnetic force, the primary halo is highly energetic and perpetually charges the stones or constructs sited upon it.

Modern structures and haloes
Primary haloes have a stimulating effect and prolonged exposure to their energy field is not conducive to relaxation, however, short-term exposure is energizing and uplifting. One particular London office, which is partially sited on the outer edge of a halo, attracted a highly motivated and hard-working workforce, although many employees were prone to high stress levels caused by overworking. We surveyed the location and noted that the restroom was located directly above the halo making relaxation difficult. Moving the restroom away from the area proved successful; the workforce found they could relax and chill out. 

Secondary haloes
Exceptionally powerful yin water, found beneath the surface in large volumes, emits an external horseshoe shape that surrounds both the geospiral and primary halo which is called a Secondary Halo. 

The emitted electromagnetic energy generates an external force field and the megalithic builders integrated it by allowing it to surround particular monuments or complexes. Its unseen physical counterpart is the outer edge of a deep vast lake (or ocean in some instances as in China). Guy Underwood did little research into this incredible pattern. Our research shows that the semi-circular halo has six flow lines. However, six days after a new moon it may multiply to 12 and six days after a full moon it may multiply to 18 before returning to its original number. The large ‘gap’ allows powerful energy lines to either enter or leave the monument. 

Just like the Full Moon influences Earth’s surface waters, likewise, the underground waters are receptive to the lunar phases of the Half Moon.

Secondary haloes are often located hundreds of feet away from the central geospiral. Symbolically speaking, when a secondary halo is integrated into a temple or megalithic complex it serves to ‘protect’ the area from unwanted intrusion. 

The halo was an essential component of monumental planning serving to separate the sacred from the profane outer regions. It was seen as a shielding influence and this is why ancient walled cities were sited upon the energy reflecting its shape whilst absorbing metaphysical protection. 

Ancient Native American sites, such as those shown below, I suspect were sited upon, or incorporated, the Secondary Halo phenomenon.

Throughout the ancient world, the harmonic energy patterns of deep underground yin water were sought. Constantly generating an electromagnetic force field, charging the environ with energy and serving to protect a sacred site, this ancient design canon connects a sacred site, and all who visit, to Gaia’s deep living waters. Furthermore, as water has memory it can connect you to the archaic memory fields of long lost civilisations and Earth’s long memory. 

In my Dowsing workshops and courses, I also teach how the Earth’s sentient waters and its three-fold pattern can assist in cleansing our own body water. No wonder our ancient ancestors sited monument after monument upon these highly sensitive earth chakra points which can help us in so many ways. 

The Inner Waters are connected 
Worldwide geospirals are energetically connected to one another by a geodetic energy arc-line. Hardly any modern dowser is aware of this incredible geodetic fact. Arcs are a vital aspect of the Earth’s energy system. Geodetic arcs run from one geospiral to another which shows conscious awareness, as the arc seeks out the energy spiral as a bee does nectar. Arcs are long energy lines that flow across the land and when they connect to a geospiral they form a C-shaped spiral and so the process continues in constant perpetual motion across the globe. Akin to ocean tides, the arcs expand and contract with lunar influences. 

Gaia’s lymph system 
As human beings, we are aware that our bodies have vital physical systems that are interconnected, such as the lymph and circulatory system. If for one moment, we imagine that the inner waters of the Earth that manifest the geospiral/energy arc patterns are similar, but not identical to these systems, we can begin to understand the importance of Gaia’s energetic system on a planetary scale. 

Our lymphatic system is a vital part of the circulatory system which comprises a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph (from Latin lympha meaning water) directionally towards the heart. Unlike the cardiovascular system the lymphatic system is not a closed system. Our circulatory system processes an average of 20 litres of blood per day, filtering and removing plasma while leaving the blood cells. Importantly, the other main function is that of defense in the immune system. Gaia is a living breathing being and her inner waters cleanse her being, just as our body fluids are an important aspect of our immune system, so the inner waters assist Earth’s health and well being. This is why it vitally important not to pollute Gaia’s inner waters by fracking as it could poison the deep inner water circulatory system of the Earth creating internal damage. And for what? A cheap and dirty profit for corporate companies that have dollar signs in their eyes. 

Geodetic Irrigation 
Geospirals/blind springs imbue the flowing lines with life enhancing energy, like a seed carried on the wind, propagating the land with its mineral rich energy that rises from deep within the Earth. We have noted that several ancient Holy Ways follow the energy arc’s flow, as it courses across the countryside, like a fecund river irrigating the land as the Nile does Egypt. 

But where did this knowledge originate? I am convinced the Atlantean geomancers were aware of Gaia’s geodetic energies and present the following research to back up my claim. 

Using Plato’s accurate descriptions and precise measurements, we will see that the three-fold geodetic pattern, as well as the purest and most sacred water, was skilfully integrated into the foundation plans of the city of Atlantis creating a circular paradise. 

Plato wrote of Atlantis around 355 BC and his books Critias and Timaeus speak of the splendours of a long-lost civilization in the Atlantic Ocean. One of his friends, Critias, said that Atlantis is ‘derived from ancient tradition’. Not everyone agreed. Aristotle fervently disagreed and believed that Plato had made Atlantis up and this doubt has persisted ever since. Nevertheless, Plato goes out of his way to report exactly where the original Atlantis tale came from. Solon, a famous Greek elder, had been given the story by an Egyptian priest, Sais, and told what he knew to an equally renowned Greek, Critias, whose grandson was a friend of Socrates and narrated the story in Plato’s books. All of these people were considered trustworthy and honourable. Plato himself affirmed: ‘The fact that it is not an invented fable but a genuine history is all-important.’ According to these ancient sources, Atlantis was situated beyond the Pillars of Hercules, the Straits of Gibraltar, amid the Atlantic Ocean. 

Plato describes the Atlantean metropolis as being circular. He comments: ‘At the centre of the island, near the sea, was a plain, said to be the most beautiful and fertile of all plains and near the middle of this plain about 50 strades inland a hill of no great size. There were two rings of islands, three of seas, like cartwheels with the island at their centre…In the centre a shrine sacred to Poseidon and Cleito surrounded by a golden wall.’ 

Harmonic placement 
Did the Atlantean architects integrate the Earth’s powerful three-fold geometry into the foundation plans of their great city? According to Plato’s accounts of the city, moreover its functions, geodetic engineering seems likely. 

Plato describes the central hill in the city as having two springs, one hot and one cold, which surfaced from deep underground streams. He states that the city’s water was ‘remarkable quality and excellence’. This suggests no ordinary aquifer and indicates sacred yin water. Furthermore, Plato describes the water as ‘pure water’ which fed buildings and the surrounding landscape, and outflows led to Poseidon’s sacred grove and temple. Water was also channelled into the outer ring by ingenious aqueducts and a bridge so that each island was encircled by the Earth’s healing waters. 

The water also irrigated a vast plain which was said to be 230 x 340 miles (370 x 547 kilometres). Plato remarked on the island’s lush fertility ‘whatever fragrant things that are now on the Earth…all these that sacred island brought forth fair and wondrous and in infinite abundance.’ Irrigated by such pure water no wonder the land was so fertile! 

Additional confirmation that the springs were deep yin water is confirmed by the circular shape of Atlantis defined by the primary and secondary halo patterns associated with the geospiral. The Atlantean civilization, through its geomancers, was one of the first to incorporate living water and its energies into city and agricultural planning.

New discovery-Earth’s diameter encoded into the City
The city was said to be 15 miles in diameter and I intuitively felt this number would prove significant and represent the Earth in some way. I converted miles to feet and made an extraordinary discovery-15 miles equals 79,200 feet exactly. If this number is divided by 10 it equals 7,920 which, according to the renown British author, the late John Michell, ‘is the average diameter of the Earth as measured in feet’. Remarkably, the diameter of the Atlantean city mathematically represented the Earth’s diameter exactly. 

After the sudden deluge engulfed the mighty continent remnants of their sophisticated geomantic practices survived. Distant lands were colonized, the knowledge of the Earth’s energetic system was distributed and a monumental prehistoric building programme began. 

Epicentres were created which collected and distributed the Earth’s power, such as pyramids, stone circles and other holy constructs, all of which stand as silent witnesses to a collective cultural practice adopted worldwide, as sacred sites from Siberia to Easter Island incorporate identical geodetic design canons born of Atlantis.

Utilizing Atlantean knowledge
Ancient wisdom can be applied to a modern generation. By adopting old geomantic practices we can spiritualize our homes and workspaces. Divining the hidden geodetic signature of our home or locality allows us to understand its energy and reveals why people become ill in certain houses or why certain businesses flourish. Location is all-important. Future building projects could implement geomantic awareness and create constructs which will benefit and serve humanity whilst living in harmony with Gaia’s energies. A building project could begin by analysing the land’s harmonic signature and architectural design could be guided by its energetic quality. Imagine for one moment a future hospital. First, the 3-fold harmonic pattern – the geospiral, primary and secondary haloes could be located. Areas that required stimulating energies such as physiotherapy and similar departments could benefit from the faster flowing energies or sections of the primary halo. In Atlantean times the ring island was aligned upon a primary halo which was suitably used to exercise horses and for athletic games and physical exercises. They knew the energy signature! 

The horseshoe or circular shape could transform the rectangular architectural framework of the old materialistic era returning us to esoteric Atlantean design. Likewise, other properties such as schools, offices and our homes could benefit from geodetic engineering whilst avoiding geopathic stress zones. Let us not forget that the deep inner water is aware–sentient–and we can live in harmony with the pure, sacred water born of the Earth in many creative ways. 

Personally, I feel we are on the edge of a revolution that will change our lives and the lives of our children and their children. People like you and I can show others that there is another way; a more natural way to live in harmony with the Earth. Together we can shine beacon bright and illuminate the way. 

Maria Wheatley is an author and researcher of dowsing, earth energies and sacred sites. Her latest book Divining Ancient Sites – insights into their creation is an asset to any dowser or those interested in earth energies. 

Maria is the founder of The Avebury School of Esoteric Studies which is affiliated with the Association of British Correspondence Colleges ABCC that offers certificated courses including practical workshops and home study courses: Dowsing Professionally, and the Master Practitioner of Dowsing-Divining the Earth, past life regression, and tarot. For overseas visitors, Maria combines tours of sacred sites with an optional certificated dowsing course on earth energies, past life regression, or tarot. For more information: 
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