Sacred sites’ ley lines, UFOs and a strange metal object

I researched that a strange piece of unidentifiable metal was found centuries ago at Stonehenge which contained strange hieroglyphics. Perhaps, the metal tablet was a sacred memorial written by our distant prehistoric ancestors containing the history of Stonehenge or by extraterrestrial beings remains an unsolved mystery… 

Wiltshire contains the greatest megalithic capitals of prehistoric Europe. Avebury Henge is a gigantic stone temple containing the world’s largest stone circle and its circular earthwork, known as a henge encloses 28 acres of ceremonial space. Situated just 17 miles to the south stands Stonehenge which is Britain’s most iconic stone circle. Thousands of years ago, spiritual pilgrimages were made to these sites attracting people from all over the ancient world. Egyptian beads and jet from the Baltic was unearthed close to Stonehenge testifying to Britain’s prehistoric status. 

For over 20 years I have been investigating the ancestral landscape and some common traits emerge that unite the sites of antiquity in a web of intrigue. Straight track ways and linear alignments are believed to connect sites of ancient importance to one another in a system that was designed in prehistoric times. In 1925 Alfred Watkins rediscovered the ancient ley network and published his seminal findings in a book called The Old Straight Track. He noticed that straight lines, sometimes old tracks and pathways, formed linear alignments across the countryside and that ancient manmade structures were sited upon them, such as tumuli, long barrows, stone circles, and standing stones. Watkins called these simple linear alignments ‘leys’. However, long before Watkins’ documented the ancient ley network, the Elizabethan medieval magician and occultist Dr John Dee had written about leys stating that geomancy (earth science) was accounted by all ancient priests the chiefest science; for it gave them power both in their words and works. 

Controversial ideas have linked leys to the transportation of stone suggesting that they were essential in levitating gigantic stones across the landscape to construct megalith sites. Ley line enthusiasts have also connected UFOs and paranormal events to the ley. Grid systems, like vast webs, also emit straight lines and since the 1950s numerous grid systems have been documented by physicists who have noted they cover the Earth from pole to pole like giant fishnets. 

Ley line systems
Around the same time that Watkins’ was researching the simple linear leys of England, Xavier Guichard was researching the origins of European place-names in his native home of France. After 25 years of study he concluded that three primary names existed, Antium, Burgus and Alesia. In ancient Greece Alesia was Eleusis and in the Indo-European culture Alles meant ‘a meeting place to which people travelled’. He noted that the place-names, and he found over 400 in France alone, were often associated with similar landscape features, such as hills overlooking rivers, springs or salt deposits. He concluded that the primary place-names were once ritual meeting places which were intimately associated with water – springs, rivers or lakes. 

Further investigations in France revealed a vast ley network. Twenty-four lines radiate from a central location – ‘Alaise’- and target similar place-names with similar topographical features. The lines divide the horizon into equal segments that mark the meridian, equinoxes, and solstices. Guichard proposed that a mathematical unit must have been applied to calculate the system as there was a common distance between the sites. Guichard believed that the whole of Europe was centred on the site of Alaise. Various lines reach out across Europe and one line is intimately associated with Geneva that lies on the Franco-Swiss border. World leaders invariably meet in Geneva when important discussions and decisions are to be made. Interestingly, CERN the particle accelerator is lined upon the ley network and a similar ley system of lines was laid out in the grounds of Badminton House, Gloucestershire, which is the principal seat of the Dukes of Beaufort since the late 17th century. 

Power lines and Stonehenge 
Stonehenge is one of the megalithic capitals of the ancient world which stands on the windswept Salisbury Plain enclosed by numerous military bases and establishments. I liken Salisbury Plain to Area 51 in the USA as it is owned and managed by the Military of Defence (MoD) with No GO Zones making civilian access impossible. Evidently, the locality was important to our Neolithic and Bronze Age ancestors as it houses over 1000 sacred sites within an area 25 miles by 25 miles. Today, you can access certain parts of the Plain which has a seductive beauty and charm as well as being a military danger zone. 

Numerous leys course through the Plain silently giving energy to the land. Many target Stonehenge in a similar manner as the network previously mentioned. 30 leys converge at the centre numerically reflected by the 30-sarsen standing stones capped with 30 lintels creating the outer stone circle. There are more besides. One powerful ley flows north-south through the stone temple and encircles the globe making it one of the most significant leys in the world. Since the 1990s I have suggested that this ley is like no other, as it is a Prime Meridian ley.

Currently, the world’s Prime Meridian Line is the Greenwich Meridian Line passing through Greenwich Observatory, London which was officially adopted by 25 countries as part of an agreement which established Standard Time. This line created a longitudinal navigation reference system which is unsurpassed. Nonetheless, the Greenwich Meridian Line is an arbitrary line born of Late Victorian necessity; I think our ancient ancestors used a natural energy emitting ley – the Stonehenge Prime Meridian line as their great meridian. This intense energy line flows close to Arbour Low stone circle often called the Stonehenge of the North, through Holy Island and touches the western tip of Scotland. In ancient times, the Meridian Line was honoured and recognised by our ancestors is unmistakable due to the volume of monuments aligned upon it. 

So important was this line that in the Stonehenge environs its course was dug out creating a sunken trackway, presumably used as a processional way, linking the most important megalithic complexes in England. All midday Suns and Full Moons reach their zenith on this line imbuing it with celestial light every day, and once a month connecting the ley to the heavens above.

Roy Dutton
Roy Dutton author of UFOs in Reality has studied how UFO scout craft appear to use a north south and east west corridor to navigate the globe. Roy discovered that the two major corridors crossed England and the unique crossing point used by UFOs was Stonehenge. Intriguingly, I noted that the north south corridor followed, closely, the Stonehenge Prime Meridian ley almost exactly. Independent investigations conducted by crop circle researchers, Bert Janssen and Janet Ossebaard, noted that the majority of crop circles appeared to manifest in a line of influence that courses north south. I realised instantly the line of influence was the Stonehenge Prime Meridian ley and that the crop circles orientated themselves onto the ley. The correlation is visibly undeniable. Clearly, this is a unique line attracting both crop circles and UFOs.

Time slips or an abduction?
Time slips maybe associated with the ley. Two military personnel whilst parked close to the ley decided to take time out to have a cigarette before returning to their military camp. Suddenly, they noted a strange orange coloured light which appeared from nowhere. As trained observers, they were curious about the light that seemingly dashed from one side of the car to the other. The light then disappeared and the night retuned to normal. They decided to return to base and instantly realised something was hopelessly wrong as they were met by the Military Police. They had been absent without leave for 2 days! Yet they had just smoked a single cigarette! Something had happened, was it a time slip or an abduction? Whatever the truth is, the event took the two soldiers from an ordinary night into an extraordinary unexplained experience. 

Cursus barrows
North of Stonehenge and close to the Prime Meridian ley lie the Cursus Bronze Age round barrows. Consisting of layers of organic and inorganic material, as is Silbury Hill which lies at the heart of Avebury landscape, the Cursus barrows were more than just burial mounds. Crop circle researcher and photographer, Busty Taylor notes that the shape of a typical Bronze Age barrow is similar to a UFO. Mysterious white balls of light have been filmed leaving and entering the mounds. This area of the Stonehenge complex is hyper active, lights, inexplicable sounds, shadowy outlines of people and UFOs have all been observed and experienced making this area a supernatural hot spot. 

A universal energy
Some 20 years ago, my late father and I proposed that Silbury Hill was an orgone generator. In the 1940s and 1950s, the Australian born American Dr Wilhelm Reich experimented with a universal source of energy which he called ‘orgone’ and claimed it could be freely generated. His orgone accumulator consisted of a container filled with alternative layers of organic and inorganic materials. He demonstrated, publicly, the power of orgone and on one occasion he disintegrated clouds in a ‘cloudbusting’ exercise. He showed also how orgone could heal the physical body. Sadly, he was seen as a direct threat to power corporations and he was eventually jailed on trumped-up charges of peddling quack cures for cancer. Police raided his home and his manuscripts and research notes were destroyed. But in his orgone production was he simply replicating a 5000 year old Neolithic technology? 

Orgone energy
Silbury Hill and several other mound structures were in-filled with many alternate layers of organic and inorganic materials similar to Reich’s orgone generator. However, other energies are associated with Silbury Hill that may have played a part in orgone production. The Master Dowser Guy Underwood, whose geodetic system of earth energies we have thoroughly researched, discovered that Silbury Hill was sited above a vast source of underground water and numerous energy lines and underground streams converge and emerge from the site. Thus, Silbury Hill a regional power centre. Our studies reveal that although invisible to the naked eye, within and beneath the mound there is perpetual activity. Under the planet’s unrelenting bombardment by cosmic rays, the water’s molecules – the small nuclei – disintegrate, and in the process release fast-moving beta particles, slower moving alpha particles and ultra-high frequency gamma rays at the top end of the electromagnetic spectrum. So, at this location we have the in-filled mound with its alternate layering, standing above a reservoir of underground water generating negative ions, sub-atomic particles and gamma rays. Indeed most of the particles would never reach the surface but the negative ions and gamma rays would, creating a highly energetic cocktail at the regional geodetic power centre. If this energy was harnessed by the mound’s geometric shape, as we suggest it was, Silbury Hill was generating a continual source of geodetic energy charging the surrounding area with invisible power. 

I suggest that barrows and mounds acted as energy generators and leys were designed as energy carriers was an important component of the monumental building programme-creating a global WiFi network. To the best of my knowledge, the only scientific experiment involving ley lines proved that samples of mustard seeds left to geminate and grow upon a ley resulted in weak or stunted growth – the line’s energy appeared far too intense for healthy development. Control samples confirmed the results. To Chinese Feng Shui experts, this is an age-old reality, as straight lines produce Sha Chi, and should be avoided, as energy travels far too fast along a linear course. But as previously mentioned burial mounds have a distinctive shape that could provide documented evidence of UFOs interacting with the ceremonial landscape. 

Photo of a UFO which is similar to the Druid Barrow 

In the remote past, our ancestors may have met celestial visitors in the Wiltshire area. If Bronze Age barrows really do reflect the shape of a UFO, which was seen by our ancestors, and depicted in the landscape as a memorial of the event, then like archaeologists we can time the event. Round barrows were constructed from 2000 BC and unless there was an oral tradition of the incident, then this year stands out as a prime contender. Previously, no saucer shaped barrows adorned the landscape only the large Neolithic long barrows and these were closed down around 2500 BC and in filled with earth so that they were forever sealed. 

Further evidence 
Adding to the intrigue are odd artifacts which were found close to Stonehenge. One such item was found during the reign of King Henry VIII which has fascinated me for many years. A strange piece of metal covered with odd characters possibly symbols or hieroglyphs was found close to Stonehenge. Scholarly gentlemen could not firmly identify the metal and thought it may have been tin mixed with lead, but it could have been made from another metallic substance unknown to them. I have researched one interesting statement in relation to the artifact: ‘In the time of King Henrie the Eighth, there was found neere this place [Stonehenge] a table of metall, as it had been tin and lead commixt, inscribed with many letters, but in so strange a character, that [the] Schoole-master of Pauls, could read it, and therefore neglected it.’ 

Antiquarians thought it was made by the Druids containing the true history of Stonehenge, which at first glance is certainly a plausible explanation. But they argued over the metal, some said it was just lead others said just tin. Such a common metallic substances should have been easily recognized; yet it was not. Another antiquarian informs us: No doubt it was a memorial of the founders, wrote by the Druids, and it had been preserved till now, would have been an invaluable curiosity. However, the Druidic priesthood did not write anything down as there history and teachings were orally passed down and learnt by rote. It must be noted that prehistoric writing is especially rare and virtually non existent prehistoric Britain. 

During the Elizabethan period, the artifact disappeared from the London area and has never been seen since. Whatever the metal was made from remains elusive and the symbols which were not recognized by London’s top Latin scholars familiar with Greek and Egyptian symbols adds to the mystery. It may have been a piece of metal from an ET craft reminding us of the Roswell incident when a piece of metal was retrieved that contained strange symbols is well documented. 

Down to earth explanations are of equal worth but are unconvincing. Archaeologists state it was a Roman inscription written on lead, but it should have been identifiable as Roman lettering and numerals were known to the learned gentlemen of that era. It is tempting to think that Stonehenge and its Prime Meridian ley have attracted UFO craft for over 5000 years of human history, that a piece of galactic metal, long lost, was once revered by our distant ancestors as celestial proof of contact with the Star Gods. Time has moved on, and despite the passing millennia from ancestral to modern day, Stonehenge forever stalwart, still attracts UFOs and paranormal activity.