Healing Yin Water

For thousands of years wo/mankind has revered springs, intuitively understanding that the water contained healing properties and curative powers. Invariably, ancient power centres, such as Avebury Henge and Stonehenge were associated with springs. For instance, Swallowhead Springs, which lies close to Silbury Hill, is an integral part of the Avebury complex. At Stonehenge, the avenue is said to begin (or terminate) at the River Avon about 1.5 miles form the stone circle and is associated with two healing springs. Sacred sites and healing temples are also associated with underground water as well as surface water.

There are two types of water – two types of aquifers. There is Yang water and Yin water.

Rainwater falls from the sky and fills the water table and the aquifers which is a well-known fact. When this type of water is plentiful, it can be considered to be yang water, which emits a distinctive harmonic surface pattern which water diviners such as myself recognise and so can interpret the type of water that flows beneath the ground. 

It is well documented that an underground stream produces a harmonic surface pattern – a triad energy line (water line). Where two streams cross, (or sky water prevails), a cross and arch pattern occurs. This type of water is great to drink but not good to live above as it emits a high Hertz frequency and has always been considered inharmonious and called ‘geopathic stress’ – toxic earth energy. 

Dowsers have stated for many years that living above underground water is injurious to health. This is a fact. Living above Yang water is detrimental to our health. However, living above a different type of water is beneficial to our health and well-being. 

These two waters are recognised by their distinctive surface pattern that they emit. 

Dowsers such as my late father have always stated that the Earth can chemically produce water deep within her being which is independent of rainfall. This is sacred YIN water and invariably it is a large volume of underground water – like a lake. When this type of water naturally breaks through to the surface it is regarded as a sacred spring. Likewise, if bored the well is referred to as a Holy Well. Most sacred springs and holy wells are said to have curative properties. Geologists dispute the fact that the Earth produces its own water.

Recognising sacred water
Underground yin water often called primary water emits a powerful surface pattern called a geospiral. Geospirals have a distinctive spiral shape and should not be confused with a normal spiral pattern or labyrinth. 

The geospiral shape indicates that the water beneath is sacred, which is naturally produced by the Earth. 

Rainwater often flows deep underground. If too much rainwater flows into the underground rivers, a different pattern emerges, which is similar to the sky water. 

We are fluid, containing about 75% water and the geospiral pattern can help heal, and cleanse our inner body water. I have been studying this form of healing which I have pioneered for many years. The results are amazing. 

Geospirals are constantly rotating and their energy rises vertically out of the ground. They can be exceptionally large, covering a vast area, or they can appear as a very small pattern of just 3.5 coils and just a few metres in diameter. 

Cleansing the inner body water needs to be done at certain times of the lunar cycle when the geospiral patterns reverse its rotation. When this directional switch occurs you can release dis-ease, emotions and painful memories and re-programme your inner body water. Remember water has memory and your inner waters will hold onto emotions – the element of water in all occult systems is associated with the emotions. 

Often I have noted that memories from childhood or past lives surface during a body water cleansing session. 

After the healing session, you feel truly bathed, refreshed and emotional clean. 

Interestingly, sacred trees of the Druid tradition, such as the yew, apple, hazel and hawthorn, which are well known for their healing or magical properties, invariably grow above a geospiral. 

The Druids were renowned for their in-depth understanding of Nature, and no doubt, these ancient masters fully understood the esoteric significance of the geospiral pattern and integrated it into their rituals and ceremonies. 

To the Aborigines of Australia a decorative spiral pattern, very similar to the geospiral motif, signifies a well or an underground water source and is deemed a sacred location. 

Paul Devereux has reported that most manifestations of the Goddess, often appearing as Mother Mary, are intimately associated with water. For instance, the sudden appearance of the Holy Mother at Lourdes in 1858 guided Bernadette Soubirous to scrabble in the dirt. She ate the dry dirt until she was sick. Mystified the onlookers were amazed when she found mud and then a spring erupted from the ground. The rest, as they say, is history. 

The Lady In The Light appeared before some children in La Salette, France. She told the children information of local significance which proved correct. A spring emerged from the ground nearby which to this day is associated with healing properties. 

The Master Dowser, Guy Underwood, collected numerous stories from war veterans after WWII. Soldiers reported that if they suffered from rheumatic aches and pains sleeping next to a spring eased their pain and reports of a loved one appearing in a dream – usually a mother, wife, or girlfriend – who would tell them that they would soon return safely from the battle were common. Gaia manifest above surface spring or a blind spring. 

Weary battle-worn soldiers with acute aches and pains that slept where cows or sheep had previously laid, noted that upon waking their ailments had gone. Cows and horses rest, sleep and always give birth upon a geospiral. 

Sixteen sick children experienced a mass healing some two hundred years ago and when I dowsed the location it contained a small yet powerful and clean geospiral. 

Undoubtedly, the spiral pattern is a powerful healing energy from deep within the inner waters of the earth that can heal our own bodies. The geospiral energy is all-healing and imbues a location with healing power. Now share this vision with me, imagine that our hospitals, schools, care homes and many other constructs that involve healing or helping humanity are sited above the geospiral pattern. 

The way forward is to work with the Earth and not against her.

I hold workshops on healing with body water and finding healing space, email me for details.