Soul of Egypt

Earth Energy and Isis
Inspiration Tour 2022

Maria Wheatley will show you the earth energies and ley lines that were skillfully integrated into the ancient Egyptian monuments.

You will be guided on how to use the Isis Pendulum Healing Pendulum (optional) and how to attune it to the esoteric colors of the Sun (God Ra). By the end of the tour, your pendulum will be charged with the powerful energies of the Earth, the Sun, the pyramids and sacred places.

Maria will also be available for private readings and past life regressions. Together we will step in the past and discover the lost wisdom of the ancients.

DAY 1: Sept 14th 2022 – ARRIVAL, MEET and GREET

Welcome to the land of Pharaohs. Upon arrival, our friendly Soul of Egypt rep will be waiting to meet, greet and assist you throughout the airport procedures, and you will be transferred to the chosen hotel.

Meals: No meals / Overnight: Hotel in Cairo – Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel or similar.



Today, we will visit the Step Pyramids of Saqqara. This is one of the most extensive archaeological sites in all of Egypt. It was the cemetery for Memphis and the capital of ancient Egypt, yet it is still one of the least explored sites, despite the fact that so much has been found. We will explore The Step Pyramid of King Zoser and the healing ‘hospital’ area.

The seven chakra oils were believed to be found here and in the so-called Doctor’s tomb there was a depiction of reflexology being practised. This location has extraordinary healing geodetic energy patterns that assisted healing practices at Saqqara.

Nearby, is the truly remarkable Serapeum, where mysterious so-called giant coffins weighing up to a 100-tons each can be found in rows. What were they used for and why were they built remains a perplexing and unsolved mystery.

Meals: Breakfast / Overnight: Hotel in Cairo – Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel or similar.


This will be an unforgettable day, as we will have a private visit to The Great Sphinx, the guardian of the Pyramids, and we will feel the energy of the spirit of place. Then we will discover one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World, to touch them and to feel them – the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau. Our incredible Egyptian guide, Amro, is an encyclopedia of Egyptology, and he will give us a detailed examination of the various controversial theories surrounding these ancient structures. Amro will captivate us with his insights into ancient Egypt.

We will discover and interact with the earth energies associated with the Sphinx and attune the Isis pendulum to the in-poring color of Ra. At each temple we visit, we will attune the pendulum to the Spirit of Place and its esoteric solar color (optional).

But that is not all for today, we will have an exclusive private visit inside The Great Pyramid with a culminating initiation in the King’s chamber and an opportunity to lay in the ‘sarcophagus’. Here, we unite our life story with the story of those who have come before us and those who will come after, as we embrace the transformation that we have experienced.

Energetically, the Great Pyramid is unique as it is associated with two types of underground water – a very deep yin water aquifer that produces a massive spiral earth energy pattern – and a groundwater (rainfall) aquifer. Additionally, grid lines, ley lines and diverse earth currents, one of which is called a Genesis Line that contains both male and female energy – a hermaphrodite line – rises from beneath the pyramid-like a mighty cobra and flows across Egypt like the Nile.

Meals: Breakfast / Overnight: Hotel in Cairo – Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel or similar.


After breakfast, we will meet up for an interesting trip to the “Egyptian Museum” housing more than 160,000 pieces of antiquates. Our guide, Amro has exceptional knowledge and will guide us through the museum. The afternoon will be free at your disposal. There will be an evening flight to Luxor. Arrival and transfer to our chosen hotel in Luxor.

DAY 5: Sept 18th 2022 – EAST BANK IN LUXOR

We start our day with a visit to the breathtaking and stunning “Temples of Karnak”, considered to be the largest Temple in the World. The complex contains a group of temples, such as the Great Temple of Amon Ra, the Temple of Khonso, the Temple of Ptah, the temple of Montho and the Temple of the God Osiris. Impressive and protective, the 20m high mud-brick enclosure wall surrounded all of these structures.

On the same bank of the Nile is “Luxor Temple” and it is of gigantic scale — it once housed a village within its walls. It has several pylons (monumental gateways) that are some 70 yards long. The first pylon is over 70 feet high, fronted by massive statues and several obelisks. There are several open areas, once used for various forms of worship. Later additions include a shrine to Alexander the Great, a Roman sanctuary, and an Islamic shrine to a 13th-century holy man.

The Neutral Energy Points. Maria will show you a powerful energy point that clears the aura to prepare you for entry into sacred temple space. Clearing the aura allows us to enter the temple and not pollute it with our personal ‘baggage’, encouraging pure and divine energies to manifest.

The Luxor axis line has several powerful earth energy points that ‘pulse’, which can be likened to the chakra system and encourage the chakras to gently open, or for some it puts you in touch with your Soul’s Divine Purpose. Additionally, we will attune our Isis pendulums to Thoth Energy as well as investigating the elongated stone shaped skulls that adorn the temple.

After this unforgettable trip, we will take you back to your hotel to relax and refresh. The night will be free at your disposal to enjoy the hotel facilities.

Meals: Breakfast / Overnight: Hotel in Luxor – Sonesta Luxor Hotel or similar.


After breakfast, we will start with an early drive north from Luxor and travel to “Abydos Temple”, dedicated to Seti I, Osiris and Isis along with Ptah, Ptah-Sokar, Nefertem, ReHorakhty, Amun, and Horus, which is one of the major archaeological sites in that region. It was first constructed by Seti I and finished by his son, the great Ramesses II. In fact, this construct, which is built of fine white limestone is actually one of the most impressive religious structures in Egypt. It houses the famous so-called UFO and modern-day tank hieroglyphs that we will show you.

Egyptian earth energies are exceptionally powerful. Major ley lines in England, and some parts of Europe, are associated with a male and female earth current that entwine the ley line – like the symbol of the caduceus.

A German Master Dowser noted that some Celtic Germanic sites are associated with three earth currents. Maria discovered that some of the Egyptian temples, such as Abydos, are likewise associated with three earth currents that she has called the Isis, Osiris and Horus lines. We will locate these energy currents and discover their energetic signatures.

We will then take you to “Dendera Temple” or “Temple of Goddess Hathor”, this complex contains the Temple of Hathor, which is one of the best-preserved temples in all of Upper Egypt. The whole complex covers some 40,000 square meters and is surrounded by a protective mud-brick wall. The present building dates back to the times of the Ptolemaic dynasty and was completed by the Roman emperor Tiberius, but it rests on the foundations of earlier buildings dating back at least as far as Khufu (known as the Great Pyramid builder Cheops, the second Pharaoh of the 4th dynasty [c. 2613–c. 2494 BC]. However, it was the pharaoh Pepi I Meryre who built the temple that was once home to the celebrated Dendera zodiac, which is now displayed in the Louvre Museum in Paris. After exploring the temple, including the Chapel of Osiris that many pilgrims that we have taken to this sacred space have experience transformative or healing energy.  After which we will take you to the cruise dock where you will check-in for a magnificent four night’s trip sailing from Luxor to Aswan.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner / Overnight: On board Steigenberger Nile Cruise or similar.

DAY 7: Sept 20th 2022 – WEST BANK IN LUXOR

Today, we will get up early to avoid the noon heat of the West Bank, and we will journey to the Valley of the Kings with its numerous tombs and highly decorated chambers. Only fifteen tombs out of 63 are open for the public, and amongst them are those granted to Tutankhamun, Thutmose III, Ramesses I and Seti II.

Nearly a century ago, in the Valley of the Kings, French diviners noted that a special burial had the Karnak pendulum energy device placed over the heart and this began their journey to uncover the secrets of Egyptian dowsing. There is a lot of pictorial evidence for the three Egyptian pendulums throughout Egypt. The Valley of the Kings focuses on the Karnak device as it is displayed numerous times on the walls of the tombs; whereas the Tempe of Abydos focuses on the Isis Pendulum.

Next, we will visit the massive twin statues depicting the Pharaoh Amenhotep III widely known as the Colossi of Memnon, and the temple of Queen Hatshepsut where we can learn the tale of the divine birth of the first female king. After which, we will sail to Esna by noon.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner / Overnight: On board Steigenberger Nile Cruise or similar.

DAY 8: Sept 21st 2022 – SAIL TO EDFU – Kom Ombo

We will breakfast on board the boat and then explore the remarkably well-preserved Temple of Edfu dedicated to the falcon God Horus and after lunch, we set sail to the Double Temple of Kom Ombo.

The Temple of Edu is associated with the Isis healing color of Gold and Kom Ombo to the solar colors of red and orange. Depicted on one wall at Kom Ombo is a giant engraving of the Gods using the Karnack energy device to heal humans – from the point of the pendulum flows the symbol of life – the ankh. We will explore the powerful earth current associated with the axis line and look at the stone columns for the symbol of underground flowing water beneath and dowse a ley line that is associated with the entrance.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner / Overnight: On board Steigenberger Nile Cruise or similar.


An early sail brings us to Aswan, and a short sail across the river will bring us to the Agilkia Island, where the Philae Temples dedicated to the Goddess Isis is currently located. Originally, the temple was situated near the First Cataract of the Nile River; however, in 1902 when the construction of the Old Aswan Dam began, the area was flooded and the complex was relocated. You have a free night at your leisure and in the evening, you might like to go exploring Aswan’s famous markets.

At the amazing temple of Isis, we will attune the Isis pendulum to its feminine temple energies – the two become one. Your pendulum is now fully attuned to the colors of Ra and Sacred Temple Energy. It is now an extraordinary powerful healing pendulum device.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner / Overnight: On board Steigenberger Nile Cruise or similar.

DAY 10: Sept 23rd 2022 – FLY BACK TO CAIRO

After breakfast, we will transfer you to Aswan airport for the flight back to Cairo,

Meals: Breakfast – Overnight: Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel or similar.

DAY 11: Sept 24th 2022 – Over day Minya

After breakfast, we will travel to Minya to visit the forgotten city of Amarna and the remains of the capital city that was newly established and built by the Pharaoh Akhenaten of the late Eighteenth Dynasty, and it was abandoned shortly after his death. Amarna is the heart chakra of Egypt and as a final attunement, we will align ourselves with the Heart, Earth Energies and Inspiration of Egypt.

Maria has been researching the longheaded people of Stonehenge and Europe for many years. She has noted that the longheaded skulls of Egypt and Ancient Briton are almost identical. Especially, the depiction of the head of a princess from Amarna to the High Queen of Stonehenge. We will say a prayer for the ancient ones at this beautiful heart center.

Meals: Breakfast & Farewell dinner whole group – Overnight: Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel or similar.

DAY 12: Sept 25th 2022 – DEPARTURE

Breakfast and meet up with our friendly rep. for the transfer to Cairo International airport for the flight home.


“Itinerary might change due to unforeseen circumstances”


“Private visits will be confirmed only as per the available timings by Ministry of Antiquities”

“We might need to swap days, amend domestic flight ticket booking, change visits keeping the same included spots”


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  • 2 Nights in Cairo second stay at Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel or similar.
  • Daily breakfast, starting the second day
  • Daily lunch & dinner while on board cruise
  • Farewell dinner
  • Entrance fees to all mentioned sightseeing
  • Private visit at Sphinx
  • Private visit at Giza Great Pyramid- Khufu
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  • Private English-speaking – Egyptologist tour guide throughout
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This trip of a lifetime costs just $4950 and the single supplement is $1185.


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