Geomancy Cards

by Maria Wheatley
and illustrated by Fiona Hughes and Robert Marron. First Edition

Geomancy cards can be used like oracle cards that they put you in direct contact with the Earth Mother, Gaia and you can use the symbols to make amulets and for healing the home.

The deck comes with an environmentally friendly PDF booklet explaining the meaning of the cards, spreads and how they can be used to heal your home.

Maria teaches Geomancy Card Reading and House Clearing
Earth Divination Course – Group Courses

Earth divination or geomancy is an ancient divination system. Millennia ago, in times of uncertainty, to seek advice and to predict the future, a priestess or priest would throw precious seeds upon the Earth. The position and pattern they fell in were intuitively interpreted. Undoubtedly, the seeds represented the Earth Mother’s fertility and questions concerning the approaching harvest would be eagerly sought.

Communicating with the Earth was paramount, predicting the effect of her seasons were essential for a plentiful harvest, or to forecast the forthcoming influences of a cold, bleak winter. Earth divination created a bridge connecting the priestess or priest to Gaia, and it was considered a sacred way of divining.

Deeply connected to the Earth and living closely with Nature, our distant ancestors created sixteen geomantic symbols to personify Gaia’s many expressions. For instance, one geomancy symbol represents joy, summer and abundance and another symbol represents loss and autumn, a time when the trees shed their leaves. These ancient symbols became the voice of Gaia; they contain earthly wisdom and can offer excellent advice.

Today, we can revisit this timeless divination system in the form of sixteen beautifully illustrated cards. Staying with tradition, we have used the age-old geomantic symbols that represent Gaia’s many moods, alongside their 15th Century Latin names. When you consult the cards, you are speaking directly to your Earth Mother. The Earth is a living being and she is over four billion years old. Her immense age and deep understanding of the cycles of time can impart incredible wisdom to us. The sixteen geomancy cards can guide you to make the right decision or they can simply give sound spiritual and motherly advice. The Geomancy cards can show you the past, present and future and they give accurate readings.

Unlike other divination systems, the geomancy symbols can also be used to heal our homes, clearing it of unwanted energy and they can help us to heal our emotions and to manifest our goals and visions. They are truly magical.

For a limited period only, the First Edition Deck is £18.00 included postage and packaging.

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