Avebury – Sun, Moon and Earth Energies – Second Edition

by Maria Wheatley & Busty Taylor. Foreword by the late Hamish Miller.

Avebury henge contains the largest stone circle in the world and stands amid a vast ceremonial landscape that contains Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe. We explore the archaeology, history and mysticism of the Avebury henge and show how earth energies are associated with deep and pure water which was incorporated into the site bestowing it with unseen energy which dictated the shape of stone circles and temple complexes worldwide. 

We look at ley lines and earth energies that were discovered by the late Hamish Miller (who forwarded the book) and Paul Broadhurst and we reveal, for the first time, the electromagnetic frequencies of the Mary current – proving its existence by the graph produced by Rodney Hales’ equipment. 

We also show startling evidence that shows how the standing stones convert earth energy into an aerial form of overland power – like a vast WiFi network – and they do so by producing Bands of Energy, which Maria clearly demonstrates in all her dowsing workshops and tours and is especially proud of this discovery. 

We discovered a long lost solar alignment at Avebury Henge that is associated with the Devil’s Chair and it went by unnoticed until we calculated its presence in the megalithic temple. Sunlight and dark shadow lines cast by the stones created a gigantic solar calendar that has breathtaking beauty.

Turning our attention to monuments that are far older than Avebury Henge, such as Windmill Hill’s causewayed enclosure, we show you our latest discoveries and how the causewayed gaps framed the sunrises at the festival dates. When the site was reused in the Bronze Age c2500 – 750 BC, we noticed a poetic alignment incorporated into the Bronze Age round barrows that still can be seen today and we encourage you to relive the magic of the past, by seeing for yourself these wondrous alignments. 

This book takes you from the ordinary into the extraordinary realm of our distant ancestors who were prehistoric engineers and physicists.

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