Templar Tours

The Templar keys – unlocking ancient wisdom from medieval churches and cathedrals

OCTOBER 11th 2014 The Templar Tour

Meet at The Henge Shop – 10.30am – 3.30pm

The knowledge of earth energies was handed down by the prehistoric priesthood to the Knights Templar, the Masonic Brotherhood and other mystery schools. 

The late Dennis Wheatley was shown by a European Master Dowser that within certain churches there are often several power points known by initiates as ‘ritual keys’. The ‘keys’ were used to expand spiritual knowledge and to connect to God via the perpetual power of Nature. Several rituals were developed for such purposes. Even the weaponry of the Templar’s was ‘blessed’ and ’empowered’ by the Earth Force in secret rituals unknown to the clergy. 

In the Avebury region there are several churches which are power places designed by the initiates of the Mystery Schools. This knowledge was kept alive even in Victorian times.

Discover and decode the past and experience first-hand the hidden power within our holy churches.


:: Find the hidden power points
:: Experience auric expansion
:: Discover the yin entrances
:: And the yang entrances
:: Locate the ‘geo-cross’
:: Discover the hidden lay-out

Let me present you with the evidence so that you can decide the truth
To make a booking email or phone 01672 511427 only £60 per person, tour takes approximately 4 hours.