Stonehenge’s Ancient Landscape

Stonehenge’s Ancient landscape. Full Day Tour.

Maria is happy to discuss transportation options with you. The tour does not include lunch. Throughout the tour, you will be shown how to dowse and locate hidden energies. 

Private Tours start from £150. Please email Maria at for more details or telephone 44 (0)1672 511427 to discuss your requirements.

The Stonehenge landscape is magnificent. If I can arrange private access which is always either first thing in the morning, or in the evening, I will do so as this is subject to availability. If private access is available, an additional £65 per person will be necessary to cover entrance costs. 

Stonehenge’s Ancient landscape

Maria will describe how Stonehenge stands at a critical astronomical point and how one ley line that courses through the site acts like a Prime Meridian line dividing the world into 12 sections that are associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac. Intriguingly, the Taurean Mountains fall on the Taurus energy line and the Ring of Fire is associated with the fiery sign of Leo the Lion. The ancient Druids spoke of 12 lines that encircle the globe and Maria thinks she had found them.

We will walk the ancient landscape and visit the nearby Cursus barrows and discover who the people of Stonehenge were as well as well as energy dowsing ley lines along the avenue and energy circles close to the barrows.

The Cursus Barrows

The High Queen of Stonehenge

Maria Wheatley discovered a long lost secret of Stonehenge. The largest long barrow ever constructed in Neolithic England lies not far from Stonehenge. The barrow was raised for a long skulled Queen and Maria tracked her down to one of the UKs top universities. We will visit her long barrow if access if permitted as it lies on MoD land. We will also visit nearby long barrows that housed long skulled males.

After lunch we will visit Woodhenge and Durrington Walls. Woodhenge was once a vast timber complex consisting of two other timber circles that have long vanished. Also within Durrington Walls there were further timber circle structures and temple spaces.

We will dowse for circular energies that dictated the size and location of Woodhenge as well as paying our respect to the small child that was buried in a flint grave at the centre of the monument. She is the Guardian of the Site.

Woodhenge and the Flint Grave

According to the Master Dowser, Guy Underwood, who surveyed the site in the 1940s, there was once a rectangular structure that he described as a temple space. Decades later, archaeologists discovered numerous rectangular building nearby! We wills stand it the location and sense the past as we dowse the outline of the former building.

Optional extras:

A one-hour talk with Busty Taylor on crop circles.

Busty was the first crop circle pilot to take photographs of the crop circles. Whilst he states that there are numerous hoaxes in the fields today, his own journey discovered that some crop circles were genuine. In 1987 he was amazed to find long rapeseed stalks within a crop circle had been bent by 90 degrees forming a right angle and the stalks still remain like that today. Rapeseed stalks outside of the crop circle remained straight and ‘normal’. He will permit you to view the stalks and discuss the implications of this incredible find. Some crop circles include certain earth energies that dictated their position. These crop circles held an ‘energetic numerical space’ that acts like a portal, which the ancient Chinese geomants described as a numerical grid will fascinate you.


Readings with Maria Wheatley

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