Past Life Regression

I have been giving past life regression sessions since 1996 and I was the late Dolores Canon’s tour guide.

Regression is a healing tool that can offer insight into the lives that we lived before this one. Regression can reveal who we were, the traits that we have inherited and it can answer questions like why I was involved with that person. Why do I feel so insecure, Why do I always feel alone? Why do I feel drawn to Egypt? Past life therapy can also offer healing by identifying areas of the body that have been effected by past life trauma.

Maria gently relaxes you so that you feel comfortable and able to connect to the Higher Self and so begin the journey towards regression.

Regression is the key to knowing aspects of our spiritual heritage and to understand ourselves on a deep and joyous soul level.

Regression sessions can last up to 2.5-3 hours

Past Life Regression – £135