Malta 2023 – Earth, Moon and Temple Tour

This budget tour begins in Malta on October 16th, 2023 to explore and interact with Malta’s incredible earth energies. The tour ends on the 21st and I will be leaving Malta on the 22nd

We are going on a journey to visit and interact with Malta’s finest sacred sites. We will experience earth energies, feel how the Moon influences them, and explore the Land of the Goddess and the Secrets of the Knights Templar.

PLEASE NOTE: This budget tour requires you to book and pay for your own hotel accommodation, food, drink, flight and entry ticket (one ticket) to all of the sites—a link is provided for you to obtain a multi-pass ticket. The tour provides you with expert guidance to all of the sites and transportation including the ferry to Gozo.

This tour is limited to 13 people only.


We are looking at staying at Europa Hotel in Slimea (yet to be finalized approximately 50 Euro per night if booked in advance), or book Air B and B room/apartment. There are quite a few hotels nearby such as Hotel Roma, so plenty to choose from. Pick up point each day for the tour will be the lobby of Hotel Europa or as emailed if the hotel changes. Tour day starts at 9.45 am most days and ends around 4 pm.



Day 1: Monday, 16th October

We will meet in the lobby of Hotel Europa or allocated hotel at 6 pm to meet each other and go out for a relaxing welcome dinner. We can get to know one another and I will discuss the sites that we will be visiting. We will be staying in Slimea, which has many restaurants and shops. There is a GF and vegan restaurant in Slimea.

Day 2: Tuesday, 17th October – Exploring the sacred megalithic temples of Mnajdra and Hagar Qim. The sacred Tree of Life and Vortex Earth Energies

9.45 AM: We will meet in the lobby of the hotel and be driven to the temple of Hagar Qim (ha-jah-een). Located on a hilltop overlooking the sea, this sacred temple is one of the best-preserved temples in Malta.

The rich honey coloured limestone and decorated stonework, which I suggest is for sound-energy encodement is truly inspiring. Dated to c3600-3200 BC, I suggest that the long skulled priestess-hood, astronomers and geomancers, constructed Hagar Qim.  The brilliant archaeologist, Mariija Gimbutas, suggests that these inner temples are womb spaces of the Great Goddess and interestingly, the energy patterns and lines are invariably feminine but relate to a masculine yang line can be seen as a phallic energy, a fertility line of potent force—energy that we can work with to change our lives.

Encoded into the artwork is the key to the living and flowing earth energy pattern that sets the metaphysical foundation of the site, representing the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life and I will show you over 60 years of dowsing research into this incredible symbolic geo-glyph.


Mnajdra (mna-ee-dra) Temple of the Goddess touched by the Sun

After a relaxing picnic lunch, we will visit the wonderful temple of Mnajdra. 

Walking around this site which has upper and lower floors stirs the emotions. Mnajdra consists of three conjoined temples which overlook an oval forecourt. This sacred power place has unique earth energies known as an Earth Vortex Energy that a European Master Dowser taught me how to recognise and interpret.

Some years ago, I discovered that within this temple there is a powerful ‘involution-vortex’. The spiritual meaning of involution is the inner evolution of the heart, mind and soul. Involution can help us to gain awareness and self-mastery through inner growth which makes this an extraordinary Spiritual Temple.

On site, there is a museum with a film show and books on the site can be obtained here.

Pitted marks adorn the temples

Day 3: 18th October – The Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum. Subject to availability. And the Archaeological Museum in Valletta.

Elongated skulls were found here which was described in the National Geographical Magazine May 1920, yet denied by the museum! The Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum is an underground prehistoric temple, which archaeologists interpret as an elaborate burial site. Discovered in 1902 during construction works, this extraordinary living temple has been dated to around 4000 BC, the temple was used until c2500 BC. The earth energies are similar to those found in other underground temples such as Mine Howe, Orkney, Scotland.

We will enjoy a relaxing lunch in the beautiful capital city of Valletta.

After lunch we will explore the Archaeological Museum in Valletta

The museum houses the original stonework of some of Malta’s temples, goddess statues and artefacts. It is well worth spending some time walking around and you will also see the ionic Sleeping Goddess.

Day 4: October 19th – Skorba and the Ta Hagrat temples

Skorba temple contains the megalithic vestiges on the northern edge of Zebbieg, which gives an insight into the earliest periods of Malta’s prehistoric culture. You will see megalithic uprights one of which is 11 ft (3 m) tall making it appear like a guardian stone. We will dowse and feel AERIAL energy that is amazing and discover how loose ley energy can be recognised and healed.  (One of my late father’s dowsing legacy’s, which occurs when temples are destroyed, to the detriment of those that live nearby).


 Ta Hagrat temple in Mgarr

The larger Ta Hagrat temple is truly powerful. Dated to 3600-3200 BC, this site is unique as we can mediate, touch and feel the stones, making this a memorable experience. We will dowse for a powerful form of energy called a MAZE earth energy pattern that ‘guards’ the holy energy of the site from unwanted metaphysical intrusion.

Also, akin to the Hindu and Chinese temples, the entrance megaliths are sited on an energy current/pattern which can create an Energy-arch that was discovered by a European Master Dowser. This occurs at other sites such as Stonehenge and Karnak.


Day 5: 20th October – The Enchanting Island of Gozo and Moon Magick

At the allocated time given by the driver that may be earlier than 9.45 am, we will get the ferry from the north of Malta to the island of Gozo. Gozo is welcoming and relaxing and is unspoilt by modern day high-rise hotels and modern shopping malls. It is adorable.

Ggantija Sacred Temples, Holy Land.

We will visit the Ggantija Temple which is one of the most important archaeological sites in Malta. Ggantija dates back to the ‘Ggantija phase’ of 3600-3200 BC. John Otto Bayer was the first to excavate the temples in 1827.

Moon Magic: Today is a sacred day in terms of earth energy as six days after a New Moon a geospiral energy pattern changes its rotation and is especially strong and we will experience this. An alchemic day for bringing in the new and letting go of the old. Or transforming energy from one state into another: from lead into gold…

After lunch we will visit one of Gozo’s magnificent churches and have some free time before returning to Malta by ferry.

Day 6:  21st October – Tarxien Temple Malta and the Mysterious Cart Ruts

Tarxien Temple takes your breath away. The soft honey coloured limestone is richly decorated with spiral patterns and animal figures. You will see the bull motif which is a feminine symbol associated with the Astrological Age of Taurus; the era when the temples were used.

Once a giant statue of the goddess watched over you as you walked into the temple.

We will explore the megalithic encodement of male and female energy and I will show you how the ancients locked in female energy to the statue as discovered by Master Dowsers that was revealed to me. By doing so, I discovered here that the goddess/feminine energy is ever-

Everywhere you look, you will see beauty and the remains of an artistically minded civilisation.


Cart Ruts—one of my favourite places to visit!

We will explore one of Malta’s most enigmatic mysteries—Cart Ruts/Tracks

Cart tracks are said to be ancient track ways in Malta or simple cart ruts in the rock.

There are numerous examples throughout the island and indeed the world.
The most popular area in Malta for them is ‘Clapham Junction’ (Misrah Ghar il-Kbir) due to the vast amount of trackways going in many directions like a crazy spaghetti junction.

We will walk the lines of Clapham Junction! If they were created and used by some form of vehicle then how did they move along some of these when the pairs of ruts are nearly a meter deep? And why are some in the shape of a triangle? Why are some not parallel for the cart wheels? This unexplained mystery will baffle you!

Also, adding intrigue to our enquiry some the Cart Ruts on the islands of Malta lead straight off high cliffs and isolated headlands. Stranger still, some of them lead into the sea and on the seabed floor.

Nearby there are some caves and tombs which can be visited (optional).

Day 7: 22nd October – book your return flight or choose to stay in Malta are your options. I will be flying out on this day.

Deposit £200 – NON-REFUNDABLE

Final instalment £650

Pay in Full £850


Expert guidance by Maria Wheatley

All transportation to the sites from Hotel Europa or selected location in Slimea. You must meet me at the allocated venue at the correct time. This will be in Slimea. We do not wait around for late comers.

Dowsing tuition and interaction with earth energies.

Maria will teach you dowsing of powerful and highly unusual earth energies and aura colour dowsing

Ferry costs to Gozo.


YOU WILL NEED TO BUY YOUR OWN MULTIPASS access to the temples, please see the link below.

Entrance fees to the sites. You need to buy a multipass for all the sites (except the Hypogeum) can be bought for 50 Euros and you will need this pass for the Skorba temples and the Ta Hagrat temples as they cannot be bought on site. When I have the correct number of people I will buy the Hypogeum tickets, subject to availability, and you will need to pay me for your ticket.  If there is NO availability then we will visit St John’s Co-cathedral and explore the Secrets of the Templars and how they laid out churches.


Your deposit is non-refundable as it secures your place.

You need to bring walking shoes and wear sensible clothes.

Temperature in October is approximately 25º Celsius (77 Fahrenheit)

Most people speak English in Malta.

The style of electrical plug is UK standard.

The currency is Euro.

You will need a pendulum and a dowsing rod. These are not provided.

The tour itinerary may be subject to change.

You must have your own travel insurance. Give next of kin your hotel details.

You are responsible for your own medication and health/food issues/concerns, for example food allergies, diabetes or any health aliment.

I am not liable for any health issues or accidents. You join me at your own risk.



Soul Star Past Life Astrological reading £60 on the island at a chosen sacred site. I will need your date, time and place of birth prior to the visit.

Past life regression sessions 2 hours £250 in the early afternoons only 4-6 pm.

Tarot readings £60