Earth Wisdom

Dowsing and working with Gaia’s Healing Earth Energies

This certified course consists of six one-hour group on line classes, or one-hour 1-2-1 Skype classes. The course comes with PDF material when the course is completed. All students can record the class for their personal use only. The video recording is non transferable and subject to strict copyright.

This course will take you step by step towards becoming an expert dowser.


Maria Wheatley is a second-generation dowser and the UK’s leading authority on earth energies and ley lines. Maria’s dowsing course Earth Wisdom: Dowsing and working with Gaia’s Energies is fascinating and teaches you to experience, understand and work with earth energies. You will be shown how to dowse and locate many diverse forms of ley lines and earth energies and also how certain earth energies are healing. This powerful healing energy can be transferred to others to assist the healing process.

Working with Gaia’s Inner Waters: Discover how to work with Gaia’s deep and pure underground Yin waters that emit a geospiral energy pattern, and how to cleanse and rejuvenate your own body water. Water has memory, and regular body water cleansing can release old memories, emotional pain and thought forms that can cause blockages. Working with the feminine elements of Earth and Water puts you in direct contact with the Earth Mother. This captivating course empowers you to find healing energies within your own locality and to rediscover the lost wisdom of our ancestors.

Negating Geopathic Stress

Negative forms of earth energy silently emit toxic energy called ‘geopathic stress’ which can influence our homes and cause health issues. During 1988 to 1995, a German medical team conducted a seven-year study of geopathic stress, which involved 8,200 patients; they measured the ability of patients to recover from chronic illness, regardless of the type of conventional or holistic therapy they received.  Part of the study consisted of exposing 34% of patients to significant levels of geopathic stress. The study showed, categorically, that when a person was taken away from the geopathic stress zone, their capacity to heal was greatly improved. Learn to recognise and locate geopathic stress zones to keep your clients and loved ones healthy and safe.

We will also explore how to make powerful earth energy essences to help the body heal itself with the loving power of Gaia.

Living in harmony with Gaia, and understanding her energies, is to be at One with the Earth Goddess and Nature. Learn to find healing energies anywhere on Earth.

For the course you will need: A pair of L-rods and a pendulum

Full course – £450

One lesson only – £85