Egyptian Pendulum Dowsing – 1-2-1 Tuition

 This 1-2-1 Skype course is for beginners as well as experienced dowsers and I will take you step by step towards becoming an expert dowser. I was personally taught by Master Dowsers and understand the merits, as well as the pitfalls, of Egyptian Energy Pendulum Dowsing, and will share my experience and knowledge with you.

Egyptian Pendulum Dowsing. Dowsing With A Difference.

This fascinating 1-2-1 Egyptian Dowsing Skype Course consists of a 5-part course of one-hour classes. Personal tuition is the best form of teaching. I can ascertain your dowsing issues and encourage you to develop at your own personal pace.  I can also identify the sections of the course where you excel and really bring you on so that you become an exceptional Adept Dowser.

Course requirements

For the course you will need: the brass or wood Isis 4 or 6 celled pendulum and the brass or wood Karnak pendulum as well as a standard pendulum, which can be made of anything.  Prior to the course, you will be supplied, via email, with two dowsing aids..

You will learn:

  • The history of Egyptian dowsing devices
  • How to use the Isis and the Karnak pendulums
  • How to use the dowsing aids
  • Understand the metaphysical colours of the Sun and Earth
  • Understand the healing colours of temple spaces
  • Create the healing colours of temple spaces
  • Colour heal and restore balance to people, places, water and food stuffs
  • Decode the invisible colours of the land, temples and constructs

Lesson 1 Introducing Egyptian pendulum dowsing

During this lesson, we will look at the various different forms of Egyptian pendulums: the Isis 4 and 6 cell pendulums, and the Karnak pendulum. We will explore the fascinating history of these energy devices and their origins in ancient Egypt. We will also look at the metaphysical properties of the light spectrum emitted by the Sun and how certain frequencies are mirrored using the Egyptian pendulums.

There are several exercises one must do to prepare oneself for using the pendulum. Egypt was a land of ritual and by applying simple techniques, we can begin to harmonise with the Sun (seen as the great god Ra in Egypt).

Lesson 2 – 5 Working with Isis Energy

We will begin to work with the Isis pendulum, the Colours of the Sun, and how the Isis pendulum can be programmed to synchronize with the energy of the Sun. Different times of the day emit various different colours and we can maximise our understanding of the Sun/pendulum energy.

We will do some practical dowsing exercises that allow us to use the dowsing aid and how it can enhance Isis pendulum dowsing.

Creating a healing space with the Egyptian pendulum devices.

Sacred sites and temples emit a particular sequence of colours. Using the Isis pendulum device we can work with the colours to create a harmonic healing location, is one of the first step towards using the pendulum, as a healing device.

The Isis pendulum can react to programming colour frequencies and we will explore the two-main frequencies of colour emissions, one is vertical, the other is horizontal and in an instant, we will learn to identify  such emissions and how to restore balance if the main frequency is injurious.

Colour replacement and clearing

Everything can be seen a light-energy. The earth, earth energies, ley and grid lines all emit and interact with the light of the Sun and Gaia’s light energy. Imagine that you can see the colours of the Earth ascending upwards and the colours of the Sun descending downwards. You will be shown how to colour dowse the land as well as the aura and how to rebalance particular frequencies to allow the land or the body to self heal.

Temple Constructs

We will look at the energy of the Karnak pendulum and how certain shapes can emit light-colour energies.

Working with the Healing Rays of Earth and Sun

 We will look closely at how we can colour enhance, water and food to attain better health and balance in our lives.