6th – 12th October – Ancient America: The Earth Energy Perspective.

New England Tour with Maria Wheatley and the gifted artist and psychic Hilary Raimo.

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From ‘America’s Stonehenge’ to the amazing Gungywamp megalithic complex, America has some extraordinary megalithic power places. Connected by a long lost Celtic heritage and earth energy design traditions, American sacred sites are similar to those found at Stonehenge and in Ireland.

At the ancient sites will interact with many diverse forms of earth energies such as deep yin water, earth voltages, megalithic energy, ley lines and the earth currents that can entwine them; as well as grid lines and healing forms of earth energy.

Together, we will explore America’s long forgotten spiritual heritage embodied in the stone chambers and sacred sites that adorn the landscape. We locate the geodetic system of earth energies that unite the temples of the world… More details about this tour will soon follow. This is a once in a lifetime tour of American sacred sites with the UKs leading authority on geodetic earth energies.

Sacred chamber of Gungywamp

I cannot wait to dowse and decode some of the USA’s most powerful sacred sites with you. For example, at Gungywamp Chamber 1 there is an amazing tall rectangular stone chamber, which is perfectly set by a 3.5 coiled geospiral that emits electromagnetic energy. The geospiral is the harmonic surface pattern of deep underground ‘yin’ water. It is also the symbol of the base chakra depicted as a 3.5 coiled ‘serpent’. Other chambers of the complex appear to be aligned on deep water that may represent specific charkas needs to be firmly established. This design canon is also found in Carrowkeel Ireland. At the equinoxes as the sunsets, the golden light is beamed down the light shaft bathing the chamber in soft and golden light.

We will also visit Putnam Temple Space in New York as we journey across the ceremonial landscape and to America’s Stonehenge. Other sites and full tour details to be announced soon. If you are interested and would like to reserve your space contact mariawheatley@aol.com

The Putnam Temple

America’s Stonehenge Megalithic Complex

Healing Our Homes

During our Ancient America tour, we will learn how to dowse the healing Earth Energies emitted by Gaia; and also the toxic grid zones (known as geopathic stress zones) that release harmful earth rays that are injurious to our health and how to negate them.

Living in harmony with Gaia

Geopathic stress zones have been deeply researched over the past fifty years. Leading pioneers were K. Bachler, Dr Manfred Curry and Dr Ernst Hartmann. Funded by the Salzberg education authority, K. Bachler researched the link between geopathic stress zones and disease. In a Herculean task, she documented 11,200 case histories from 3,000 homes in 14 countries. She referred to houses located over geopathic stress zones as ‘cancer houses’ due to the abnormally high incidence of the disease-inducing influences in these homes over several generations of families.

You will be shown how to negate geopathic stress in your home to ensure that you and your family live in harmony with the Earth.

Earth Energy Transference

Gaia’s powerful earth energies can assist healing and Maria will show you how to work with the harmonic energies to heal one another. If you are interested in attending please email: mariawheatley@aol.com