Famous Dowsers include Emperor Yu 2205-2197 BC, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo DaVinci and Einstein. 

Ancient cultures worldwide recognised the many diverse forms of earth energy that interlace the planet. During this workshop, Maria will show you how to use dowsing rods or a pendulum to locate powerful earth energies anywhere on the planet that are conducive to good health, and earth energies that are injurious to human, animal and plant health. We will also explore ways of working with earth energy for healing and reconnecting to the Sun and to Mother Nature – the Male and Female.

You will be shown how to dowse and interact with:

Geospiral energy – a spiral pattern created by very deep yin water, which is water that is chemically produced in the Earth and independent of rainfall.

Geospirals were first discovered around 80 years ago by a Master Dowser and Maria inherited all of his papers and surveys of the sacred sites and earth energies that he studied. Maria will share with you the knowledge of this Master Geomancer.

Earth currents and Dragon lines – how to locate yin, yang and neutral earth currents in the land. Maria was trained in dowsing by her late father, a European Master Dowser and Chinese geomants. Wisdom of the earth’s powerful dragon lines was first written about by the Chinese Emperor Yu (shown right) who was a famous dowser that located underground water, metals, hidden objects, and for improving earth fertility (later taken over by Secret Societies).

Ley lines – how to locate them in your area and become Guardians of them.

Habitation or branch Spirals – the prehistoric architects of sacred sites worldwide, the Druids, Templars and Secret Societies looked for a particular earth energy pattern to live above as they promote good health. You will be shown how to locate and interact with this energy that promotes strength, health and well-being.

Locating and healing geopathic stress zones – protecting your loved ones

The Water Line – Yang water (rainwater that fills up underground streams and aquifers) creates a distinctive dowsing pattern called the Stream Band. Long-term exposure is toxic to the human body and can cause chronic illness. It is very important not to be exposed to this energy.

The Curry Net – discovered by Dr Manfred Curry in the 1950s and it occurs every 3.5 metres across the globe, is especially toxic to human health, and can affect a child’s development.

Esmog has been detected to flow along grid lines.


You can pay for all the hospital treatments or holistic treatments to assist healing but if you return to a location of the Curry or Benker grid, your body will be exceptionally slow to self-heal. Read below the results.

Medical studies have shown that living upon sections of the Hartmann, Curry or Benker grids can be injurious to health; as the lines produce geopathic stress zones as do negative ley lines and underground water. During 1988 to 1995, a German medical team conducted a seven-year study of geopathic stress, which involved 8,200 patients; they measured the ability of patients to recover from chronic illness, regardless of the type of conventional or holistic therapy they received.  Part of the study consisted of exposing 34% of patients to significant levels of geopathic stress. The study showed categorically that when a person was taken away from the geopathic stress zone, their capacity to heal was greatly improved.

Geo-signatures and Geo-healing

Maria will encourage you to identify particular earth energies by attuning your body to them. She will also show you how to attune to earth energy patterns for healing purposes.

Sacred Days

In the ancient prehistoric Druid solar calendar, there are eight powerful days of the year when the veil between this world and the next is thin. On these days, certain earth energies are all-powerful. Maria will explore traditional ways of working with the Sun and the Earth, the male and the female.

You will need to bring your own dowsing instruments.