Radiation levels, time-slips and manifestations at ancient sites

Expert astronomers, geomancers, advanced engineers alongside prehistoric physicists designed and constructed ancient sites, which incorporated high levels of radiation is evident. This scientific awareness spanned four thousand years of prehistory as ancient sites testify. 

Megalithic centres of the ancient world, which include Avebury Henge, Stonehenge, the King’s chamber and certain Iron Age Druidic fogous’ (deep underground megalithic chambers), were sited on locations that emit higher than average radiation levels. Associated with strange manifestations and time-slips, the unusual radiation levels defy explanation and take us out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary realms of our ancestors. 

Prior to my investigations The Dragon Project Trust was formed in the 1970s to analyse energetic anomalies at ancient sites. The founding directors were Paul Devereux and John Steel, and the team comprised scientists, electronic engineers, psychics and dowsers to investigate and to physically monitor the sites with scientific instruments to measure levels of magnetic and radioactive radiations. 

One intriguing anomaly was noted in 1979 at the Rollright stone circle, Oxfordshire. Infrared photographs of the outlying King Stone showed an apparent hazy glow around the crest of the standing stone. Professional analysis of the photograph was unable to provide a logical explanation. In the following year, another infrared photograph showed the image of a cloud formation hovering around 4.5 metres (15 feet) above the ground between the King Stone and the stone circle. 

The King Stone

Over prolonged periods of monitoring for other anomalies, the researchers noted other curious phenomena which were recurring, such as sounds from the stones and the ground around them; soft but subtle light effects; strange happenings such as the malfunctioning of quartz wristwatches and alarm clocks used in the researches. Added to this was the bizarre behaviour of animals at the site such as their refusal to go near some megaliths at certain times whilst being quite content to be near them at other times. 

The team took radiation readings at various sites as well as exploring lunar activity and its influence upon the radiation levels and megaliths. Overall, the Dragon Project found that levels of radioactivity within certain stone circles tend to be lower than the surrounding areas. As Avebury wasn’t included in their studies, Rodney Hale, David Webb, Busty Taylor and myself conducted a series of tests to investigate the background ionising radiation levels at selected locations within the Avebury Henge complex.

Energy investigations at Avebury

The Southern Portal Stones- the gateway to the Avebury stone circles 

Rodney Hale was one of the original members of the Dragon Project and developed some of the instruments used in their researches. I was delighted that he could join us. Using a recording Geiger counter we selected an area close to Avebury’s Obelisk marker stone, which marks the near centre of the southern inner circle. The area was monitored for 20 minutes, followed by 20 minutes at a point some 3 metres to the south. The readings were analysed by Rodney using the statistical ‘T-test’ to determine if there were any significant differences between the readings taken at the two locations. The expression ‘significant’ is commonly used when there is a probability of 95% or more that the difference really exists. However, no significant difference was detected at the Obelisk marker stone. 

The next location was a central position near the North West end of the West Kennet Stone Avenue, which was monitored for 18 minutes, followed by 18 minutes outside of the avenue. The mean count within the avenue was 68.3 and outside it was 70.1, which does not calculate any difference but did register changes that we followed up. 

Energy investigations at Avebury
I suggested that we go to the Sanctuary on Overton Hill. According to the antiquarian, Dr. William Stukeley, the Sanctuary was the ‘Head of Avebury’s Serpent Temple’. The centre of the monument was chosen as it was sited above the crossing point of two earth currents, a geospiral and numerous fissure systems radiate from the centre making the location a geodetic hot-spot. 

The Sanctuary – the stones were removed in 18th century. Today concrete markers depict their former positions and also the location of large timber posts. 

It was monitored for 20 minutes, then 20 minutes outside of the site, and finally a further 15 minutes at the centre. When the readings were analysed by Rodney the results were startling as the levels of radiation were significantly higher at the centre than outside of the stone circle. Statistically there was a probability of about 98% that there was a real difference. Plotting the counts per minute at the Sanctuary showed an interesting effect seen clearly on the graph. 

Radiation levels at the Sanctuary 

Interestingly, this was the opposite result to the Dragon Project’s findings, which noted lower radiation within stone circles. Here we discovered something new and completely different. 

Researchers have noted that natural radiation levels at ancient sites can produce strange and mysterious effects, such as flickering lights and even mirages have been reported. Mysterious lights are still being seen at the Sanctuary and one person told me that he saw a small flickering light emerge from the centre of the monument, which darted around for a while before suddenly disappearing. 

The Rollright Ring

The Rollright Ring is a Late Neolithic stone circle of oolitic limestone nestled in a copse on the Oxfordshire and Warwickshire border. The stone ring is a perfect circle of around 72 or so stones, although legend says the stones cannot be counted! Originally, there may have been around 100 stones, standing shoulder to shoulder, creating an almost wall-like enclosure. There was once an avenue or at least four portal stones that stood just outside of the circle forming a processional way and entrance into the stone circle. 

In the field on the opposite side of the road stands the outlying, hunchbacked King Stone (shown earlier). Its distorted shape is due to centuries of superstition. Stone chips were taken from the stone for ‘good luck’ and this accounts for its twisted, hunched shape. About a quarter of a mile to the east, in the adjacent field, is located ‘The Whispering Knights’, a dolmen burial chamber comprising four vertical megaliths and a fallen capstone. Dolmen chambers consist of 2, 3, or 4 vertical megaliths supporting a capstone megalith. 

The Whispering Knights Dolmen 
Some writers claim the dolmen chambers were earth covered appearing, superficially, as earthen mounds, and that, over the millennia, the earth was eroded away. This is hardly plausible, however, since 36,000 surviving round barrows in the British Isles also should have eroded away without a trace. Moreover, why should the megalithic masons construct a megalithic dolmen and then cover it with an earth mound to render it invisible? 

Maria Wheatley and David Webb conducting experiments and readings at the Whispering Knights Dolmen, Rollright. 

In the 1970s, The Dragon Project found that the country lane running by the Rollright stone circle had abnormally high Geiger counts along a few hundred metres stretch. The Dragon Project was monitoring the fast moving beta particle counts, which are natural radiations from the earth due to disintegration of atomic nuclei by cosmic ray bombardments. 

On several occasions my late father dowsed the lane and located an intense area of radiation – a ‘hot-spot’. He carefully used dowsing to count the exact emissions and claimed gamma radiation was being detected. In 1996 the late Art Brickell and Geoff Woolford checked his dowsing results and the radioactive ‘hot-spot’, measuring for the gamma ray counts per minute with a gamma ray radiation monitor. 

Radiation and the ‘Spook Road’
The gamma ray radiation monitor revealed the measurements which were taken along the adjacent road to the Rollright Ring following the dowsing results. The normal background count for the region is 60–80 counts per minute. Our findings revealed huge differences ranging from a cold spot of 71 to a high spot of 302. The results were significant and also confirmed that my late father’s dowsing was as accurate as a Geiger counter. 

Paul Devereux confirmed that our results corroborated the earlier Dragon Project’s findings of 1979/80. It was Devereux who gave the name ‘the Spook road’ to the lane passing the Rollright ring, as strange events occur along this unassuming country road. 

Within a two-week period, two of the Dragon Project’s personnel, a scientist and a surveyor, reported strange phenomena. These were reported separately to Paul Devereux. The surveyor observed the sudden disappearance in the lane of a car with two occupants. There were three possible explanations for this incident. The surveyor had ‘blacked out’ for a few seconds in the lane; he had hallucinated; or the image of the car had actually flashed momentarily into sight. 

In the second incident the scientist observed the momentary appearance of a huge dog-like animal by the lane next to the stone circle. Like the car image, it too vanished. Some eighteen months later, another Dragon Project researcher witnessed the appearance of an old-fashioned, horse-drawn gypsy caravan for a few moments. It was going away from her yet nothing had passed her in the lane. In all these cases the witnesses, and the images observed, were in the highly radioactive sections of the lane. A possible explanation could be that the witnesses had each experienced a ‘time-slip’ phenomenon in that, somehow, they had each gained a fleeting access to a few moments of other times in the lane, due to the high radioactive levels interacting with their minds. 

Minds and megaliths 
The late Maxwell Cade was a pioneer in the field of biofeedback techniques and he developed what came to be known as the ‘mind mirror’, a sophisticated device that shows a person’s brain rhythms from both sides of the brain, simultaneously. 

Dowsers and ‘sensitives’ were connected to the mind mirror with electrodes fixed to their scalps linked to a viewing console. Cade was able to show that deep theta and delta brainwaves seemed to be triggered in some people when they were close to the stones. This appeared to be an interaction between minds and megaliths. Cade’s findings are intriguing and show that standing stones affect our consciousness. 

Mobile phones and tablets
In the summer of 2014, I was leading an Italian dowsing society alongside Gabriele Signorini at the Rollright stone circle. The group consisted of very experienced dowsers, many of whom had been dowsing for over 20 years. We had just interacted with some strong earth energies and magnetic anomalies when we began to notice that our mobile phones and tablets were malfunctioning. Apple users were the most affected! Phones lost WiFi connection (my Blackberry which is normally not susceptible to earth energy emissions, hence why I use it, lost WiFi connection which lasted for over a day, icons on my phone such as Facebook also disappeared.) Photos that had been taken on certain tablets disappeared and several tablets were permanently damaged whilst others gained WiFi connection the following day. I suggest that if you wish to interact with the magnetic or radiation hot-spots at Rollright to leave your mobile and tablets safely stored away in the car or at home! 

The Stonehenge environs
Woodhenge was, and still is, an important part of the Stonehenge ritual landscape. Whilst leading a group at Woodhenge a member of the public, who was flying a drone camera, told me that on a previous occasion his machine fell from the sky over the monument! 

I asked him to show me the exact spot and my dowsing indicated a magnetic anomaly. This was confirmed by Busty Taylor who used a compass to check my initial findings. The hot-spot made the needle of the compass swing, showing magnetic inference. We concluded that the reason the drone was bought down was due to a magnetic hot-spot it had flown over, like the Bermuda triangle, which can influence compasses and machinery. 

Further investigations revealed that Woodhenge has several magnetic hot spots similar to the Rollright Ring. 

The Cursus near Stonehenge
Long before Stonehenge was raised the Cursus monument stood proudly to the north of where Stonehenge would eventually be sited. It was a vast monument 1.75 miles long and exceptionally wide. Constructed out of chalk block it had no entrance. Although recent geophysics did locate a small entrance, this may not have been an original feature. Stonehenge archaeologist, Michael Parker Pearson points out that there was no way of entering the structure. So perhaps it was not intended for man, ritual or magic. 

My late father noted that at the near centre of the monument there was a higher level of radiation being emitted that appeared to strengthen around the time of the equinoxes. It’s as if the gigantic structure, which is orientated to face the equinoxes, was like a battery container, absorbing or possibly once containing the high radiation levels at this particular release point. 

Today, if you use a ghost detecting electromagnetic detector you will pick up military signals being emitted by the nearby Military establishments, making that type of popular analysis a waste of time. Equipment that is far more sophisticated is required. Sadly, nothing is left of this enigmatic monument, as it was ploughed to oblivion centuries ago. Nonetheless, if you walk to the Western end you will see a reconstruction of the its end. 

Fogous’ – deep underground Druid chambers 
Fogous’ are enigmatic stone chambers that were designed by the Druids who were the elite priesthood during the British Iron Age prior to the Roman invasion (Iron Age began c750 BC-AD 43 Roman Invasion). However, some fogous’ may be far older. 

Typically, a fogou is a stone structure that goes deep into the ground with inner passageways and chambers called ‘creeps’. One of the deepest fogou that I have been inside is Mine Howe on Orkney, an island off the north coast of Scotland. Reopened in 1999, twenty-nine winding steps lead you downwards into the receptive stillness of the Earth. Twenty-nine is a feminine lunar number; there are 29.53 days in a lunation period and clearly a correlation exists. The stonework shows excellent masonry skill and access to the corbelled chamber is by a very steep, stone staircase of narrow steps that lead you down into an unfamiliar world that is dark and silent. The first flight of steps descend to a narrow landing, from which two long, low chambers branch out at almost right angles. 

Steps leading downwards and a side profile of the Fogou.

Like a spiral staircase, a second steep flight of steps beckons you into the darkness until you reach a sudden and unexpected drop of about five feet into the deepest chamber at the bottom of the structure. Approximately 20 feet from the top, this dark chamber allows you to be still within the womb of the Earth. Originally, Mine Howe was surrounded by a massive ditch, similar to that surrounding the nearby Ring o’ Brodgar stone circle and many people feel this sacred site is mind-altering, and I agree. 

Pendeen Vau fogou – a supernatural earth vault
Close to the Atlantic Ocean, Pendeen Vau fogou lies in Cornwall, which is 17 meters long, and its usually damp and muddy. The entrance seductively draws you into its hidden depths. Constructed around 3000 years ago, this inner kingdom summons you away from the light of day into the darkness of the Underworld. Once inside, you will find yourself in a bizarre creep-chamber which appears to be cut directly into the earth. 

Legends abound, and one states that at the winter solstice a woman dressed in white shape shifts into a wild and threatening creature. Unconfirmed old traditions also speak of hidden tunnels and creeps that go for miles under the Atlantic ocean to reach the Scilly Isles about 26 miles away. 

Halligye Fogou
One of the finest fogous’ is Halligye which is excellently constructed, and boasts high energy levels and a unique atmosphere. Situated in the grounds of a large house, the fogou has a grand entrance and stone steps lead downwards into a dark and silent dominion. At the far end is a creep which you must enter on your hands and knees as if lowering your stature and ego to the monument’s unseen yet ever present power. Another creep is on the left of the passage and another passage about 30 paces long is tall enough to stand in, at the end of which is yet another creep, creating a maze like structure with twists and turns silently leading you from the ego-state into a higher level of awareness. 

Halligye Fogu chamber emits higher than average levels of radiation

Granite is found throughout Cornwall and a high density of granite would ensure higher than normal levels of radiation. Intriguingly, The Dragon Project readings noted that inside the Cornish stone circles radiation levels were mysteriously lower. Unlike the subterranean Fogous’ which were double the radiation level when compared to the normal background count. Built in a similar manner to Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator, the Fogou displays the same layering of organic and inorganic material, which I have previously written is exactly how Silbury Hill, near Avebury was constructed. Such structures release orgone energy into the atmosphere irrigating the surrounding landscape adding to its fecund power. 

The King’s chamber. 
If we analyse the findings of Devereux and compare the radiation readings to other sacred sites an unexpected picture unfolds. The King’s Chamber, which is made of granite has a high reading of 22 counts per minute. Many would insist this is due to the imported granite, a radioactive stone material, of which the chamber was constructed. Yet, what is really intriguing is that the Geiger counts per minute recorded at the King’s chamber are almost identical to the results obtained from Pendeen Vau fogou and Men-an-Tol which consist of a holed circle and standing stones. Sacred sites although separated by thousands of miles share a common premise, albeit an unusual one. 

Remarkably, the readings are so alike; it’s as if they are carbon copies, forming a deliberate yet archaic design canon. 

Our results at Avebury, Stonehenge and the Rollright complex proved to be the opposite of The Dragon Project’s original findings regarding stone circles. The readings revealed that several sacred sites in the Wessex region have higher than average radiation levels which are not constructed from granite. 

However, the readings we obtained that were similar to The Dragon Project were recorded over an earth energy healing location within a Wiltshire church (Knights Templar encodement). 

Rodney Hale points out that the data provided calculates 9% less radiation over the power point compared to a reading taken away from the power point. Rodney advises that the experiment needs be repeated over the course of a year to ensure that lunar or solar activity is not influencing the readings. 

Professional dowsing alongside Geiger readings shows that radiation levels are present at certain sacred sites. Clearly, the knowledge of high and low radiation levels, and more importantly how to detect them, was known to our Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age ancestors. The mystery is why they were marking out these zones remains elusive. 

I suspect that our forebears were somehow harnessing the radiation. Perhaps they could make the gamma radiation far safer than we are capable of today? Alternatively, the strange and mysterious manifestations associated with radiation levels at Rollright, and occasionally at the Cursus monument near Stonehenge, add to the mystery and may indicate time-slips or portals to other dimensions is a tantalizing possibility. 

Modern day nuclear physicists muse over finding the holy grail of safe nuclear cold fusion and it is tempting to think that our distant ancestors may have understood and utilised a similar procedure millennia ago. Whilst much remains uncertain and speculative, we are stepping ever closer to understanding the hidden energies of ancient sites. 

A special thanks to my team and those who have contributed their expertise 

The Avebury, Stonehenge and Rollright team
Rodney Hale scientific advisor who recorded the radiation levels at Avebury and the Sanctuary.
David Webb retried engineer and scientific advisor who recorded the positive and negative ion levels above earth energy points, AC and DC readings at Avebury and Rollright. Articles to follow.
Busty Taylor aerial and ground photographer, crop circle researcher.