Power centres and hidden energies

Sacred sites and power centres are found worldwide. Despite being separated by thousands of miles many share a common design canon. Prehistoric geomancers located various types of leys and earth energies and sited standing stones, pyramids, and temple compounds upon them. Imbued with the living power of the Earth, sacred sites constructed millennia ago still have a timeless quality that transcends cultural divides. This article explores three distinctive types of earth energy that was skilfully integrated in sacred sites located in Southern England.

Avebury Henge in Wiltshire contains the largest stone circle in the world. For thousands of years Avebury’s landscape has been seen as a mysterious region, and the land has special sanctity and mystical power that has attracted people for millennia. Around four and a half thousand years ago (orthodox date) over 800 gigantic sarsen stones were erected. The vast monument spanned over three and a half miles and was said to represent a serpent. Located 17 miles north of Stonehenge, it is far bigger complex yet many people have never heard of this magnificent power centre.

William Stukeley’s Serpent temple
Set inside a vast circular henge (a ditch and bank earthen feature), which was originally chalk white, there was once over 100 standing stones. Within this gigantic megalithic ring were two large stone circles consisting of 27-30 standing stones. In the 18th century, the antiquarian William Stukeley sketched Avebury’s megalithic complex showing it as a serpent temple. The serpent’s head was formed by a small concentric stone circle on Overton Hill called The Sanctuary. Sadly, nothing exists of it today and concrete markers depict the former positions of the long-gone standing stones. The West Kennet stone avenue linked the Sanctuary to the main stone circle that consisted of one hundred paired stones that snaked for one and a half miles towards the serpent’s body – the henge and stone circles. The avenue was restored in the 1930s by Alexander Keiller. The long serpent’s tail terminated at Fox Covert which also contained around two hundred standing stones. 

William Stukeley surveyed Avebury Henge in 1724, which he called the Serpent Temple. Invariably, antiquarians such as John Aubrey (17th century) and Stukeley were Masons who were privy to ancient texts. 

Sacred sites such as Avebury are intimately associated with unseen geological features that were recognised by the megalithic geomantic surveyors. One particular earth energy pattern often marks the esoteric centre of sacred sites worldwide. 

Sacred water – living energy
As a second-generation water diviner and geodetic dowser, I was taught that there are two distinctive types of water. Rainwater falls from the skies and fills up the water table and aquifers and we are familiar with this type of water. However, there is another type of water – known for centuries to water diviners – as primary water or yin water. This type of water is made deep within the Earth and is therefore independent of rainfall. Where this type of water breaks through to the surface it is considered to be a healing medicinal spring. And where this type of water is bored becomes a holy well. Water diviners recognise the two forms of water by the surface pattern it emits. Streams that are predominantly yang water (rainfall water) emit three lines of energy. All dowsers and geomancers consider this energy cancerous to live above, as long-term exposure to this form of energy, known as geopathic stress, breaks down the immune system. It is perfectly safe to drink. 

Living above the energy of yin water is healing and will prolong life. Little wonder that all sacred sites, pyramids and temple spaces are sited above this auspicious force. Medieval Masons constructed stately homes above the pattern and the ancient Chinese Feng Shui Master sited Peking, their prosperous capital, above a vast supply of yin water. 

This powerful form of earth energy emits a spiral pattern called a geospiral. In the 1940s, the Master Dowser Guy Underwood noted that a geospiral is a permanent magnetic feature which usually has seven coils. Our research shows that a geospiral emits a frequency of around 7-10 Hz which falls within the Schumann Resonance; and encourages one’s brainwaves to become synchronized to alpha brain activity – to become more relaxed and calm. The spiral pattern always marks the esoteric centre of a stone circle, pyramid or temple space and it is constantly rotating filling a megalithic temple with unseen energy which is all-healing. 

Megalithic energy bands
When a standing stone is rooted into a geospiral pattern, it begins to behave in a particular manner that is truly remarkable. The earth energy is absorbed by the stone and forms magnetic bands of energy. 

Tall stones have seven ‘bands’ of energy; five are above ground and two are below ground. The seven bands equate to our chakras. The base and navel chakras are located within the stone’s base which is rooted in the earth. Visualize the five above ground bands spiralling their way upwards to the apex of the stone and you will begin to perceive the dynamics of megalithic energy.

Energy converters
The stones continually absorb the earth energy through their bases, and their internal crystal lattice converts the earth energy into an aerial form of electromagnetic ley-energy, which can be likened to a beam of linear energy. All megaliths have a cubic crystal lattice construction; imagine a continuous set of small cubes, interlinked through the entire stone, with atoms at the corners of each cube. This is identical to the modern-day semiconductor microchips grown in laboratories and which have revolutionised the electronics industry and our day-to-day lives. Physicists have merely duplicated the stone’s lattice structure. A megalith should be regarded as a semiconductor ‘macrochip‘, which has the capacity to store and transmit energy. Ancient megalithic architects were acutely aware of the earth’s whispering energies and understood that standing stones and large blocks of stone sited upon them could generate different forms of free energy. 

I have studied earth and megalithic energy for over 20 years and their affects are extraordinary as they generate an energetic matrix within a sacred site. For instance, Band 2 constantly transmits an energy beam to localized stones, such as those in a stone circle, creating an intense network of aboveground energy lines. All of the stones are simultaneously transmitting and collecting this energy. Band 4 is associated with energy transmissions to distant stones or stone circles. This energy beam connects stone circle to stone circle across the ritual landscape. Hey, this is prehistoric WiFi! 

Our experiments with Band 3 offer an alternative explanation and insight into how the ancients may have moved large pieces of stone. Using weight-measuring equipment we noted two things. When you place the palms of your hands against Band 3 you will either rapidly put on weight – Busty Taylor was recorded to have gained 2 stone in a matter of seconds. Yet when I repeated the experiment I lost weight. Did the ancients knowingly manipulate energy bands to make the stones lighter? Consider also that dragon currents, a form of earth energy which is described later, emit various Hertz frequencies one of which is 25 Hz. Interestingly, some researchers suggest that this is the frequency of levitation. Theoretically, you have a formula for the movement of stone. 

Proving the bands exist
Sceptics have ridiculed my research and challenged the existence of this form of megalithic power. To prove their existence I decided to invite Rodney Hale to Avebury to set up a series of tests. Rodney is an expert in analysing electromagnetic signals and he used an electronic receiver, R.F. Spectrum Analyser and electronic equipment for recording any electromagnetic signals that were being emitted by the stones. Stone 101 of the southern circle was chosen for the tests as it has not be re-erected and set in concrete. Rodney asked me to dowse for the bands and he noted their exact position.

Electromagnetic readings
Slowly and steadily, Rodney raised the instrument from ground level to a height of 2 metres, which mirrored my dowsing technique and the sound output was recorded on the laptop. The sound was eerie – a kind of low level buzzing – it felt like you were hearing the ‘voice’ within the stone. Rodney did not expect to get any consistent results so the incoming data shocked him! For clarity in illustrating the results, the energy-bands on the stone are shown as digitally coloured lines. The signal strength has been plotted against the height of the stone for two separate tests and the width of the trace represents the strength of the signal. The electromagnetic signal correlates with the position of the dowseable energy bands. The strongest trace recorded was at Band 2 which transmits energy to other standing stones, so one would expect this band to be the strongest. After analysing the data of several tests, Rodney concludes that statistically there is a definite correlation between the energy bands and the recorded signal. We have repeated this test over many years and obtain the same results. 

Remain mindful that when you are walking around a stone circle you are being bathed in this form of magnetic energy. Small and restricted amounts of magnetic energy are renowned for their healing properties. Many researchers and psychics agree that the band’s energy encourages the body to heal itself. 

Harry Oldfield is well known for his camera filter which he invented and claims that it can detect and photograph earth energy. I was joined at Wayland Smithy long barrow by one of his former colleagues. I predicted that the central stones would show energy as bands as they are rooted in earth energy. This proved to be the case. Note the colour sequence which mirrors the chakra colours.

The energy bands made visible
There are other earth energies which are like powerful lines of force and meandering rivers of unseen energy. 

Ley and dragon currents
The term ley is a generic term, as there are many different types of ley lines. A ley can course for just a few miles or it can encircle the globe. Leys can emit energy and some are often aligned to an astronomical event, such as the Summer Solstice. Other leys are topographical alignments that are devoid of energy. An exceptionally powerful ley, which usually courses for hundreds of miles, is invariably associated with Dragon Currents, known to the ancient Chinese as Lung Mei – the dragon’s breath. 

A great example of this type of ley is called the St Michael ley which was discovered by the late John Michell. It courses laser-like for 300 miles across England’s countryside. Numerous sacred sites are aligned upon it and Avebury Henge is located at the exact centre. 

This ley has two currents of energy which entwine it in a caduceus-like fashion. One is said to be female and the other male, yin and yang dragon currents which can be likened to meandering rivers of magnetic energy. In the 1980s, Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst discovered these entwining currents and called them Mary and Michael. This was due to the numerous churches sited upon them dedicated to St Michael and the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene. 

In the Avebury landscape, all of the prehistoric sites are carefully aligned upon the living dragon currents. 

A Druidic landscape – the Uffington White Horse
Located 17 miles north of Avebury is the Uffington complex which is a prehistoric wonderland that contains Britain’s oldest hill figure. During the late Bronze Age around 4000 years ago (orthodox date), a horse figure was carved into the chalk. Although thought to be the insignia of a royal Druid family, or the Celtic Goddess Epona, the chalk figure can only be fully appreciated from the air which adds to its mystery.

Many researchers claim it was a dragon rather than a horse and measuring 365 feet long it is said to represent the solar year. Nearby is Dragon Hill which is a ritual hill-mound with a flat summit and legend says that Saint George slew the pagan dragon upon it. Where the blood was spilt, no grass will ever grow. Today, the patch is still bare! Upon its summit, my late father, one of Britain’s top Master Dowsers, discovered a distinctive type of ley called a Genesis ley. Its name is derived form the fact it has a beginning and an end. A Genesis line emerges from the ground from two ‘ram horns’ which are male and female vortices. The two yin yang energies flow as one and thus the line is a hermaphrodite line creating balance and harmony wherever it flows. The line courses along the land for a mile or so and flows down the axis of Wayland Smith long barrow. Here the line produces several pulsing energy points that are likened to chakra points. So strong is the energy, you will feel it in your hands and many believe it is soothing, relaxing and healing. 

A Genesis ley emerges from the ground from two ‘ram horns’ which are male and female vortices. 

There are many other forms of earth energy which can influence our aura, physical, emotional and mental well being and can expand our conspicuousness. Sacred sites located upon them become power places and the ancient Chinese said that earth energy naturally ‘follows the descending ridges of mountains which rise towards heaven and other edifices’. Throughout Old China the entire landscape, hills, mountains and valleys were sculptured to enhance the dragon’s flow. Earth energy moves within the Earth’s crust in constantly changing spirals which promotes harmony, longevity, prosperity and abundance. Our forefathers realized that these energies can be identified, collected or dispersed, increased or diminished by the nature of the construct sited there. 

Wayland’s Smithy Long Barrow 

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