Magnetic Bluestones

A brief insight into:

Stonehenge – a healing temple and generator of free energy
©Maria Wheatley 2014

Professional dowser and author Maria Wheatley explores Stonehenge and how earth energies are intimately associated with the standing stones. Her findings offer a new insight into the hidden powers within Britain’s most extraordinary monument.

Silhouetted against the skyline Stonehenge overlooks the windswept Salisbury Plain. Over the centuries many colourful theories have been put forward to explain the purpose of the stone temple. Yet, the real reason why the monument was built still remains a mystery.

Stonehenge is world-famous for its spectacular solar alignment at the summer solstice on June 21st. From the centre of the monument, the midsummer sun is seen to majestically rise over the Heel Stone and thousands of people gather every year to view this awesome sight. The cycles of the Sun and Moon were clearly important to our distant ancestors. Likewise, the Earth was also revered as a powerful deity that could influence daily life. Ancient people across the world appear understood that the Earth produces energy lines and holy temples, tombs and monuments were constructed upon them. The life force of the earth was known to numerous ancient societies, to the Sioux Nations of North America it was known as Wakonda and to the Australian Aborigines, it was called Arungquiltha. The ancient Chinese referred to it as Chi and developed a geomantic science called Feng Shui to document how Dragon Lines (energy lines) are beneficial for health, wealth and harmony.

Yet there is far more to Stonehenge than a spectacular sunrise
Archaeologists Professor Timothy Darvill and Professor Geoffrey Wainwright, say that Stonehenge was a centre for healing. At last the archaeological community is seeing things correctly! According to their findings around 2500 BC (orthodox dating system), the stone temple attracted many healers and shamen as well as those seeking healing from all over the ancient world. Our distant ancestors viewed the stones, especially the bluestones, which originated from the Preseli mountains in Wales, as magical and all healing which contained curative properties. But why did ancient people believe this and what is so special about the bluestones? What is healing or different about them? Our archaeological duo suggests that this is because the bluestones originate near springs which were revered millennia ago. I don’t disagree but add…

Magnetic stones and yin water
The bluestones are highly magnetic. In fact, they have three to four times the magnetic field strength of the other stones in the monument, and this may explain why they were deemed magical and transported hundreds of miles across rough terrain and used in the construction of Stonehenge.

In the 1950s, the field archaeologist and Master Dowser, Guy Underwood, surveyed Stonehenge and plotted the course of several underground streams in the area. These streams are a combination of yin and yang waters making the energy field admitted very healing as yin water emits a Hz frequency of 10 Hz – a beneficial field. The megalithic architects of Stonehenge carefully aligned the bluestones above these meandering underground combination-streams.

Underground yin-yang (combination) stream and the bluestones
©Survey by the Master Dowser Guy Underwood 1951.

Making energy
As well as being emitting a healing Hz field, underground water is an excellent conductor of electricity and the chalk down land of Salisbury Plain is perfect for generating natural electrical currents. When underground water flows through the chalk rock electrons are stripped away giving the water molecules a positive charge. A negative charge is left behind in the chalk, and as opposites attract, the result is an electrical current is concentrated in the top few feet of the ground. For centuries, archaeologists have puzzled over the fact why large standing stones, despite their vast weight and height, were only placed into the ground a few feet. The megalithic geomancers were clearly tapping into Earth’s electricity which charged the stones with unseen energy. 

Macrochips and microchips
I suggest that standing stones can filter the electrical charge through their crystal lattice network. From Stonehenge to Silicon Valley in California megaliths and microchips share a common premise. All megaliths have a cubic crystal lattice construction; imagine a continuous set of small cubes interlinked through the entire stone and with atoms at the corners of each cube. This is identical to the modern-day semiconductor microchips grown in laboratories and which have revolutionised the electronics industry. Physicists have merely duplicated the stone’s lattice structure; thus a megalith can be regarded as a semiconductor macrochip which theoretically has the capacity to store energy and information.