Interested in learning the Tarot? Tarot workshops and courses

Also, Tarot card readings available. Maria has read for many famous authors worldwide as well as helping numerous people with personal problems.

You can learn to read the tarot cards in many ways. The easiest way is to be taught the Old Way. For instance, trying to learn one card at a time and consulting the accompanying booklet to remind you of what the card means is the HARD way and counter-intuitive.

Or, do you lay the cards in a spread and then consult the booklet which tells you the meaning of each card. This is another HARD way!

The easy and traditional way is to learn all 10 cards of each suit at once. Although this sounds crazy it is so easy, as the cards flow and tell a simple story as they progress from Ace to Ten.

This Old Way has been taught and passed on for generations. It promotes an intuitive understanding of the card and offers a profound insight in tarot deck.

If you are interested in learning the ancient art of the tarot in a traditional way then this course is for you. I have been teaching tarot for over 15 years at Swindon College and The British School of Yoga.


Learn tarot the Romany Way and I can guarantee that after just one workshop you will leave knowing at least 60% of the deck – or your money back.

Tarot Made Easy

Sat April 9th - Tarot Level I certificate course - £50 - Email Maria to book your place
Learning the tarot using the old Romany method is easy. We will learn 10 cards of the Minor Arcana at once and be able to recall their keywords quickly. This is a oral tradition and often called 'the song of the tarot' - its story as told to me by a Romany many years ago.

Focuses on:

  • The Minor Arcana
  • Part of the Major Arcana
  • The Horseshoe Spread
  • The Six card spread
Free handout

After the Level I course you can practise reading for at least 5 people and then SKYPE or write a review of your readings for your certificate.

Date TBA - Tarot Level II certificate course - £50 - Email Maria to book your place
This section of the course looks at the reversed meanings called the ill-dignified placements. Just by noting the suit of the reversed card/s in a tarot spread will show the tarot card reader the problematic influences in the querent's life. Or if a problem has recently been overcome and may still be in the auric field (influencing the client).

Focuses on:
  • Part of the Major Arcana
  • The Court Cards
  • Reversed Cards

Date TBA - Introducing Level III. The Master Practitioner of Tarot. Karma and Spirituality - Email Maria to book your place
To Mystery Schools that were privy to much older medieval manuscripts on the subject of the tarot realised that in antiquity the tarot was used to divine the Soul. Whereas, today tarot card readers use the cards to divine the past, present and future of the personality. Mystery schools went much deeper. Using this transcendental system the Four Elements take on a different meaning so that the Suit of Cups does not reflect the querent's emotional/love life but the karmic journey of the Soul...

The Four Suits represent different stages in the Soul's evolution and Lessons are required to further the Soul's spiritual path to wholeness; these are The Lesson of Love, The Lesson of Service, The Lesson of Unity and the Lesson of Peace.

This course looks at the transcendental aspect of the Four Suits as the Soul's karmic journey through time and many incarnations. Also, how to identify and release karmic influences that block spiritual development.
I also offer a 7-week SKYPE course which many students prefer as they choose their own time to study. This course is very successful and has taught people worldwide the Tarot as traditionally taught for centuries. See Skype Lessons for full prospectus.

Testimonials Anna - London - Workshop
Maria this workshop was amazing! I had been struggling with the tarot for years, bought books and been on a course and still I just didn't get it. The way you showed us was so so easy and now I read the cards with confidence. Thank you for a wonderful.

Sam - Edinburgh - Skype
What a great course. I just couldn't travel the distance and so thought the Skype lessons would suit me. I wasn't sure if they would work out for me but I was really surprised at them and would recommend this course to anyone who wants to seriously learn the tarot in an easy to follow way. Maria is a great teacher and her course is the best.

Cathy - Essex
Just do this course and soon you will be reading the cards - it's unbelievable.