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Soul Star astrology is a new and exciting branch of the astrological tree, which offers a gentle way of accessing information about past lives, without the need for regression. Some people find the idea of regression too intrusive and shy away from it. Although past life regression therapy can offer direct understanding of past lives, it isn’t for everyone. Soul Star Astrology is.


Soul Star reveals aspects of yourself normally kept hidden giving you a unique opportunity to work with the light of the Soul. It can bring profound understanding of your past lives and deep spiritual awareness.  This branch of the astrological tree unites the distant past with the present day


The Simplicity of Soul Star Astrology Soul Star astrology uses simple astrological principles. However, instead of using a traditional astrological chart, which is circular, a six-pointed interlacing star is used. The positions of the planets at the time of birth are placed within the star, which creates a spiritual map revealing the past, present and the future.

The Soul Star chart The interlacing six-pointed star consists of two triangles. The upward pointing triangle - the Soul Star triangle - connects you to the Cosmos and symbolises the Soul. The downward pointing triangle, the Earth Star triangle, represents the personality and connects you to the Earth plane.  Symbolically, when the first breath was drawn the triangles entwined reflecting the divine union of the personality and the Soul.


Celestial Guidance

The planet’s positions within the six-pointed star reveal the imagery of the karma and bring to light karmic rewards, debts, past fears or future aspirations.


Planets in the Soul Star triangle reveal your highest values, hidden talents and latent potentials which can be utilized during this lifetime. Giving spiritual guidance this sector offers positive ways of releasing karmic residue and how to develop spiritually. Planets in the Earth Star triangle represent your personality in this incarnation and show the key karmic factors currently influencing your life. Importantly, the planets are great teachers, which give insight into the karmic influences between you and your family, partners and friends.


Karmic rewards

The Sun, Venus and Jupiter often indicate beneficial influences and karmic rewards which have culminated over many lives. The swift moving planets the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars often describe relatively recent karma – this said the incarnation could have been centuries ago! The slower moving planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto invariably describe much older and distant past lives or deep-rooted karma. The Soul Star chart is a spiritual tool, the imagery of the planets can trigger karmic memories and flitting images of past lives are often glimpsed by mediating upon the Star.


Places where you have lived before

Soul Star reveals fascinating information about where you lived in previous lives. Countries and cities where you experienced strong past life connections are places where you would experience déjà vu today or feel spiritually drawn to. Certain planetary positions can describe legendary locations. For example, one of Neptune’s placements describes a past life associated with the lost continent of Atlantis. On a more prosaic level, the planets can explain phobias; Neptune can indicate fear of water and confined spaces invariably due to drowning and imprisonment.


The Soul Star and the Heart Chakra

During research to further my understanding of Soul Star
, I noted that in Eastern Yogi tradition the heart chakra is depicted as a hexagonal star within a circle surrounded by twelve vermilion petals. The upward pointing triangle of Shiva and consciousness meets the downward pointing triangle of earth and force. The twelve petals can be likened to the twelve signs of the zodiac; each petal representing one celestial lesson. A karmic cycle is complete when the highest virtues pertaining to each sign are attained; although this may take many lives to achieve, it will eventually lead to spiritual freedom and universal life.


The lower chakras, the base, sacral and solar plexus centres bound the individual to their karma. However, the heart chakra is not subordinate to karmic influences. The path to higher consciousness begins at the heart centre and this is why the hexagonal star is used in Soul Star astrology.  


Karmic triggers

By comparing the positions of the planets today to where they were located at the time of birth gives important information. For instance, when a conjunction occurs, when a transiting planet moving though the heavens is located within a few degrees of a planet within your Soul Star Chart,  you can expect karmic activation! The conjunction and the opposition can act as a trigger reawakening age-old soul lessons. When this occurs it is a natural time to resolve karmic issues or to receive karmic rewards.


Soul teachings and messages

When working with Soul Star astrology, or past life regression, older souls will impart archaic teachings during a session, especially if it will assist humanity’s evolution. For instance, teachings regarding geometric shapes and patterns relating to the plant kingdom were given to a client who in this life is a landscape designer! We were told that certain plants attuned to certain constellations, patterns, colours and sounds that assisted growth and development. During a regression I often ask the Soul of the client for a message.  The soul message is often just a few words or a simple sentence, which gives profound meaning or understanding to the client.



Many clients have gained positive insight into their own lives and previous lives by simply mediating on the star. Others place the star under their pillow and access soul memories via dreams and the Spiritual Mind.  


Soul Star astrology – a gift from the past

I have worked with Soul Star Astrology for around ten years and have developed and advanced this branch of astrology and past life therapy. I was given the understanding of Soul Star astrology when I was mediating at a sacred site near Stonehenge.  Millennia ago, it was once an intimate part of ancient pre-Druidic teachings which was wiped out at the end of the Iron Age c 700 BC. The Druids of old did not write anything down and I truly believe this beautiful aspect of their teachings was sadly forgotten.


My heart knows this form of astrology is born of ancient wisdom, and such a gentle way of accessing past lives. By understanding the past, we can embrace the future with full awareness.


Words from the sacred site near Stonehenge

Brothers and Sisters of Gaia unite as One. Share this planet and share its wealth and abundance.  Let Love and Wisdom pour from your hearts in the realization that we are all one and there is no separation. When equality and fairness reign, we will return to the Golden Age, restore the health of Mother Earth and her beloved Kingdoms and live harmoniously…


Soul Star readings with Maria  For a reading I need your date, time and place of birth. If you are unsure of your time of birth, I can ascertain this for you by dowsing. I will calculate your astrological birth chart, soul star chart and 6 months predictive astrology and we will arrange a one-hour skype interview/reading. The interview will outline your past lives, the kind of experiences you had in previous lives, soul expereinces and relationships, the places and cities where you once lived and your spirtitual hertiage. Also, any karmic gifts and personal karmic rewards will also be revealed and I will send your charts and predicative astrology by either email or post.

Soul Star readings


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Soul Star courses

I offer Soul Star astrology workshops and private one-to-ones.



‘I came to Maria for a regression and she suggested a Soul Star Chart and so I thought why not! It turned out the chart was being activated and bringing to the surface all sorts of stuff that I was experiencing. During the session this was healed and I got a soul message – I couldn’t believe it – being spoken to by your soul is a profound experience which I will never forget.” Janet B London.


‘I didn’t want to be regressed and so I opted for a Soul Star reading with Maria. It was strange because the things she was describing I kind of already knew. It was as if she was just reminding me of something I had forgotten. The reason why I had problems with my parents was explained and this felt right for me. The most interesting thing about my reading was the places Maria came up with. I had recently been to one of them in Eastern Europe and had a powerful déjà vu experience there! If like me, you are interested in past lives but don’t want to be regressed try this.  Marie, Weymouth.


‘I have been regressed before but didn’t really get anything and so I decided to let Maria regress me after meeting her at a dowsing workshop. She does things differently and I was pleasantly surprised! I also had my Soul Star chart drawn up and I got a great deal from it. I would recommend Maria time and time again. She is a wonderful old soul, spiritual yet down to earth with a great sense of humour and she always talks form the heart.  Jackie, Wales.


‘Everyone should try Soul Star Astrology – it’s GREAT! Debbie, Bournemouth.


‘Soul Star is different to ordinary astrology. It gave me a deep understanding of my life. I had a great time with Maria! My past lives were challenging but we worked through lots of things. From a past life practising witchcraft – which I always sensed and knew – to a solider!  I will never forget it! Thanks Maria for a wonderful time!  Sandra, Wolverhampton.