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Druidic Soul Star Astrology

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The Elongated Skulls of Stonhenge

For the first time in the history of Stonehenge, Maria Wheatley reveals the mysterious people who constructed numerous sacred sites that surround Stonehenge. They displayed distinctive facial features. Their skulls showed they were elongated and they ruled the locality. At some point in Stonehenge's long history they were all murdered and their long lost history can know be revealed. Maria also discovered that a High Queen was laid to rest in the largest and longest barrow ever constructed in prehistoric Britain. This is their untold history and how it was hidden from the Western world.

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Divining Ancient Sites - Insights into their creation by Maria Wheatley

The foremost book on leys and earth energies.

Past civilizations recognized that the Earth emits harmonic energy and ancient sites mark these special locations. Millennia ago, earth energies and leys were skilfully integrated into stone circles, pyramids, ancient walled cities, Druid and Native American ceremonial enclosures, and this form of spiritual architecture, known to the Templars and the Masonic Brotherhood can be traced back to Atlantis.

  • How to identify earth energies
  • The geodetic system of earth energies
  • Earth's healing waters
  • The colour and frequency of energies
  • How to spiritualize your home and workplace
  • Scientific evidence for earth energies
  • Ways to connect to the Earth and meditations
  • Sacred sites and their energies
  • The Stonehenge planetary ley system
  • Genesis lines
  • Healing energies
  • New ways to dowse
  • Ancient design canons

Ancient sites worldwide connect terrestrial energies to celestial influences, creating a bridge between Heaven and Earth, man and cosmos. Rediscover the wisdom of our ancestors who created the megalithic wonders of the ancient world.

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The Essential Dowsing Guide by Dennis Wheatley

Dowsing can be defined as the skill of being able to detect invisible targets. Dowsing specialists can find anything from mineral lodes, precious metals, gas, oil, and water supplies, to lost objects, animals and people. This comprehensive introduction explains:

  • What dowsing is and why anyone can do it
  • The History of dowsing and famous dowsers through time
  • Instructions on which dowsing tools to use, how best to use them, and different ways of dowsing
  • A list of ancient sites with particular dowsing energy


Dennis Wheatley was considered one of the top-dowsing teachers in Britain and his clear and well-formatted dowsing instructions are quickly grasped. During his dowsing career Dennis taught hundreds of people how to dowse, including several famous authors and celebrities.  Many professional dowsers agree that his teaching methods simply cannot be improved upon.

This timeless book written by a Master Dowser is the only introduction you will ever need.

ISBN NO 978-0-9560733-1-0

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NEW Avebury - Sun, Moon and Earth Energies - Second Edition by Maria Wheatley & Busty Taylor. Foreword by the late Hamish Miller.

Avebury henge contains the largest stone circle in the world and stands amid a vast ceremonial landscape that contains Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe. We explore the archaeology, history and mysticism of the Avebury henge and show how earth energies are associated with deep and pure water which was incorporated into the site bestowing it with unseen energy which dictated the shape of stone circles and temple complexes worldwide.

We look at ley lines and earth energies that were discovered by the late Hamish Miller (who forwarded the book) and Paul Broadhurst and we reveal, for the first time, the electromagnetic frequencies of the Mary current - proving its existence by the graph produced by Rodney Hales' equipment.

We also show startling evidence that shows how the standing stones convert earth energy into an aerial form of overland power - like a vast WiFi network - and they do so by producing Bands of Energy, which Maria clearly demonstrates in all her dowsing workshops and tours and is especially proud of this discovery.

We discovered a long lost solar alignment at Avebury Henge that is associated with the Devil's Chair and it went by unnoticed until we calculated its presence in the megalithic temple. Sunlight and dark shadow lines cast by the stones created a gigantic solar calendar that has breathtaking beauty.

Turning our attention to monuments that are far older than Avebury Henge, such as Windmill Hill's causewayed enclosure, we show you our latest discoveries and how the causewayed gaps framed the sunrises at the festival dates. When the site was reused in the Bronze Age c2500 - 750 BC, we noticed a poetic alignment incorporated into the Bronze Age round barrows that still can be seen today and we encourage you to relive the magic of the past, by seeing for yourself these wondrous alignments.

This book takes you from the ordinary into the extraordinary realm of our distant ancestors who were prehistoric engineers and physicists.

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Stonehenge - an investigation into earth energies and ley lines by Dennis Wheatley (New Edition November 2013) ONLY £4.99 Published by Celestial Songs Press.

This highly illustrated guide explores the earth energies that were skilfully integrated into Britain's most iconic stone temple. The book also explores the energies associated with the sites that surround Stonehenge, making this one of the most informative guides to Stonehenge environs.

Send a cheque in sterling for £6.99 to:
THE AVEBURY EXPERIENCE, 66 Cherry Orchard, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4AF
Add £2.00 postage & packaging UK and £4.50 USA.

'Dennis Wheatley is a well-known expert on dowsing who has researched the whole subject thoroughly'. Major-General W F Cooper. Past President of the British Society of Dowsers. 'An excellent guide to Stonehenge, earth energies and ley lines'.

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Discovering Wiltshire

An illustrated guide to over 100 ancient sites in Wiltshire. From an earthen ring close to Stonehenge, not marked on OS Maps, to the an unusual long barrow near Chippenham. This guide is a must for the spiritual pilgrim who loves to interact with sacred sites.

Send a cheque in sterling for £8.99 to:
THE AVEBURY EXPERIENCE, 66 Cherry Orchard, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4AF
Add £2.00 postage & packaging UK and £5.00 USA.

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The Seven Wonders of Avebury Henge

Full A2 size colour poster showing the earth energies of Avebury, Silbury Hill as an orgone generator, the Devil's Den dolmen and ultrasound, vortex energy within the West Kennet long barrow, ley lines that link Avebury and Stonehenge; crop circles, UFOs and much more in this best selling guide to the metaphysical landscape that contains and surrounds Avebury.

Send a cheque in sterling for £4.99 to:
THE AVEBURY EXPERIENCE, 66 Cherry Orchard, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4AF
Add £1.50 postage & packaging UK and £4.00 USA.

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FOLD OUT POSTERS 2012 edtion.

Illustrated posters (A5 size which fold out to an A3 size) ONLY £3.49 each UK and £6.00 USA.

The ley lines and earth energies of Avebury Henge
This illustrated guide reveals the earth and ley energies of Avebury, West Kennet long barrow, Silbury Hill, the Sanctuary and clearly defines ley lines and shows various places to interact and dowse the invisible forces of the Earth

Secrets of the White Horses
What did the first known drawing of the prehistoric Uffington white horse look like? It appears more feline than horse-like. Was there once a bull depicting the Age of Taurus where the Westbury White Horse is? This informative poster reveals the age and dates of the White Horses that grace the Wiltshire downs.

Ley lines and earth energies of Glastonbury
Shows the original circular church of Glastonbury, the earth energies, sacred yin water patterns and much more.

Earth Mysteries of Stonehenge
A packed guide full of illustrations of ley lines and earth energies at Stonehenge and the Rollright Ring.

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Designed by local artist, Fiona Hughes showing the localised leys associated with several small stone circles and ancient sites.

The Silbury Crone Goddess
A limited edition of post cards.

The unusual photograph of the Crone Goddess was captured by English Heritage in the 1960's. J. Wakefield, author of 'Legendary Landscapes', claims that the mysterious image is a prehistoric effigy, created by artificial trenches and ditches that delineate the body of a goddess figure. Intriguingly, the Crone Goddess becomes alive only when the ditches are full of water during the winter months.

Possibly predating the Bronze Age White Horse of Uffington, the Silbury Goddess may be one of the oldest effigies in the British landscape - excluding the Stonehenge Animal.

David Fields, an archaeological expert on Silbury Hill, interprets the mysterious figure as 'Celtic field systems', totally dismissing the image as simply 'a quirk of nature'. What do you think?

Goddess photograph - Crown Copyright.

Designed by local artist, Fiona Hughes, this delightful black and white postcard reveals the ancient sites within the Avebury landscape.

Postcards ONLY £1 each plus 60p p&p. Send a cheque in sterling to: THE AVEBURY EXPERIENCE 66 Cherry Orchard Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 4AF

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