November 2nd 2019 Maria is hosting a free tour of the Vortex (cleansing point) at Avebury and the Samhain Celtic New Year Shadow Line. If weather permits, a massive shadow line casts across the entrance to the southern inner circle. Maria will explain its symbolic significance, ceremonial purpose and energy.
Email if you are interested.

2020 is full of new and exciting places to visit and some old favourites too. I will be going to Egypt, Turkey and the USA. In England, I will be visiting the Megalithic Capital of Yorkshire that boasts the tallest megalith in Britain, visiting the Devil’s Den dolmen, Adam’s Grave long barrow and the Alton Landscape Goddess, and also the Stonehenge environs.

If you are interested in a private sacred site tour please click here


Egyptian Pendulum Dowsing. Dowsing With A Difference.


Beginning Friday 7th February 2020 at 6 pm London Time GMT.

A 5-week Skype Group Course. 6 pm GMT London time. Max of six to eight people to keep dowsing tuition to a high standard. Email to book your place and to check space availability.

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Sunday 7th March Sacred Site Dowsing Workshop of East Riding’s Spiritual yin and yang sites.

 Balancing the Male and Female within and without

Discover the largest male standing stone in Britain- the Rudstone Monolith. You will be shown how to dowse its extraordinary earth energies. Tall stones have large and powerful circular energy fields that we will locate, dowse and interact with.

Duggleby Howe, round mound.

We will interact with the female energies of Duggleby Howe, one of the largest round barrows in Britain. Dome shaped constructs, be that a dome in a catherdral or a round mound emit a particular type of energy which we will explore.

St. John’s Holy Well

We will visit and dowse St. John’s Holy Well for its sacred water energy vortex pattern.

Only £35 per person 10 am-3.30 pm

April 15th – 25th 2020  – I am touring Egypt with Project Camelot-Kerry Cassidy.

During the tour I will be teaching Egyptian Pendulum Dowsing.

Dowsing Eqypt

In each temple, we will be activating and aligning an Isis Pendulum Energy Device to the divine colours of Ra-the Sun God. In Esoteric Colour Dowsing, there are many unseen colours as well as the electromagnetic colour spectrum of Red–Violet. Each temple has a specific colour that can activate the pendulum and the ‘batteries’ of the pendulum ‘store’ the energy. Once the tour is complete, the power of place will be within the pendulum making it emit extraordinary power. Maria will also be locating, and when possible, dowsing for three powerful energy currents–the Isis, Osiris and Horus energy currents–that are associated with several temples. Maria will also show you at certain temples how the gods are depicting using one of the Egyptian pendulum devices for healing.  If you require an Isis pendulum email

Spring 2020 Turkey and Gobekli Tepe

May 29th – June 1 – I will be at Contact in the Desert, Indian Wells, Palm Springs CA

11th – 12th July Practical weekend – Dowsing Professionally Level 1

July 18th Dowsing the Devil’s Den dolmen and Adam’s Grave long barrow. 10.30 am to 3.30 pm

Wear sensible walking shoes and appropriate clothing for the scheduled weather.

In the morning we will dowse the Devil’s Den Dolmen near Marlborough for deep and highly active yin and yang aquifers. The meeting point of two aquifers creates a highly charged electromagnetic force field. The Devil’s Dens capstone has a carved recess area that was discovered by Gary Evans, where you can place your head-activating the higher crown chakra or the recess can be used for sound toning.


You can bring a packed lunch or go to the Barge Inn at Honey Street for toilets and refreshment is your choice. 

In the afternoon, we will visit Adam’s Grave long barrow which is now grassed over and in-filled but was once a huge megalithic chambered long barrow similar to the West Kennet long barrow. Adam’s Grave long barrow is sited on the MERCURY planetary orbit of the Duke Ley Line that I have worked on for many years. Thus, this location on the ley is all about communication and activating your throat chakra. This energy can assist your communication skills, channelling, oracle work, or simply your communication to Gaia or Source.

The ley is associated with two yin and yang earth currents called Catherine and Peter and one flows through the long barrow creating a powerful energy location. The views across the Pewsey Vale are outstanding and beautiful. Hearing the skylarks overhead is always magical.

On top of Adam’s Grave long barrow

Nearby, is the Alton Landscape Goddess and she is incredible! We can view this remarkable landscape goddess from the bottom of the road, which gives the best view.

The Alton Landscape Goddess

August 22nd Time 10.30 am-3.30 pm – Stonehenge’s Ancient landscape

Wear sensible walking shoes and appropriate clothing for the scheduled weather.

The Stonehenge landscape is magnificent. Maria will describe how Stonehenge stands at a critical astronomical point and how one ley line that courses through the site acts like a Prime Ley Meridian line dividing the world into 12 sections that are associated with a the 12 signs of the zodiac. Intriguingly, the Taurean Mountains fall on the Taurus energy line and the Ring of Fire is associated with the fiery sign of Leo the Lion. This is incredible and has been noted by astrologers! The ancient Druids spoke of 12 lines that encircle the globe and I think I had have found them in this global terrestrial celestial zodiac.

The High Queen of Stonehenge

Maria Wheatley discovered a long lost secret of Stonehenge. The largest long barrow ever constructed in Neolithic England lies not far from Stonehenge. The barrow was raised for a long skulled Queen (or priestess) and Maria tracked her down to one of the UKs top universities. We will visit her long barrow if access if permitted as it lies on MoD land. If access is not permitted, we will visit nearby long barrows that housed long skulled males.

After lunch at a nearby Inn, we will visit Woodhenge and Durrington Walls. Woodhenge was once a vast timber complex consisting of two other timber circles that have long vanished. Also, within Durrington Walls there were further timber circle structures, temple spaces and houses.

We will dowse for circular energies that dictated the size and location of Woodhenge as well as paying our respect to the small child that was buried in a flint grave at the centre of the monument. She is the Guardian of the Site.

Woodhenge and the Flint Grave

According to the Master Dowser, Guy Underwood, who surveyed the site in the 1940s, there was once a rectangular structure that he described as a temple space. Decades later, archaeologists discovered numerous rectangular building nearby! Guy was the first to say Durrington contained rectangular constructs. We will locate the position and by decoding the earth energies discover how our ancestors were using the site.

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September 19th – 20th 2020 – Ancient America: Dowsing America’s Stonehenge

October 6th – 13th  – Malta -the Earth Energy Perspective Tour 2020