This year is full of new and exciting places to visit and some old favourites too. The Rollright Ring, Belas Knap, Uley long barrow, Avebury, the Stonehenge environs, Megalithic Wales and Megalithic Derbyshire. Also, further afield to Ancient America, Egypt with Kerry Cassidy; France and Sardinia.

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Saturday, 6th April 2019 – Belas Knap Long Barrow, the Duke Planetary ley line and the Rollright Ring.

Bring a packed lunch; wear sensible clothing and walking shoes.

If you need to lend a pair of dowsing rods email

(Post codes for Sat Nav Belas Knap GL54 5AL and Rollright OX7 5QB)

Belas Knap is a horned Neolithic long barrow with a ‘false’ entrance that is outstanding in energy and location.

This magnificent long barrow is connected to Avebury Henge and Stonehenge by a planetary ley system that links the planets of the solar system to sacred sites below. Belas Knap is associated with the planet Uranus and the ley courses down the axis of the barrow.

We will locate the ley and work with its energies as well as dowsing for geodetic earth energies that imbue the barrow with unseen energy. The long skulled – elongated skulled – people constructed the barrow and we will explore their long lost legacy and what they actually looked like.

One of the side chambers at Belas Knap

The Duke Ley

Alongside astrologer Laurence Upton, I extended this ley line, which I call the Duke Line, by using the same astronomical units of the ancestors, Belas Knap equates with Uranus which is the modern day planetary ruler of Aquarius.

The Duke Line

In the afternoon we will visit the Rollright Ring which is distance of approximately 39 minutes from Belas Knap long barrow.

The Rollright Ring in Oxfordshire

Rollright is a fascinating site that has many diverse forms of earth and aerial energy which we can locate and interact with.

Aerial Energy

At Rollright Ring, we will explore how the energy bands of the stones focus on the outlying King Stone creating a gigantic ley-triangulation of energy lines. We will discover how the stones act like a compass; this phenomenon was discovered by my late father and is a strong form of megalithic aerial energy.

Rollright produces the strongest form of directional flow energy that you can feel with your hands, feet or body. The directional flow is called ‘cyclotronic’ earth energy that the ancestors created by the careful placement of standing stones.

Earth Currents

We will visit the King Stone and dowse for ley lines and also the Elen and Belinus earth currents discovered by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare. We will also visit The Whispering Knights – the remains of an ancient chamber – which is said to make clicking noises at the Full Moon which are located on powerful energies which we will dowse.

Magnetic and Radiation Hotspots

There are radiation hot spots close to the site that dowsing can detect as well as strong magnetic zones within the circle, all of which combine to produce an incredible surface energy that fuses with water and earth energy.

Form Energy

We will experience powerful Form Energy and how it can aid manifestation which was used by the ancient ancestors and occultists alike.

I have a new book out on the Rollright Ring which explores in details the unseen energies of the megalithic complex.

17th – 27th April – I am touring Egypt with Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy.

21st June 2019 – The Summer Solstice Dowsing Workshop, Sacred Sites of Gloucestershire

Healing megaliths and long barrows.


This power point presentation and practical workshop is in conjunction with the Isbourne College and Holistic Centre 3. Isbourne House, Wolseley Cheltenham GL50 1TH.

Start 10 am – 5 pm.

If you need to lend a pair of dowsing rods email

To book your place contact

Uley Long Barrow GL11 5AR

After the power point presentation at the Isbourne Centre, we will visit Uley long barrow, which is 30 minutes away.

Overlooking the Severn Valley, Uley long barrow is fondly called Hetty Peglar’s tump, named after a landowner’s wife. Dated to the Neolithic, this peace-offering long barrow is orientated near east – west. It is 120 feet (37 metres) long by 111 feet (34 metres) at the widest section. Inside it has a stone gallery some 32 feet (10 metres) long and 3.28 feet (1 metre) wide  leading to two pairs of chambers and also an end chamber. The remains of l3 long skulled people were found inside of the chambers.

We will interact and dowse with:

  • Aquastat energy – healing energy.
  • A ley line
  • Holy lines – male and female water energies
  • Colour dowse the energies using a HFC dowsing aid
  • Colour dowse our auras before and after interacting with the chamber energy.

We will have lunch at the nearby Nymphsfield long barrow picnic site (weather permitting). GL11 5AU.

Despite being damaged, robbed of its once fine standing stones and roof there is still a silent but ever-present Spirit of Place that brings us closer to the land and to our ancestors. The layout is in the shape of the goddess and Marija Gimbutus noted numerous European cairns and barrows featured this feminine design shape. This is a true Mother Mound symbolising, and putting us in direct contact with, the Divine Feminine.

We will dowse for

  • Earth energies,
  • The chakra areas of the goddess figure
  • Work with the chamber energies.

After lunch we will then travel 15 mins by car to the Long Stone of Minchinhampton.

This holed stone is said to emit healing energy; certainly, it once helped to heal my own knee! It is set above intense geospiral energy that is extraordinary. Local folk say it can heal children of rickets. This stone gives out healing energy. We will interact with the vast network of spirals that give energetic power to this remarkable stone.

If we have any spare time we will visit nearby Tingle Stone.

The Tingle Stone is the remains of a long barrow and it really does make your hands and fingers tingle! We will end the day sitting by this wonderful stone set amid the trees.

6th and 7th July 2019 – Avebury weekend Dowsing Professionally course with

Click here for information.

16th July at Marlborough College Summer School Lecture on the White Horses, earth energies and dowsing.

This will be followed later in the week by the re-cutting of the Marlborough White Horse.

27th and 28th July 2019 – A weekend in Wales: Dolmen energy, bluestones and Gors Fawr stone circle.

Time 10.30 am -3.30 pm each day

Wear sensible clothing and walking shoes.

If you need to lend a pair of dowsing rods email

A very cheap and earthy B and B is called Temple Druid in Clunderwen close to the sites. From £20-25 per night. Camping may be available on the site.

Day 1 only – £35

Day 2 only – £35

Full weekend – £70

Day 1: Pentre Ifan at SA41 3TZ

With outstanding views that bring us close to Mother Nature, the setting of this Neolithic dolmen is spectacular. Standing in the north east of Carningli Mountain the monument dates back to 3500 BC. The body of the cairn has been removed but the stones are full of life and energy. The capstone is said to weigh around 16 tons and it points at the Nevern River. Furthermore, the sloping capstone as seen from the east side of the site looking west follows the exact contours as the northern slope of the Carningli Mountain, leading your eye to the mouth of the Nevern Estuary at Newport. This is silently linking the monument to surface water.


 Full of spirit of place and energy Pentre Ifan is a Wonder of Wales. The capstone encourages the rising earth energy to be released downward; so sitting in the chamber the energy can be felt and dowsed. Set close to a powerful grid line of a global grid system, adds to the meaning of this ancient site. We can also dowse for the outline of the long gone burial mound.


 After a relaxing lunch we can visit Carreg Coetan Arthur SA42 0LT  which is just a few minutes away.  Dating from 5000 years ago, the site consists of four upright stones which appear to support a mighty capstone, there is no evidence that it was used for burial and it appears more like an oracle or healing chamber. The capstone energy is intense and dowsing allows us to locate and interact with the nodal power points that release megalithic energy.


Optional extra

Around 34 minutes away is Carreg Samson SA62 5AN Overlooking the sea and standing stalwart and remote, this dolmen is truly amazing. Inside is a temple space of balance; consisting of the yin-yang harmonising energies. This can be seen in the deliberate placement of the feminine triangular shaped stones alongside male stones. It creates a perfect setting for re-balancing and regenerating.


The stones have been worked (dressed) and appear highly charged and adding to their strength you can see large chunks of quartz’s in some of the stones. Carreg Samson teaches us that balance encourages inner happiness and health.

Day 2: Craig Rhosyfelin bluestones and Gors Fawr stone circle

Day 1 only – £35

Day 2 only – £35

Full weekend – £70

Craig Rhosyfelin is one of the sources of the bluestones of Stonehenge. Standing like a large megalith, the entire site is fully of energy that can be sensed and felt.  You can see within in the quarry the shape of megaliths.

According to Old Chinese geomancy lore, earth energy is strong in the mountains and hillsides and especially so if it is full of bluestone that is three times more magnetic than any other stone in England!

We will dowse for the energy levels and the frequencies of the stones.


After a relaxing lunch we will go to Gors Fawr stone circle.

Nestling in view of the bluestone Prescelly Mountains, this attractive setting adds beauty to this stone circle. Sixteen stones make a circle of 73 feet (22.3 metres) in diameter.  One of the stones is a bluestone; bluestones are associated with healing properties. There is an earth energy current that connects the circle to the Bluestone Mountain which is like an umbilical cord.

A Megalithic Healing Chair

Around 440 feet (134 metres) to the north east of ring are two outliers. One of which forms a megalithic seat, which often displays a magnetic hotspot with a hand held magnetic compass (not using a mobile cell phone). Their north-east alignment looks towards the Summer Solstice sunrise. We will dowse for the geodetic system of earth energies such as a primary halo and ‘track’ lines.

Primary Halo – setting the shape, diameter and energising the stones

August 10th and 11th 2019 – Dowsing weekend in Derbyshire Arbor Low, the Stonehenge of the North and Gib Hill. 

The Nine Ladies stone circle and prehistoric artwork at the Rowtor Rocks and Caves.

Time 10.30 am -3.30 pm.

Extra costs: £1 entrance fee to Arbour Low stone circle.

Wear sensible clothing and walking shoes.

If you need to lend a pair of dowsing rods email

Day 1 only – £35

Day 2 only – £35

Full weekend – £70

10th August – Day 1: Arbour Low, Gib Hill and Nine Stone Close stone circle.

Arbor Low address: Long Rake, Monyash, Derbyshire DE45 1JS

Arbour Low is called the Stonehenge of the North and it is sited upon Middleton Moor in the Peak District. Outstanding views create a dramatic setting for this ancient and holy stone circle. Originally, the large limestone henge had a rubble bank 2 metres high enclosing a rock cut ditch.


Within the henge was a stone circle of 46 standing stones (although some researchers suggest 50 standing stones). There are entrances in the northwest and southeast which are the directions of the midsummer sunset and the midwinter sunrise respectively.  Standing like stone guardians, the entrances probably contained portal stones, which you would have passed before entering the inner sanctity of the stone circle.

I suggest that the off-centre Cove feature is much older than the circle and was constructed by the long skulled people. The three-sided Cove was once a rectangular or horseshoe stone setting. Other examples of Cove features can be found at Avebury Henge, Stanton Drew and Cairnpapple. Archaeologists have calculated that the open end of Arbor Low’s Cove would have faced the northeast, and may be aligned on the major northern moonset. There is a later round barrow partly built on the south-eastern side of the henge bank.

An earthen avenue curves from the entrance which may have led to the nearby Gib Hill which lies 330 yards (300 metres) west of the stone circle.

Gib Hill. An extraordinary Mound.

Despite numerous attacks and assaults ravaged against Gib Hill from past excavations, this mound is still huge and impressive rising to 4.5 metres high. Old excavation reports and visual analysis suggest that the round cairn is superimposed on pear shaped long cairn; however, this effect may be due to earlier diggings and attempted excavations.

In 1848, Thomas Bateman discovered a limestone cist, just below the centre of the cairn containing a food vessel (beaker) with a cremation. Bateman extracted the burial and placed it in his garden at Lomberdale House!  Thankfully, in 1938 it was returned to Gib Hill but only the cist lid cab be seen in the top of the cairn today. A Roman road runs northwest to southeast about 500 metres to the west.

Arbor Low is linked to Stonehenge via the Prime Meridian ley line which I suggest represents 0 degrees Aries. Although other authors claim this is Greenwich. Nonetheless, using Stonehenge, I divided the globe into 12 sections to generate a terrestrial zodiac. Planets that align to the leys appear to activate the line and cause earth changes.

A Global Ley encircling the Earth

Arbor Low is linked to Stonehenge via the Prime Meridian ley line which I suggest represents 0 degrees Aries. Although other authors claim this is Greenwich. Nonetheless, using Stonehenge, I divided the globe into 12 sections to generate a terrestrial zodiac. Planets that align to the leys appear to activate the line and cause earth changes.

Interact with the energies

At Arbor Low we will dowse for the global Prime Meridian line, and a Primary Halo that dictated the shape and position of the limestone stone circle. At Gib Hill we explore the earth energies that rise, cobra like, from the mound. We will also explore the healing aquastat energy of the site and how this form of underground energy can be used for healing.

 Nine Stone Close, Harthill Moor, Youlgreave.

Appearing immortal, the Nine Stone Close stones are the tallest megaliths in Derbyshire. And they are still impressive.  In 1847 seven stones once stood but today only four have survived. Standing on the eastern rim of a circle that was once 45 feet (13.7 metres) in diameter. The stones range from 4 feet (1.2 metre) to a giant in the south standing 7 feet (2.1 metres) high which was re-erected in 1936 alongside its northern partner.

11th August – Day 2: Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor and Rowtor Rocks

Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor. Lees Road, Stanton in Peak, Youlgreave, Derbyshire DE4 2LS

Day 1 only – £35

Day 2 only – £35

Full weekend – £70

A quite energy surrounds this site that offers stillness and wisdom. This enchanting stone circle is called the Nine Ladies and it is a must visit.

 Standing among the airy trees the stones were once surrounded by a rubble bank enclosing a burial mound. Entrances are believed to be in the northeast and the southwest and there is an outlying King Stone said to be 130 feet (40 metres) to the WSW. The tenth stone is a recent intruder and the stones are local millstone grit.

Lunch at the Druid Inn. Situated behind the Druid Inn are the Rowtor Rocks that have mythical Druidical associations.

Carved into the dramatic gritstone rock tor, which rises to 50 feet in height, are caves (likened to energy rooms by Master Dowsers if they contain a particular type of earth energy), alcoves, benches and tunnels with flights of worn stone steps. Prehistoric cup and ring markings and latter day square sockets which may once have supported Christine crosses can be seen.

Rowtor Rocks is said to have some ancient connection with the Druids; certainly, the nearby Druids Inn was once a meeting place of the Ancient Order of Druids but the connection to the rocks probably arose in Late Victorian times. The caves are said to be the work of the Rev. Thomas Eyre who created them during the seventeenth century and Eyre was known to entertain company and compose his sermons on Rowtor Rocks, which formed part of his grounds of Rowtor Hall.

Nonetheless, the antiquity of this site can be seen in its prehistoric rock art, which we will find and view. Five ancient carvings have been discovered on the western end of the outcrop. One of the best-preserved carvings can be found on a stone boulder just below the so-called ‘armchair’. The carvings are etched on the edge of the stone.

Nearby on a boulder just a few metres towards the west, is a second example, which is slightly weathered, consists of a cup with a partial ring trailing off into a ‘snake-like feature’, a design which is unique to this area. A further curve, like a wing, close by makes it resemble some kind of bird, which is a symbol of the goddess. However, the most beautiful and uplifting rock art can be found on a small boulder approximately five metres down on the northern face of the outcrop. Composed of two concentric rings with a cross in the centre and a cupmark in each segment, it may represent the solstices and the equinoxes and the cross quarter days.

24th August 2019 – Stonehenge’s Ancient landscape

Time 10.30 am – 3.30 pm.

Wear sensible clothing and walking shoes.

If you need to lend a pair of dowsing rods email

Stonehenge’s Ancient landscape

The Stonehenge landscape is magnificent. Maria will describe how Stonehenge stands at a critical astronomical point and how one ley line that courses through the site acts like a Prime Ley Meridian line dividing the world into 12 sections that are associated with a the 12 signs of the zodiac. Intriguingly, the Taurean Mountains fall on the Taurus energy line and the Ring of Fire is associated with the fiery sign of Leo the Lion. This is incredible! The ancient Druids spoke of 12 lines that encircle the globe and Maria thinks she had found them in this global terrestrial celestial zodiac.


We will walk the ancient landscape and visit the nearby Cursus barrows and discover who the people of Stonehenge were as well as well as energy dowsing ley lines along the avenue and energy circles close to the barrows.

The High Queen of Stonehenge

Maria Wheatley discovered a long lost secret of Stonehenge. The largest long barrow ever constructed in Neolithic England lies not far from Stonehenge. The barrow was raised for a long skulled Queen (or priestess) and Maria tracked her down to one of the UKs top universities. 

We will visit her long barrow if access if permitted as it lies on MoD land. We will also visit nearby long barrows that housed long skulled males.

After lunch at a nearby Inn, we will visit Woodhenge and Durrington Walls. Woodhenge was once a vast timber complex consisting of two other timber circles that have long vanished. Also, within Durrington Walls there were further timber circle structures, temple spaces and houses.

We will dowse for circular energies that dictated the size and location of Woodhenge as well as paying our respect to the small child that was buried in a flint grave at the centre of the monument. She is the Guardian of the Site.

Woodhenge and the Flint Grave

According to the Master Dowser, Guy Underwood, who surveyed the site in the 1940s, there was once a rectangular structure that he described as a temple space. Decades later, archaeologists discovered numerous rectangular building nearby! Guy was the first to say Durrington contained rectangular constructs. We wills stand it the location and sense the past as we dowse the outline of the former building.

Stonehenge’s Ancient landscape – £35

6th – 12th October – Ancient America: The Earth Energy Perspective.

New England Tour with Maria Wheatley and the gifted artist and psychic Hilary Raimo.

Link to event page

From ‘America’s Stonehenge’ to the amazing Gungywamp megalithic complex, America has some extraordinary megalithic power places. Connected by a long lost Celtic heritage and earth energy design traditions, American sacred sites are similar to those found at Stonehenge and in Ireland.

At the ancient sites will interact with many diverse forms of earth energies such as deep yin water, earth voltages, megalithic energy, ley lines and the earth currents that can entwine them; as well as grid lines and healing forms of earth energy.

Together, we will explore America’s long forgotten spiritual heritage embodied in the stone chambers and sacred sites that adorn the landscape. We locate the geodetic system of earth energies that unite the temples of the world… More details about this tour will soon follow. This is a once in a lifetime tour of American sacred sites with the UKs leading authority on geodetic earth energies.

Sacred chamber of Gungywamp

I cannot wait to dowse and decode some of the USA’s most powerful sacred sites with you. For example, at Gungywamp Chamber 1 there is an amazing tall rectangular stone chamber, which is perfectly set by a 3.5 coiled geospiral that emits electromagnetic energy. The geospiral is the harmonic surface pattern of deep underground ‘yin’ water. It is also the symbol of the base chakra depicted as a 3.5 coiled ‘serpent’. Other chambers of the complex appear to be aligned on deep water that may represent specific charkas needs to be firmly established. This design canon is also found in Carrowkeel Ireland. At the equinoxes as the sunsets, the golden light is beamed down the light shaft bathing the chamber in soft and golden light.

We will also visit Putnam Temple Space in New York as we journey across the ceremonial landscape and to America’s Stonehenge. Other sites and full tour details to be announced soon. If you are interested and would like to reserve your space contact

The Putnam Temple

America’s Stonehenge Megalithic Complex

Healing Our Homes

During our Ancient America tour, we will learn how to dowse the healing Earth Energies emitted by Gaia; and also the toxic grid zones (known as geopathic stress zones) that release harmful earth rays that are injurious to our health and how to negate them.

Living in harmony with Gaia

Geopathic stress zones have been deeply researched over the past fifty years. Leading pioneers were K. Bachler, Dr Manfred Curry and Dr Ernst Hartmann. Funded by the Salzberg education authority, K. Bachler researched the link between geopathic stress zones and disease. In a Herculean task, she documented 11,200 case histories from 3,000 homes in 14 countries. She referred to houses located over geopathic stress zones as ‘cancer houses’ due to the abnormally high incidence of the disease-inducing influences in these homes over several generations of families.

You will be shown how to negate geopathic stress in your home to ensure that you and your family live in harmony with the Earth.

Earth Energy Transference

Gaia’s powerful earth energies can assist healing and Maria will show you how to work with the harmonic energies to heal one another. If you are interested in attending please email:

Saturday, 2nd November 2019 Free Tour: Samhain’s Shadow Line and Vortex Energy

If you are interested in attending please email:

Maria Wheatley and Busty Taylor discovered a unique shadow alignment at Avebury Henge’s southern entrance. On Samhain, the start of the Celtic Year, a vast shadow line casts a dark line over the entrance to the southern inner circle. This immense shadow is one of Avebury’s best-kept secrets, as it can assist us to leave behind any negativity or darkness that occurred during the past year. Maria will show you the nearby active vortex and explain ways in which we can work with vortex energy.


Brittany to be announced

Sardinia in September date to be finalised