Master Practitioner of Dowsing

Divining the Earth

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The most comprehensive course on earth energies, ley lines and grid lines in the UK. Study this course in two practical workshops, or with a home study package, on line, or with SKYPE lessons. On line lessons coming soon.

Maria is considered a leading authority on dowsing and has over 20 years of experience of divining geodetic earth energies. She is considered the UKs top Master Dowser of Geodetic Energies.

She is a second-generation dowser and inherited the manuscripts and surveys of the Late Master Dowser Guy Underwood which are in her possession. She has lectured for the British Society of Dowsers, Italian Dowsing Society and has written several articles for the American Dowsing Society and is one of the most respected international tutors on dowsing.

Says Maria: ‘The reason why I put this course together is that it is not taught anywhere else in the world and I want to impart the information on how to divine the land, interpret Gaia’s energy patterns and live in harmony with the Earth in a structured and easy to learn way.

Our forebears were fully aware of this energy system and whilst our intuition can guide us, I feel it is vitally important that this energy system is not forgotten and the archaic wisdom is passed on. In the past, many heretics died so that sacred teachings were preserved. Ancient wisdom, in all its branches, can anchor us into the past whilst guiding us to recreate our future.

Now is the time to listen to the silent sign language of Gaia which she expresses as energy lines and patterns; Gaia also creates, deep within her planetary body, sentient water which emits an incredible three-fold pattern.

Gaia’s energetic system is rich in colour, so do see energy lines or patterns as emitting all the Earth colours with a dominant colour that prevails-just like your aura. We live amid glorious colours and frequencies which we can interact with... such is the unseen esoteric beauty of Gaia, our One Mother.’

3rd and 4th October 2015
10.30 am - 4 pm

Venue Longways House, Lower Blunsdon,
Near Swindon, Wiltshire SN26 7BJ and
Avebury Henge

Alternatively, I offer personal one-to-one Skype lessons or private teaching sessions.

Master Practitioner of Dowsing

Divining the Earth

The course has two sections each consisting of 7 lessons.
* Level I - Sentient water, earth energies and ley lines.
* Level II - The Healing Grid Lines.

Synopsis of the course

Day 1 of the practical course and Part 1 of the home study course which consists of 7 lessons

Study in-depth the powerful earth energies and grid lines which interlace the planet. Learn how to identify, heal, cleanse and interpret the land to live in harmony with Gaia.

How to identify and activate the Earth’s healing lines, energies and places of power. Also, how to cleanse and heal the land, or your home, of any inharmonious Earth energies using the 12 healing colours of the Earth which I call Healing Energies using the Alchemy of Colour.

Feel the energies, geodetic signatures
As well as teaching you how to dowse, Maria encourages you to recognise an earth energy line or pattern by using your body – how does the energy make you feel? Each type of earth energy makes us feel slightly different.

I call the feelings we get from the land ‘geodetic signatures’. So when we learn, for instance, eight different signatures we can walk around a house, garden or sacred site and long before we dowse we can FEEL the energies and thus interpret them. Maria will teach you which sides of the body are influenced by certain geodetic energies.

Sacred Sentient Water. Learn how to recognise sacred primary-yin water born deep within the Earth which is independent of rainfall by the three-fold earth energy pattern it emits. HOWEVER, IT MUST BE NOTED THAT NOT ALL GEOSPIRALS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH YIN WATER H2O3. AT FIRST, THIS WAS THOUGHT TO BE THE CASE AS STATED BY FAMILY AND AGE-OLD WATER DIVINING LORE, BUT NEW RESEARCH SUGGESTS THIS IS INCORRECT. THERE ARE COMPLEXITIES.

• Discover the healing attributes of this type of water and how it can cleanse our own body-water.

A vast supply of sentient water emits this pattern

The three-fold energy pattern of sentient water. A geospiral pattern is surrounded by a circular pattern and then a semi circular pattern known as a Primary and Secondary halo and these earth patterns were integrated into sacred sites, pyramids and walled cities.

• One pattern is considered healing, another energetic and the other protective. Vast complexes like Karnak in Egypt integrated these sacred energies which react to light, sound and colour.

Water that causes geopathic stress
Identify yang water that falls as rain and fills up the underground streams and aquifers by its distinctive harmonic pattern. Underground yang water is not good to live above as it emits an inharmonious energy field known as geopathic stress.
Chronic geopathic stress where two yang streams cross at near right angles produces intense geopathic stress. Learn to dowse the pattern and how the Masons use(d) it to keep people dumped down.
Alchemic water Locate healing patterns and identify the alchemic responses that yin water produces when it flows close to, and with yang water.

Genesis lines interacting with this powerful energy and how to follow its serpentine path.

• A Genesis line is a hermaphrodite line - containing yin and yang energies that run side-by-side or blend as one. They emit balancing and harmonic energy as they flow.

• Many mound sites in the USA (see illustration) integrated this energy as did the Megalithic architects of Avebury Henge and Stonehenge in the UK.

Identifying the geodetic system of earth energies. The geodetic system of earth energies comprises of the harmonic energy that underground water emit. We have seen that the water can release a three-fold pattern. The electromagnetic field that it emits is intense and we will study these various types of earth energies in detail.

Geospiral Earth Chakras
• We will discover how the geospiral pattern and its many different sized coils represent the chakra system. For example, a three and a half coiled geospiral represents the base chakra and a 7-coiled geospiral represents the heart chakra.
• The geodetic system of earth energies related to water: comprises of the water line and aquastat energy flow and the extraordinary healing influences they emit.
• How these energies influence other earth energies by producing primary spirals – a must to look for if you are into harmonic living.
• How to recognize how geodetic lines flow through the earth – fast or slow by the sacred pattern it emits.

The Early Masons like their pagan forebears looked for Habitation spirals to live above as it can encourage longevity.
Sentient water can flow in spirals as does the Chi energy it emits

Since 1898, it has been noted that when rainfall water flows through rocky subsoil (and certain other types of subsoils) it produces a harmonic surface chevron pattern – the universal symbol for water.

Compare the two. The spiral is harmonic the more jiggered pattern can produce geopathic stress; we can feel the energy ‘spikes’ with the palms of our hands. Likewise, we can receive the spiral energy in the palms of our hands.

All powerful geospirals in a locality are linked by an energy arc . Energy arcs are influenced by the Moon and expand and contract. If a locality is associated with an energy arc, it is a geodetic power centre. Smaller energy arcs link energy zones within a power centre like Stonehenge. It is the sentient water deep within the Earth that produces the patterns.
Track lines Ancient tracks and lanes (and therefore some leys) were associated with track lines. These emit an energy field that influences the muscular system and this is why animals follow them and never tire.

The Earth Colours
All earth energies emit an energetic colour and a frequency although one dominant colour prevails. We will learn to identity and interpret the energy colour flow. A harmonic red line boosts energy and is fast flowing – not ideal for animals to be housed above or us humans! Deer follow protective blue lines in woods and through open countryside and animals in the wild perceive magnetic blue energy lines, even during the darkest nights, as if they were lit.

We will study the energy colours and how we respond to the various colours.

Colour Dowsing and the meaning of the 12 sacred Earth colours will be explored.
• How the Earth colours influence the land and the aura.
Colour healing the land – The Alchemy of Colour applying the Earth Colours to heal and negate toxic and stagnant energies – in the land or in the home - is a beautiful non invasive yet highly effective way to communicate with the Earth. Let the Earth decide what she wants!
Discovering the harmonic threefold colours of Geospirals and Stone Circles. There are three main spiritual earth colours and these are emitted by geospirals that were chosen to mark the esoteric centre of a sacred site. Applying this ancient wisdom to our homes and constructs we can live amid Gaia’s healing colours.
Attuning to your Vivaxis – the Vivaxis is the magnetic aspect of your being. Your aura connects you to the Earth and to the place where you were born. This is a little-known fact even amongst advanced holistic practitioners.

All living creatures are invisibly connected to their birthplace by a magnetic ‘umbilical cord’ called a ‘vivaxis’– viva is Latin for life – and axis is a central line.

This cord literally plugs you into the Earth and its life-supporting energies, even if you move thousands of miles away. We will explore ways of connecting and attuning to your vivaxis to have a deep and intimate understanding of the land upon which you incarnated.

Part II of the home study course consists of 7 lessons

Level II The Healing Grids and the Shadow Grids
German physicists’ research shows that the Earth is surrounded by seven major grids, and my research associates each grid with a planet and a chakra. These grids are harmonic as they can enhance our ability to communicate, they can heal us, or they can be used to resolve karmic issues. The Royal bloodline knew this lore. So should we.

Grids attract certain types of plants and can influence our consciousness. They were integrated into churches by the Templars and the Masons to enhance the way we experience the Word of God…

Russian research - the world grid

Discover how to locate these lines of force and tap into the power, as did our ancient forebears.

There are also ‘shadow’ grids, which are the mirror image of the positive grids and they flow in the opposite direction.

They cover the planet from pole from pole and they are especially injurious to health as they induce paranoia, mental fatigue, and fear and should be avoided or harmonized. Discover how to locate the grids using a compass and a dowsing rod.
This fascinating course puts you in touch with Gaia and features the teachings of the Master Dowsers, Guy Underwood. Dennis and Maria Wheatley. After studying this course you will become a Master Practitioner of Dowsing with exceptional ability to attune to the Earth Force and interpret its invisible flows and frequencies.

This Master Practitioner course is not taught anywhere else and is considered the top dowsing course in the UK. It is the result of over 70 years of combined research. Expert tuition alongside practical exercises will give you a deep understanding of the land upon which you live and the information and skills will make you an adept dowser.
©2015 Maria Wheatley