Living and working with the global grid systems

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The Greek physician and healer Hippocrates (460 BC – 357 BC) noted that some locations were beneficial for healing specific diseases while others had a detrimental effect. Preceding Hippocrates, our Neolithic and Bronze ancestors integrated certain energy lines into their megalithic monuments, which can influence the healing process and expand our consciousness. Some of these lines are grid ley lines.

Grid systems consist of grid lines which encompass the planet like a gigantic fish net from pole to pole. In the 1980s, a physicist discovered seven main grid systems all of which have a positive effect upon our health and consciousness. Further research revealed that there are several shadow grids which are injurious to health. We can easily recognise their geodetic signatures and placement within our homes and workspaces by their size, width and their compass direction.

Harmonic placement
If we synchronize ourselves, homes and workspaces to live in harmony the grid lines, we can benefit from their energetic qualities and influences. For instance, one grid line can enhance the way we communicate, thus, an ideal location for all forms of communication, writing and learning and the best location for a PC, laptop, telephone, etc. Another grid can assist the body to self heal, and one particular grid can align us to the spiritual realms and higher consciousness. Other well-documented grids, such as the Hartmann and the Curry grids are also explored and their effects discussed, such as how stone or building materials can accentuate their energies. Using a compass and a dowsing instrument, grids are simple to find. We can locate them using a map or by physically dowsing a property.

Grid lines can also connect to our physical bodies via the solar plexus chakra. Each grid has a particular frequency, the most beneficial being 7 – 12 Hertz - the Schumann resonance frequency of the planet. We will explore how to recognise the grid systems influence upon our chakra system and how to realign ourselves to the Earth’s natural frequency - to live in harmony with the Earth’s energy.

In undisturbed countryside, a trained geomancer’s or dowser’s eye can easily identify the flow of the grid lines as certain trees, scrubs and plants grow upon them. Each grid system also corresponds to a planet within the solar system and certain celestial phenomenon can influence how the grids function.

Shadow grids
Shadow grids are the polar opposite of the harmonic grids and flow in the opposite direction. They can be potentially detrimental to health, however, once recognised their toxic effects can be neutralised and negated. Living with the grids can change the way we think, and behave, and encourage the body to heal it self.

Come along and explore the many ways we can work with the grid’s energy lines, which encompass our planet.

Bring along a rough plan of your home and/or workplace – upstairs and downstairs separately. Make sure you place north upon the plans. Free handouts.

Limited places so please book early.

Home Study course available on CD-Rom, email or post

£95. An outline of the course is listed below. The course can be emailed, or a CD-Rom posted. Alternatively, the course is available on paper in an A4 folder format.

Home study course content:

Lesson 1
The crystalline grid system
Magnetic anomalies

Lesson 2
The Curry grid
The Hartmann grid
Harmonic placement
How to use dowsing instruments

Lesson 3
Beneficial grid systems
The Third global grid
The Healing global grid
The Spiritual global grids
Planetary correspondences
Harmonic placement
Lesson 4
Shadow grid systems
Negating the grid energy

Lesson 5
Environmental influences
Chakras and auric influences
Dowsing the aura
Dowsing the grid cross
Chakra correspondences and the grids

Lesson 6
Putting it altogether
Geopathic stress zones
How to make a geopathic diffuser

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