Dowsing Workshops 2017

The Avebury Experience Dowsing and workshops

Secrets of the Stone Circles, mystery and magic

Dowsing workshops at Swinside stone circle, Castlerigg, the Rollright Ring and Stanton Drew. Also, this year I will be co-hosting a Midsummer Connecting to Gaia dowsing workshop in France. Plus leading a ‘Secrets of the Templars tour’, Tarot Made Easy workshop and a ‘Druid Soul Star Astrology workshop’ to discover your past lives and spiritual heritage.

This year my workshops are focusing on the ‘geodetic system of earth energies’ and the power of the stone circle and its circular shape for manifestation, protection and personal development. I will be visiting and interacting stone circles that have retained their circular shape, such as Swinside stone circle, Cumbria, Castlerigg in Cumbria, Stanton Drew in Somerset and the Rollright Ring in Oxfordshire.

27th MAY 2017 - Stanton Drew and Stoney Littleton long barrow

Stanton Drew stone circles are dedicated to the Divine Feminine. The circles incorporate the dimensions of the Moon to the Earth and the North East circle encodes the transits of Venus. The stones of the avenue can generate heat or coolness in this highly active stone circle.

We will look at the power of the circle which is outlined below see ‘Some of the collective traits due to the shape of the circle’. We will also be dowsing and interacting with the unique energies of this megalithic temple such as earth and water energies and an Earth Chimney energy pattern that was incorporated into the site. We will also explore the healing frequencies of branch spirals-pockets of underground water-and ley lines at the nearby Stoney Littleton long barrow.

24-25th JUNE 2017 - Midsummer Event

Connecting to Gaia, Divining France.
Certificate course in conjunction with

Traditionally, three days after the Summer Solstice is Midsummer’s Day (the Summer Solstice falls on the 21st-22nd June). In 2017, we will be honouring this powerful day at sacred sites in France. This unique workshop is a special interactive weekend when the energies of the land are receptive, alive and enhanced.

France is rich in sacred sites from dolmens to standing stones. Sacred sites were selected for their land energies which imbue the megalithic site with spiritual power. We will explore some of the most energetic sites in the Brittany and Normandy region of France.

Sacred sites act like portals that reawaken our DNA and memories of the past. Our ancient ancestors created power places that offer us healing, increased awareness and a way to connect to Gaia.

This tour and workshop led by Maria Wheatley and Peta Morton and they will show you many ways to discover and work with the Earth’s living energies. We will divine and dowse earth energies, water energies and ley lines. All earth energies have auric colours, a bit like our own auras; we will learn how to divine the earth colours and how they influence the land, our homes and all living organisms.

Gaia isn’t solid she is fluidic, her surface waters make up 75% of the planet and her inner waters are vast. Likewise, we too are fluid beings. Maria will show you several ways that you can work with the Earth’s inner waters, to cleanse your own body water which can have a rejuvenating affect and also how to release unwanted or repetitive memories.

The feminine earth energy number ‘3’ is often woven into sacred sites creating a ‘pulse’ point. This holy trinity of energy can awaken and align our chakras. Maria will explore the old Druidic Celtic way of awakening the inner chakras within ourselves at the triad chakra pulse points at some of the sites.

This weekend workshop is a certificated course covering
• How to dowse
• Interacting and locating earth energies
• Interacting with geodetic water energies
• Experiencing megalithic energy
• Discovering the Earth Colours of Gaia
• How to cleanse your body water
• Reconnecting to the land
• Holy Trinity energy points
• Divining ancient sites

We will be visiting several sacred sites and interacting with some of the most diverse energies located in France.

Les Buttes de Monthault
Les Cordon des Druides

La Roche aux, Fees, Esse

Plus, Mont Saint-Michel and other megaliths


1-2nd JULY 2017 - Dowsing Professionally at Avebury Henge. Certificate course, in conjunction with

Learn to dowse professionally with Maria Wheatley at the largest stone circle in the world - Avebury Henge. You will learn how to locate and dowse yin and yang water, geospirals, ley lines as well as dragon lines – the Mary and Michael earth currents, holy branch spirals, the Hartmann grid, the Curry Grid and the Benker grid. We will visit Avebury Henge stone circles, the West Kennet stone avenue and the West Kennet long barrow.

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22-23rd JULY 2017 - A weekend in Cumbria

July 22 Castlerigg stone temple
10.30 am to 3.30 bring a packed lunch wear sensible clothing and walking shoes.

Primary Spirals, sacred zones
We will explore the power of the circle which is described below ‘Some of the collective traits due to the shape of the circle’, as well as the unique traits and energies within this magical stone temple.

At Castlerigg, we will explore how a geospiral can produce the earth energy phenomena of Primary Spirals and what these meant to our ancient ancestors. Often I feel these energy points indicated where people stood for ceremonies and animals are attracted to these points for reasons we will explore. We will locate these energy zones and sense their rising energy within our chakras and bodies.

Aqua Alchemy
We will detect yang water flows and discover how the geopathic stress produced by this type of water is alchemically changed at a sacred site. As all dowsers and geomancers know underground yang water produces geopathic stress, but our ancestors knew this water could be transmuted to produce a harmonic energy. Discover their knowledge and deepen your awareness of earth energy and geopathic stress transmutation.

Finding the harmonic colour of water
Earth and water energies produce and release particular colours (Earth Colours) and we will discover how the main colours can affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. What is the best Earth Colour for you? We will explore the Earth Colours, how and why we resonate with particular earth colours.

Harmonic Colour Healing water
We will also make Harmonic Colour Healing water at the spiral’s centre and look at how water-energy can relax, soothe and help the body to heal itself.

July 23 Swinside stone circle
10.30 am to 3.30 bring a packed lunch wear sensible clothing and walking shoes.

Swinside is one of the best-preserved stone circles in Western Europe.

Out of the 60 standing stones, 55 still remain and 32 still stand. Each stone is only 5 feet apart making the energies between the stones especially strong.

In the north stands the tallest stone, stalwart and proud at 7 feet 6 inches high. Facing the mid winter sunrise the entrance encourages the flow of solar energy into the womb of the site. Nearby, is a Mother Hill that is connected to the stone circle by a hermaphrodite energy line which forms a unique relationship with the stone circle. Undoubtedly, this balancing and harmonizing energy flow was once used as a serpentine ceremonial way.

Water’s Memory
We will also explore Vortex energy at one of the stones and interact with the Akashic Records of this remote stone circle by attuning to the deep water beneath us and connecting to the energy within the water.

We will also learn how to identify, through the emitted harmonic surface pattern, fast flowing underground streams and interact with this dynamic energy.

19th AUGUST 2017 - The Rollright Ring, Oxfordshire

10.30 am to 3.30 bring a packed lunch wear sensible clothing and walking shoes.

Aerial Energy
At Rollright Ring, we will explore how the energy bands of the stones focus on the outlying King Stone creating a triangulation of ley-like energy. We will explore how the stones act like a compass; this phenomenon was discovered by my late father and is a strong form of megalith aerial energy.

Rollright produces the strongest form of directional flow energy that you can feel with your hands, feet or body. The directional flow is a cyclotronic form of energy that the ancestors created by the careful placement of standing stones.

We will visit the King Stone and dowse for ley lines and also the Elen and Belinus earth currents discovered by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare. We will visit The Whispering Knights – the remains of an ancient chamber – said to make a clicking noise and they are located on powerful energies which we will dowse.

There are radiation hot spots close to the site that dowsing can detect as well as strong magnetic zones within the circle, all of which combine to produce an incredible surface energy that fuses with water and earth energy.

7th OCTOBER 2017 - Secrets of the Templars Tour

10.30 am to 3.30 bring a packed lunch wear sensible clothing and walking shoes.

Experience the Templar codes of Salisbury Cathedral, unseen energies and long lost rites of the Templars. We will also visit Edington church which has traditional Yin and Yang entrances as well as encoded energies that imbue the construct with living earth energies. We will locate energy flows; discover the alchemy of Holy Water and the Templar Passing Over Rite.

Templar encodements take you from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Some of the collective traits due to the shape of the circle.

Geodetic earth and water energies. At the selected stone circles we explore the geospiral phenomena. A geospiral has two spiral patterns at anyone time. One flows in one direction, clockwise, and the other flows in the opposite direction, counter clockwise, but only one is detectable at anyone time. The two opposing directional forces generate vortex energy. Our ancestors were able to detect deep underground pockets of water and not just the closer aquifers known today. We will detect both spirals using a geodetic dowsing technique devised by a Master Dowser.

Form Energy A stone circle that has retained its circular shape is immensely powerful. The circle itself, be that drawn with salt, created by stones or even drawn onto a piece of paper generates Form Energy. Form energy is born of the circle and this is why occultists, Wiccans and Druids have used it for millennia. It manifests concentric circles within and without of its own energy field. This energy blends with geodetic earth energy and becomes a living force that we can work.

Megalithic Energy Standing stones react to the Earth’s inner waters that generate, not just a spiral, but a circular shape, and this is why stone circles are circular. A stone sited on the circle shape begins to absorb the earth energy and converts it into aerial energy.

Geomancy To the ancient Chinese geomancers and the Druids hills, rivers, streams and valleys were all alive. Particular shaped hills were equated with the planets of the solar system. In fact, it is said by some of the top geomants that the whole of the Chinese landscape was gently sculptured to reflect earth and planetary energies. We will look at the wider landscape and learn how to interpret it in relation to ourselves, our homes and, of course, the location of stone circles.

Other courses with Maria Wheatley at

April 22 2017 - Tarot Made Easy
Exploring the Minor Arcana, the Court cards as our main focus which is over 60 percent of the deck. Thus, you will leave knowing 60 percent. We will also explore several cards of the Major Arcana.

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2nd SEPTEMBER 2017 - Druidic Soul Star Astrology – past lives and your spiritual heritage.

Maria is having her new book Druidic Soul Star Astrology, published by Dolores Cannon’s publishing company Ozark Mountain.

This workshop will show you how to convert your own astrological chart into a Druid Soul Star Astrology chart that reveals your most significant past lives. If you don’t have a birth chart email Maria your date, time and place of birth -

Druid Soul Star astrology is a new and exciting branch of the astrological tree, which offers a gentle way of accessing information about past lives, without the need for regression. Some people find the idea of regression too intrusive and shy away from it. Although past life regression therapy can offer direct understanding of past lives, it isn’t for everyone. Soul Star Astrology is.

Druid Soul Star reveals aspects of yourself normally kept hidden giving you a unique opportunity to work with the light of the Soul. It can bring profound understanding of your past lives and deep spiritual awareness. This branch of the astrological tree unites the distant past with the present day.

The Simplicity of Druid Soul Star Astrology Soul Star uses simple astrological principles. However, instead of using a traditional astrological chart, which is circular, a six-pointed interlacing star is used. The positions of the planets at the time of birth are placed within the star, which creates a spiritual map revealing the past, present and the future.

The Soul Star chart
The interlacing six-pointed star consists of two triangles. The upward pointing triangle - the Soul Star triangle - connects you to the Cosmos and symbolises the Soul. The downward pointing triangle, the Earth Star triangle, represents the personality and connects you to the Earth plane. Symbolically, when the first breath was drawn the triangles entwined reflecting the divine union of the personality and the Soul.

Celestial Guidance
The planet’s positions within the six-pointed star reveal the imagery of the karma and bring to light karmic rewards, debts, past fears or future aspirations. Find out your most significant past lives in this fascinating astrological workshop. No need for any prior astrological knowledge. Handout provided. br>

Dowsing Workshops 2016 - COMING AGAIN IN 2018

One-day sacred site dowsing workshops, professional certificated dowsing courses and afternoon esoteric dowsing sessions with Master Dowsers and authors.

Please Email Maria to book your place prior to paying.

Interact with some of the finest ancient sites in the southwest and discover their mysteries. The Earth has an energetic eco-system which manifests as lines offorce, grid lines, spiral patterns, circles, and haloes. Worldwide, our ancestors placed their sacred sites upon them creating power places.

Join Maria Wheatley the author of Avebury, Sun, Moon and Earth and Discovering Wiltshire – a gazetteer of ancient sites to discover the diverse aerial and earth energies associated with ancient sites in southern England. When available we will be joined by Busty Taylor, who will talk to us about the history of crop circles in the Wessex landscape.

Each sacred site has its own unique geodetic signature which gives the site its Spirit of Place and spiritual purpose. We will discover that certain stone circles, earthen mounds and ceremonial centres performed a distinctive energetic role. For instance, some ancient sites were initiation centres, or magico-religious complexes, healing sanctuaries, and some were spiritual universities known by the ancient Druids as Cors – Oxford University is sited upon a Druidic Cor - whilst some sites enhanced the fertility of the land or conducted electro-magnetic energy across the land.

Ancient peoples could harness the power within the land and utilize the Earth’s energetic eco-system to enhance their lives. Remarkably, standing stones, temples and man-made structures could store and transmit earth energy and vestiges of their ancient technology remains. I will show you evidence to support this. Alongside Rodney Hale, Busty Taylor and David Webb, I have successfully recorded the frequencies of earth energies and megalithic energy. Come along and experience the hidden energies encoded into sacred sites.

Geomancy – Earth Divination readings at the workshops I include a geomantic reading to discover how the energies of a sacred site influence our consciousness.

Maria has led tours for authors such as Janet Ossebaard, Bert Janssen, Barbara Lamb and James Tyberron.

All the workshops are suitable for beginners or experienced dowsers.

We are now offering educational certificated dowsing tours for people who are on holiday or vacation. Click here for more details

NEW - 4th - 7th MARCH 2016

The first alternative tour to PRAGUE – Land of Alchemy, leys and secrets.

A long weekend in the beautiful city of Prague - the old Alchemy capital of the world. Interested in lost secrets, mysteries and the unusual – then this is the real life Da Vinci tour for you.

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10.30 to 3.30 pm Meet outside the Henge Shop. Bring a packed lunch or buy food at the local pub or restaurant. Please wear sensible clothing and footwear.

Avebury is a vast temple spanning over 6 Km of the ritual landscape. We will journey across the land and visit the Sanctuary which the 18th century antiquarian William Stukeley called the head of the Serpent Temple, and also the tail of the Serpent, which some dowsers think is at Knoll Down. The Serpent Temple is illustrated above.

At the Sanctuary. Colour and archaeological dowsing we will interact with the energies of the land, find out what the 5000 year old monument once looked like, and do some archaeological dowsing to find if the avenue was ‘double’ in its course. We will also colour dowse for the colours that imbue the lines of the site, which have been thoroughly researched and monitored for over 25 years.

At Knoll Down, we will explore Stukeley’s tail of the Serpent Temple. Knoll Down is like a magical Druidic Grove of swaying beech trees – but is it the tail? We will explore some diverse energy patterns there, and piece together the Avebury puzzle.
The Avebury stone circles are said to be the BODY OF THE SERPENT and within the sanctity of the stone circles, we will interact and dowse with many different forms of earth energies.

Rediscovering a healing area
Unknown to many people, yet recorded centuries ago, one section of the Avebury Temple had a Stone Floor – was it one used for healing – let us use dowsing to explore the mysteries of the past to discover the truth we can use today.

Experience energy transference
Maria has developed a technique which allows you to transfer earth energy to another person or place and this truly an empowering experience which has been a wow factor on Maria’s Professional Dowsing courses.

At Avebury we will dowse for:
  • Fault lines that carry energy
  • Colour frequencies
  • The easy and gentle Mary and Michael earth currents
  • The powerful Duke Ley Line
  • Sacred Water
  • Avebury’s long lost stone floor
  • The Sanctuary’s lost sections
  • Cleansing vortex energy of the West Kennet stone avenue
  • At the West Kennet long barrow we will dowse for leys, habitation spirals, a healing vortex and a lost avenue which we discovered in the 1990s.

Dowsing for two types of megalithic power
  • The Megalithic Force is a geological affect. The stones react to celestial and earth forces to produce an extraordinary power, which we will explore.
  • Megalithic energy Maria is the only dowser that has proved megalithic energy and she has shown the British Society of Dowsers and hundreds of people how to dowse this form of energy and revealed some of its secrets. This year we will look at the wider picture and discover new aspects of this energy system, and how it is activated by the Celestial gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon.

Optional Extra: Readings are now available on each tour – how does a site relate to you? Using the 16 symbols of Mother Earth, we will understand what the site is teaching you, as the stones and the earth energy points are our silent teachers that can guide us towards a better way of understanding ourselves and the land upon which we live.


Learn the ancient art of dowsing with the UK’s top Dowser. We will spend the weekend at Avebury Henge interacting, first hand, with the powerful earth energies and leys. You will learn how to recognise underground water (yin and yang types), geodetic energies, geospirals, leys, fault lines, dragon lines such as the Mary and Michael lines, geo-chimneys and how to recognise colour in the aura and much more...

Details here



2 pm to 4 pm Meet outside the Henge Shop


We will look at the geodetic geospiral energy pattern which depending on the amount of spirals is said to represent one of the chakras. The electromagnetic pattern relates to the deep inner waters born within the womb of the Earth and we learn how the energy field can cleanse our own body water and imbue it with colours.

Maria has pioneered this healing technique alongside two American authors Pia and Cullen and it is an amazing experience. Water has memory and therefore our own body water can hold on to memories just like our minds. Releasing unwanted memories into the electromagnetic force field is a process that can make you feel rejuvenated.

When your body water is cleansed, it reacts in a certain way.

Join Maria for a 2-hour mediation session amid the stones. If you would like to make a body water cleansing energy essence, please email Maria. Maria will provide a bottle and she uses deep Avebury water that is from a deep aquiver some 30,000-years-old to make the cleansing and healing energy essences.



Meet at the Uffington car park at 10.30 – 3.30 pm. Bring a packed lunch. We will visit the Wayland smithy long barrow, Uffington castle, the White Horse and Dragon hill. We will explore the history, mysticism and energies of these wonderful places as well as the Holy History of the sites seen though past life regressions cases.

We will dowse for:
A powerful Hermaphrodite line called a Genesis ley - Maria will show you how this form of energy is connected to this legendary landscape. Unlike the well-documented Mary and Michael energy currents or other polarity lines, this form of energy current contains both male and female aspects of creation and it is therefore a Hermaphrodite line that brings balance and harmony to the land and its people.

Land Energy transference - discover one of the secrets of Master Geomancers and how to relate to and transfer earth energy.

Earth chakras - how the energy transference of the earth energy chakras affects our aura and our own chakras. Identify where the energy transference occurs.

Elen and Belinus currents - we will locate the vortex yin and yang energy that produces the Genesis line and Maria will show you proof of this. We will also dowse for a Primary spiral that relates to a water vortex. This energy appears like an earth energy dragon

On the White Horse Maria will show you an age-old rite of Walking The Horse for good luck for the forthcoming year. And we will employ a form of archaeological dowsing to locate the old forms of the horse – was it once female and pregnant? Was this aspect of the horse preserved in the myth saying that the horse has a foal and they both go down to the spring for water?

On Uffington Castle we will dowse for earth energies and also for the esoteric centre marked by a geospiral that relates to the Throat Chakra. Uffington Castle was said to be one of the favourite castles of Uther Pendragon – King Arthur’s father. Was there once a castle on the hill’s summit and can we find the grand entrance?



Meet in the small car park by the entrance to the site. Bring a packed lunch or buy food at the Druids Arms pub. Stanton Drew has three stone circles all dedicated to the Divine Feminine. One of the circles represents the Earth and another the Moon. Their size reflects their heavenly locations, which produces an extraordinary celestial-earth relationship. A ley unites the two and forms a focal point of lunar and earth energy combined.

We will dowse for:

  • Flowing female earth energy
  • Land and celestial energies
  • Geodetic circular energies
  • Ley lines
  • Geospirals
  • Megalithic power points
  • Energy focal points
  • The Moon-earth relationship
  • The energies of the Cove

At Stoney Littleton long barrow we will dowse for healing areas that show how the earth rises from the land to imbue the body with a healing force that is truly divine.

Dowsing for:
  • Healing energy
  • Earth colours
  • Ley lines
  • Solar alignments
  • Energy zones



10.30 am to 3.30 pm meet next to the stones. Bring a packed lunch.

We will visit the remains of the Whispering Knights Dolmen, the famous Rollright Ring and the King Stone.

The oolitic limestone circle called the Rollright Ring still retains its circular shape and therefore acts as a stone circle proper – unlike say Avebury or Stonehenge- which no longer has its circle form. Here you will experience the megalithic action of the past.

At the Rollright Ring, we can dowse for form energy – the building blocks of manifestation and spin energy – the product of the circle’s shape and design. Laser like it casts a line of energy across the land. Cross talk communication zones - Each stone and site is in constant communication via the energy bands. Using one’s hands Maria will show you how to feel for the energy is like a force field.

The stone’s ever changing polarities - My late father discovered why the Master Dowser Tom Graves discovered that the stones have polarities which switch and change and we will dowse for this and we will discover the energy secrets of the past.

We will locate the most powerful form of earth energy known to humankind – the Negative Green and learn how it can change consciousness and physical matter such is its untold power.

Radiation levels
Strange forces combine with earth energy that produce mirages by the lane near the stone circle, which is aptly called the Spook Road. We discovered an outpouring location that was highly energetic and releases gamma radiation. Instruments do not lie and the truth leads to an extraordinary awareness of the Neolithic physicist’s ability.

The Whispering Knights stones react to the Full Moon’s energy creating a phenomenon that can be heard and we will see if we can find the exact location of this audio energy zone at the remains of the once grand dolmen.

Weird cloud like mists, ultra sound recordings and our own research will show you that there is far more to a stone circle that just standing stones

Interacting and dowsing for:
  • Audio energy zone
  • Active magnetic zone
  • The changing polarities of stones
  • Form energy
  • Band energy
  • Radiation levels
  • Auric affects
  • Ley lines
  • Gary Blitcliffe’s Elen and Belinus earth energy currents
  • Cross weave talk communication



I will email you where to meet at 11 am – 3.30 pm

Recently, Maria made a unique discovery. Using her dowsing geodetic skills she divined the Stonehenge landscape and is exceptionally proud that she found the long lost Queen of Stonehenge and her massive long barrow high on the Plain.

This form of archaeological dowsing does not use the conscious mind and the Show Me dowsing technique used by modern day dowsers but allows the Earth Mother’s energy system to guide you to discover what the land wants you to discover… Allow the Land to speak and open your heart mind to that which cannot and always in Servitude of Gaia and the ancestors old.

This area of Salisbury Plain is special and the story of how Maria found the Nephilim Queen by using dowsing and spirituality is a moving story.

We will visit the barrow of the Stonehenge High Queen and Maria will present her findings to you and will show you a nearby barrow that was never used for any burial rather an energy producer as an earth current double in its course flows towards the nearby Army Unit… The two are now linked in more ways than one.



Meet in Woodhenge car park 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. Bring a packed lunch.

We will visit the Cuckoo Stone, Woodhenge, the Stonehenge Avenue, the Cursus barrows, and a long lost healing temple discovered by a Master Dowser many decades ago.

At the Cuckoo Stone, we will locate the largest geospiral in the area. It is a focal point for the entire Stonehenge temple space, as it is from here that a powerful underground force unites the monuments afar like an artery of Mother Earth. The electromagnetic field is vast. Nearby is a lost TEMPLE for HEALING that was discovered by the late Guy Underwood in the 1940s and Maria will show you the area as it still emits energy. Let us use this time together to explore the building through dowsing.

We will also dowse for the coil of the Dragon. A unique form of earth energy which was known and sort after. Why? We will find and interact with the coils and locate the central band at the Cursus Barrows. Where does the coil go? We can track dowse the energy to its Mother born place.

Woodhenge is an intriguing site. It contains a circle-powered energy system that is easily dowsed, which according to Master Dowsers produces energy arcs of various sizes depending on the phase of the Moon and we will locate these faint whispering energy patterns as did our ancestors who incorporated them into their artwork.

Woodhenge’s mysterious magnetic zones - A mini Bermuda triangle is located within the site, which recently bought down a photographic drone machine are extraordinary areas to dowse that relate to particular earth energy zones. We will locate the zones and see for ourselves how they make a compass needle move!

The Stonehenge Avenue - The 1.5-mile avenue is said to be a processional way that was an earthen avenue. Really? Let us forget about the archaeological interpretation and make our own unique study as one antiquarian disagreed and saw something completely different... What he saw was grand and divine…Can we find it? What was it?

We will dowse for:
  • Earth Chimneys
  • Primary Haloes six-fold nature
  • Leys
  • Aquastats
  • A Geospiral – the largest in the geodetic sequence
  • Secondary Haloes
  • Long lost features of the ceremonial landscape
  • Earth colours




This workshop will be held in Avebury 10.30 am to 3.30 pm

Maria was taught this easy to apply technique
by a Chinese Master Geomant.
Learn from Land Geomants that Love the Earth

Locating earth energy and understanding how to use its 12 colours for healing is a sacred way to clear and heal the home that allows us to work in servitude of Gaia.

Communing with the Earth, allowing Her to guide us in the use of colour and frequency is a divine way to clear any area of geopathic stress and toxic Earth Energies.

You will be shown how to recognise the sacred Earth Colours of Gaia, said to be also born of the Sun, and how to relate this knowledge to the land and your home.

Never force an energy line to be moved, these are Gaia’s energies. Never force a house to forget its past, no matter how dark its history as one learns from one’s past mistakes or experiences. Instead, let us work alongside Gaia’s energy veins to understand the history of a location through earth-colour to liberate the dark with the wondrous colours of the Earth Mother. Allow yourself and your home to Shine Beacon Bright and live in harmony with Gaia.

What’s your Earth colour and what’s your homes ruling earth colour – Maria will take you on a fascinating experimental and hands on journey of discovery and show you dowsing with a difference!

We will also learn how to use an empowering technique called Energy Transference to colour heal the home, land and release in a loving way the unwanted energies of people’s negative thought forms, spirits and anything that is not in spiritual accord with the Highest Good.

We will learn how to raise the energy frequency of our tap water by applying colour and how to make harmonic healing water that can cleanse and heal.

A brief introduction to Earth based astrology
You will also be shown how to bring your astrological birth chart to Earth and use planetary lines to locate certain areas within your home.
Find Mercury in your home the energy of communication, place your phone, and tablet upon it to enhance your communication energy field. Need to feel better after an illness – find your Sun ley in your home and want to expand your business – find your Jupiter planetary line! This is a wonderful way of bringing your celestial self to Earth and working with the energies of the planets in a grounded spiritual way.