Dowsing Professionally

Dowsing Professionally

Certificated courses

A practical two-day dowsing course

on May 14th and 15th 2016

and also as a Home study correspondence courses


The home study course contains 10 lessons which can be emailed, available on PDF and CD-Rom or by post in A4 manual format.

Led by dowsing author and Master Dowser Maria Wheatley
The Avebury School of Esoteric Studies
Affiliated with the Association of British Correspondence Colleges

In the mid 1990s I was very fortunate to be introduced to and guided in the art of dowsing by the great master dowser Dennis Wheatley. Dennis's enormous knowledge, straight-forward approach, easy companionship and willingness to answer all my questions(!) made him the perfect teacher. I'm delighted that his daughter Maria now continues the family tradition of sharing this wonderfully valuable art and science with the world.

Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, healer and author of HOPE

A practical two-day workshop

A synopsis of the course

Day 1

Introduction to dowsing
We will explore the history of dowsing from ancient China to the present day. What dowsing is and why anyone can do it! We will experiment with different dowsing instruments and discuss what causes the dowsing reaction from the ‘sixth’ sense’ to brain wave activity and how the lunar phases influence our dowsing sensitivity.

Developing mental dowsing principles –‘frame of mind’ and visualisation
Simple mental principles, such as relaxed concentration, ‘frame of mind’ and visualisation are the key tools of successful dowsing. Students will gain a full understanding and in-depth awareness of the various mental disciplines required for successful dowsing and easy to follow exercises which encourage the discipline to develop.

Developing physical dowsing skills - rod handling and how to hold a pendulum
Fundamental dowsing skills are explored in detail so that you can master the key principles of dowsing such as:
‐ How to handle the rods and pendulum correctly.
‐ How to check that you are ‘in balance’ before you begin a dowsing session. If you are out of   balance, you cannot dowse efficiently resulting in incorrect answers.

Rod programming
How to establish ’yes’ and ‘no’ responses. How to recognise false or trick answer.

Information dowsing
How (and when) to ask the rods or pendulum a question is examined in detail.

Directional dowsing and the ‘Show me technique’.
Directional dowsing is an important key skill which allows one to detect and locate large objects, such as a nearby church or school, to smaller objects in the home. Using this skill anything can be found from ley lines to a lost set of house keys. With practise, this skill will become second nature to the student. Several practical exercises are given which encourage the student to put the theory into practise and test this newly found skill.

Establishing an accuracy reference point
establishes the exact location of a dowsing target.

The essential art of tracking

The ability to follow or track water and gas pipes, telecommunication cabling, water and sewer pipes is demonstrated and explained. This skill can also be applied to locate and track global grid systems, geopathic stress zones, ley lines, earth energies, and underground streams. Students will gain a practical understanding of tracking by following easy and fun exercises.

Remanence dowsing
How to trace the etheric outline of an object long gone, or how to follow the invisible trail of someone’s steps when they are not insight is easy to master by following simple precepts.

Map dowsing
Using a pendulum to locate places, peoples or substances in relation to a map.

Nature and dowsing
Certain plants and animals are attracted by certain energies such as underground water, geopathic stress zones and earth energies. We will learn how to use nature to identify the location and presence of certain energies.

Energy Transference
if there is any positive earth energy on a property we can transfer the energy to the person to empower them – or to a given area. Maria created and developed this practice which many students find amazing.

Day 2 ‐ Part 1 - Health and Well Being.
In this section of the workshop we will explore how we can use dowsing to enhance our health and well-being and to commune with the Earth. Living in harmony with the Earth is a fundamental part of Maria’s course and learning how to communicate with the Earth is an essential aspect of being a professional dowser. We can converse with the Earth using the time-honoured practice of Earth Divination. Sixteen geomantic symbols represent the moods and expressions of the Earth and we will learn how to use this ancient art to harmonise our homes, lives and the land upon which we live.

Chakra balancing and cleansing. Aura detection.
Using a pendulum to ascertain if the chakras are in balance and how to rebalance, activate or calm chakras. We will also learn how to cleanse an aura using the White Eagle Healing method

The first global grid system can have an adverse in the home or workplace

The Second global grid system has a very harmful influence

The Benker grid system

Evidence for the grids

A chakra grid cross If a person has interacted with negative energy or geopathic stress a distinctive pattern emanates form the solar plexus chakra point and we will learn how to recognise a positive pattern and a negative pattern and how to re-balance a geopathic stress pattern so that the chakra system functions harmoniously. This is one of the most important aspects of health dowsing.

Finding negative areas within a house, working environ or landscape

Pattern recognition

All energy lines and patterns can be understood and recognized by their harmonic pattern, learn to identify and interact with:

The surface pattern of underground YIN water which is all healing and very harmonic to live above.

High energy points, photographic evidence from Europe and how they are integrated into ancient sites, churches and temples.

Earth Springs or power points

These are positive locations which have an outpouring of negative ions which are conducive to good health. Ideally they are located in the garden.

Locating healing energy lines and patterns
Exploring the healing patterns recognised by past Master Dowsers and how to work with then using the numerical language pattern of the Earth Force, which speaks in numbers.

Identifying toxic earth energy patterns
Distinctive patterns that once dictated the placement of ancient gallows and sites of execution. Areas upon the earth which bring out feelings of foreboding. We will look to the main harmonic patterns that the earth produces to easily identify such toxic zones of force.

Cleansing negative areas and ley lines
Basic dowsers suggest that you should move a negative ley line. However, if you have a cold and the symptoms are a runny nose, I don’t move your nose! So why move Gaia’s energy lines? By doing so, you are simply transferring the negative energy elsewhere and this is not good practice. Professional dowsers raise the energy level of a line or earth current and I will explain how this can be achieved. Also you can apply the power symbols of Earth Divination to negate any toxic energy or spirit presence.

High frequency dowsing.
Exploring the colours of ley lines, chimneys and earth springs and how they effect the land, people and animals. Learn to understand and interpret the polarity and frequency of energy lines, grid lines and geodetic energies.

High standards are required alongside dowsing tasks and homework sessions. Upon successful completion you will be awarded a certified of competence which will enable you to become insured as a professional dowser.

Is this course for you?

Go within your being and ask yourself if this is the best dowsing course for you. If the answer is yes – you will learn dowsing skills not taught anywhere else in the country as well as the usual dowsing principles taught by dowsing societies. Trust your own intuition and trust your heart mind.

Testimonials and some background information regarding your tutor:


Maria has been dowsing since 1988 and was taught to dowse by her late father, Dennis Wheatley, who was considered a Master Dowser and a world authority on the Geodetic System of Earth Energies. Maria has taught dowsing, astrology, past life regression, tarot and reflexology since 1991 at Swindon College and several private colleges throughout Southern England. Maria has also written diploma courses for the BSY Group – British School of Yoga.

Maria is an accomplished lecturer and author. She has written three books, one of which is forwarded by the late Hamish Miller, a leading authority on dowsing which is entitled Avebury Sun Moon and Earth, and explores earth energies and ley lines within the Avebury environs. Ancient Sites of Stonehenge is currently out of print and Discovering Wiltshire a gazetteer of ancient sites lists over 100 sacred sites in the county of Wiltshire.


Maria has lectured for the British Society of Dowsing (BSD) and has been published internationally in the American Dowsing Society magazine, French and the New Zealand dowsing journals (an article about one of Maria’s sacred site workshops was published by an accomplished dowser Mary Mullen) as well as the BSD’s journal Dowsing Today. Maria is considered one of Britain’s top dowsers and has worked alongside accomplished authors such as Dolores Canon, Bert Janssen, Janet Ossebaard and James Tyberonn all of whom share her vision of understanding Earth energies and the forthcoming Earth changes.

Her late father founded the Blunsdon School of Dowsing and Wyvern Dowsing Society in the late 80s to create a top independent dowsing school and society to promote dowsing expertise and a high standard of tuition. A European Dowsing Master and several Chinese Feng Shui Masters taught Dennis advanced dowsing techniques and showed him how you can use the subtle frequencies of the Earth to harmonise your mind, body and spirit. Sadly, her father died in 2006 but Maria is continuing her father’s work and has renamed the dowsing school The Avebury School of Esoteric Studies. Maria’s dowsing teachings are now incorporated into a nursing exam programme based in the USA. Maria is very proud of this achievement and thanks the open-minded nursing teachers in America.


Maria creates a relaxed atmosphere for students to explore the ancient art of dowsing. With over 15 years of professional tutoring for various educational authorities, Maria understands how to maximise your potential and develop your psychic sensitivity. Her high standards of tuition enable you to quickly grasp the key principles of dowsing. Maria is passionate about dowsing and also has a great sense of humour and enjoys meeting new students.

Testimonials from famous authors and dowsers who followed and studied this course with the late Dennis Wheatley and know of Maria Wheatley’s dowsing expertise.

GEOFF STRAY 2012 and Beyond, author, researcher and lecturer on the Mayan Calendar.

I spent a memorable week on Dennis Wheatley's dowsing course, and took my then nine-year-old daughter with me. She turned out to be a good dowser and the course had a wide appeal, with people of all ages. Dennis showed us how to dowse the energy bands round standing stones, that he shows in his book, as the manifestation of an energy spiral that moves up and down with the lunar cycle. I was particularly fascinated to create a line that could then be dowsed and to hear about the Gold Point in Blunsdon church, on which the bishop would stand to bless the congregation. Dennis told how one of his students could see the energies and actually identified the energy spot before being told where it was, as it looked like a golden fountain to his visionary eyes. Dennis also took me into my first crop circle, and we visited and dowsed many sacred sites in the Wiltshire and Somerset areas, including Avebury, where we dowsed the original height of the Obelisk, before it was smashed up and made into a Christian chapel.

Gary Biltcliffe author, dowsing expert on ley lines and earth energies.

I love the idea of the dowsing courses, I remember your dad's enthusiasm for starting a school. Although I did not know him long enough to comment on his discoveries he was a great inspiration to me. So I have put together these words.

Dennis Wheatley was one of the great dowsers whose discoveries I believe were ahead of his time. In all aspects of his work he showed tremendous knowledge, integrity and enthusiasm with a passion that inspired me to continue with the tremendous task of dowsing the Belinus Line.