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The Avebury Experience

For thousands of years Avebury's landscape has been seen as a mysterious region. The land has a peculiar sanctity and mystical power that has attracted people for millennia.

Perhaps, like many other people, you are also drawn to visit this timeless landscape.

As local authors, paranormal investigators, experienced dowsers and guides who work in conjunction with The Henge Shop, Avebury, we offer you a unique insight into some of Avebury's mysteries.

We have studied and understand the archaeology of Avebury; however archaeology alone can never fully answer why such magnificent sites as Avebury, Silbury Hill and Stonehenge were skilfully crafted by our ancient ancestors.

To understand the wider picture we need to recognize the intimate relationship between the Earth Force and the stones.
Earth energies - from the Neolithic to the Medieval Masons and Knights Templar.

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The prehistoric architects of ancient sites were acutely aware of the Earth's magnetic energies which they carefully integrated into the foundation plans of their monuments using a long-lost technology. At Stonehenge, for example, certain megaliths, such as the Altar Stone, were positioned above a geometric earth energy pattern, known as geospiral, to harness the earth force which perpetually charged the stone with magnetic energy. We can locate these enigmatic patterns in the ritual landscape and begin to sense their energetic power. (See Megalithic Power for more details)

Why has the circle always been considered sacred by all peoples throughout time? Whether made of stone, or simply drawn upon a piece of paper, the circular shape continually generates concentric rings of polarised energy which can be sensed and dowsed. To experience this powerful force we need to travel to the Rollright Ring in Oxfordshire. Only here amid the gnarled Kings Men can you truly sense the invisible energy pattern. At this site we also encounter a phenomenal ley line pattern known as a 'triangulation' which was discovered by my late father Dennis Wheatley. Only two other stone circles in Britain have such powerful ley patterns.

This esoteric knowledge developed by our Neolithic and Bronze Age ancestors was handed down to the Iron Age Druids and then to the medieval Masonic brotherhood who integrated the ground plans of their cathedrals and churches to conform to the geodetic energies. The Knights Templar, likewise, set the foundation plans of their churches in line with the geodetic energies.

Master dowsers, such as Guy Underwood and Dennis Wheatley, noted that powerful geodetic lines were incorporated into the foundation plans of numerous medieval churches and cathedrals which set the axis and the boundaries of the construct. The stone font was always set above a powerful geospiral and this is the real meaning behind the phrase 'holy water'; it is empowered by the living earth force.

Discover how the power in the land was harnessed by our prehistoric ancestors at ancient sites such as Avebury, Rollright and Stonehenge. And join us as we unravel the 'Templar Keys' which were laid out in old medieval churches, some of which lie close to Avebury Henge. We can locate the power points and find out how they can unlock spiritual wisdom and expand one's consciousness.

Truth is often far stranger than fiction - and we present - with solid evidence geodetic energies associated with ancient sites and the REAL DA VINCI CODE.

At a medieval church in the heart of Old Somerset you can find several 'magical steps' (powerful and contained earth energies which can be found at several sacred sites in the West of England). This earth energy phenomenon was discovered by Guy Underwood in the 1950s.

Looking down at the magical steps we saw - through the viewfinder of our digital cameras - vertical columns of rose coloured light rising up from the ground. Yet, our eyes alone could not see the earth's whispering light. This is a reoccurring phenomenon associated with contained earth energy. I will also show you how several other Master Dowsers have used Kirlian photography upon a churches' power point to photograph the aura and the evidence suggests that these locations can assist the physical body to self-heal. The Power Of Nature Can Heal.

Come along on one of our tours or courses, or simply opt for one of our informative and highly illustrated books, which reveal the location of numerous energy lines and patterns at Avebury, Stonehenge and Rollright.